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Pence Schools Harris

Vice President Mike Pence didn’t let the fact that the debate was being moderated by Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s biographer, Susan Page, the Washington

bureau chief for USA Today and a longtime member of the DC press swamp, hold him back from making the case for the Trump – Pence reelection.

Vice President Mike Pence threw down the gauntlet and defined Far Left Democrat Senator Kamala Harris as weak on national defense, law and order and homeland security before the debate even started by having as his guests Ann Dorn, widow of retired African American police captain David Dorn, who was murdered by BLM rioters in St. Louis, MO, Flora Westbrook, whose salon was burned in a riot and the parents of Kayla Mueller, the young American aid worker who was kidnapped, raped and murdered by ISIS.

Page’s first question on corona virus teed-up an expected attack on President Trump and Vice President Pence which Pence hit out of the ballpark by saying two things; that the Biden plan was about mandates and coercion and the Trump – Pence was about trusting the American people to act responsibly and he also nailed Harris for undermining confidence in the soon to be released vaccine.

Pence said, and he’s right, that the economy and the recovery are on the ballot. While Harris says Biden will repeal Trump’s tax cut and invest in infrastructure and clean energy and innovation and education including free two-year community college and free public university for those who come from families who make less than $125,000.

And Pence followed up strongly by nailing the Biden and Harris on their opposition to fossil fuels and fracking and support for the New Green Deal, which would crush the American energy sector and American jobs. Pence says Harris is not entitled to her own facts and calls her out for claiming Biden, despite his past remarks, will not ban fracking.

While Harris keeps smirking, Pence kept banging away on Biden and Harris on repealing the Trump tax cuts - that Trump has cut taxes across the board and an average American family of four saved $2,000 on taxes and the average income for a family of four increased by $4,000. Pence says Harris admitted that Biden will raise taxes on “day one.”

It was very weird to have Harris defending two very unpopular treaties, the Paris Climate Accord and the Iran nuclear bomb deal.

But where Pence really nailed Harris was on the question of the Supreme Court and Judge Amy Coney Barrett, hitting Harris effectively and hard on her religious and anti-Catholic bigotry.

And even better, Pence said he and Donald Trump were unabashedly pro-life and were opposed to late term abortions, which both Harris and Biden support.

Pence also held Harris’s feet to the fire on packing the Supreme Court – and she absolutely refused to answer the question, leading Pence to observe that her non-answer means the answer is yes, Democrats will try to pack the court if they are elected.

Harris’s lowest point was the lies she repeated about President Trump not condemning white supremacy and the whole “fine people on both sides” lie about Trump’s comments about the Charlottesville riot.

And, although Harris is an accomplished liar, Vice President Pence didn’t let her get away with it.

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