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The COVID Chronicles: Pandemic Or ‘Casedemic’?

If you haven’t seen the COVID Chronicles* you really should take the time to watch it.

We’ve watched the video a couple of times and get something new out of it every time, but the thing that jumped out from the first and stuck with us is the explanation of how COVID “cases” are counted and how this has led the establishment media to create what we’ve decided to call the “panic-demic.”

As the video points out, because the symptoms of COVID-19 overlap with so many other diseases, the only way to know you have it is to test for it.

The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests used for COVID-19 use a powerful amplification process that makes them so sensitive they can even detect the remains of a dead virus long after infection, Cummins explains in the video. And for some reason, contra the policy in previous epidemics, authorities decided that every positive COVID-19 test is considered a “case” — which created a major problem.

As Joseph Mercola of The Epoch Times pointed out in his review of the COVID Chronicles, a positive test isn’t the same as a “case.”

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, an internal medicine doctor and former head of health at the Council of Europe, is among those who referred to the COVID-19 pandemic as a “test pandemic” due to the PCR test.

“It was accepted by WHO, and they said when the test is positive, we have a case of COVID-19. And this is how they started counting the cases,” Wodarg says. “What they counted was the activity of testing. And the more they tested, the more cases they found.”4 When labs use excessive cycle thresholds, you end up with a grossly overestimated number of positive tests, leading to a “casedemic” — an epidemic of false positives.

Wodarg says COVID-19 “was a ‘test’ pandemic. It was not a virus pandemic,” because PCR tests may give a positive result when it detects coronaviruses that have been around for 20 years. In “COVID Chronicles,” Cummins speaks with John Lee, a former clinical professor of pathology at Hull York Medical School and consultant histopathologist at Rotherham General Hospital, who later became the Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust’s director of cancer services.

He echoes Wodarg, stating that during the pandemic, every positive test is considered a case, but “these are two completely different things.” Normally, if you have a typical cold, for instance, you only become a “case” if you’re hospitalized, but this all changed with the COVID pandemic.

As Prof. Lee explained:

In coronavirus, we’ve been counting every single positive test as a positive case. Now this is scientifically and medically wrong. You can have a positive coronavirus test and be completely well. You can have a positive coronavirus test and be excreting minimal amounts of the virus.

To conflate positive tests with cases is simply wrong, and yet the positive cases have been driving government policy and the entire panoply of restrictive actions that have been taken.

January 13, 2021, “WHO finally questioned the accuracy of PCR testing,” the film notes, and released an information notice that clarified instructions for interpreting results of PCR tests, including the fact that “careful interpretation of weak positive results is needed.” “Reported case rates collapsed in the U.S. the following day,” the COVID Chronicles points out.

This redefinition of “cases” was the perfect vehicle for a media frenzy which drove politicians to impose lockdowns, mask and vaccine mandates and business closings that had no basis in science or medicine and have been shown to be completely ineffective in preventing the spread of the disease.

*Ivor Cummins is a biochemical engineer with a background in medical device engineering and leading teams in complex problem-solving. On his website,, he offers guidance on how to decode science to transform your health. He produced “COVID Chronicles” along with Donal O’Neill, a documentary filmmaker in the field of health and human performance.

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