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Tell Republicans to End the Political Persecution of President Trump and Supporters

The raid on President Trump's home at Mar a Lago is a shocking attack on the American way of life. Unfortunately, it is little more than an extension of the January 6th witch hunt. Our friends at Americans for Limited Government, in coordination with a broad coalition of

conservative organizations, have drafted a letter to Congress demanding Republicans bring an end to this Un-American political witch hunt.

The January 6 Committee, working hand in glove with Biden's Justice Department, has assumed absolute powers with the goal of ruining Donald Trump supporters, going to the unprecedented level of busting down doors at President Trump's home. There is no excuse.

They are even targeting the wife of a Supreme Court Justice in a blatant intimidation campaign designed to disqualify the Judicial branch of government from restraining them.

What was a relatively toothless Made-for-TV Star Chamber has now become an out-of-control attack on the basic liberties our nation used to take for granted.

The GOP in Congress must end this now by blocking every attempt at regular order using every legal means necessary. Not a single additional taxpayer dollar should be spent on this dangerous charade. No excuses, no wait until we get the gavel in January. Zero fund the House Committee and the Justice and Homeland Security Goons who are running amok. NOW!

Here is the letter we urge you to send to Capitol Hill Republicans, along with an easy way to email it and post it via social media to make sure that they see it and are put on the spot to make a public commitment:

Dear Congressman:

I am deeply upset by the conduct of the Biden administration's FBI and the January 6th Committee continuing assaults on political speech. Their collective and combined actions have proven to be little more than political warfare enforced at the point of a gun.

It is time to end both the fraudulent Star Chamber that the House Committee has become and the six-year FBI investigation of Donald Trump by refusing to fund them.

Now, members of the Committee, Reps. Liz Cheney and Adam Schiff, are threatening to subpoena Ginni Thomas, the wife of Justice Clarence Thomas with the goal of intimidating the only branch of government that can stand against this unparalleled combining of the power of the Legislative and Executive Branches of government.

Rep. Schiff admits that the ultimate target is not Ms. Thomas, but her husband. It is time to shut down this attack on political dissent now. Silence is complicity, failure to act is validating the abuses. Enough is Enough.

Schiff and Cheney have already taken the persecution of conservatives far beyond the legislative purpose articulated in the resolution establishing the January 6 Committee and conservatives and other lovers of liberty must band together now to ensure that no further damage to our system of constitutional liberty is done. Please click here to send your letter TODAY.

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