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Our once in a lifetime opportunity to BRAND Democrats as mean, evil, and dangerous


To: Conservative Leaders/Activists

From: Richard A. Viguerie

Date: May 6, 2022

Subject: This weekend provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to BRAND Democrats as mean, evil, and dangerous

This weekend conservatives can take a giant step toward winning the 2022 and 2024 elections in a massive red tsunami wave. A red tsunami wave so big that it will take out many “safe” Democrats and do serious damage to the Democrat Party for years to come.

It’s widely reported that people who support abortion (killing babies up until the moment of birth and beyond) are going to demonstrate, disrupt, desecrate, and destroy at Catholic Churches and the homes of six non-liberal Supreme Court Justices this Mother’s Day Sunday.

Big Media is describing these people as pro-abortion, pro-choice, liberals, progressives, Ruth Sent Us, Rise Up for Abortion Rights, etc. But regardless of how they’re identified they all have one thing in common. They are all Democrats, they all vote for Democrat candidates, and they want people like them to govern America.

Regardless of whether you communicate with thousands or millions, or you’re on national/local TV, radio, blog, podcast, Tweet, use Facebook, talk to your family, friends, and neighbors—all of us should be clear in our communications that the people who are doing these despicable things have one thing in common—they are all Democrats.

Remember in this November’s election and in future November elections, candidates are not identified on the ballot as liberals, progressives, Socialists, pro-choice, pro-abortion, etc.

November elections are binary. You vote for one of two people, and they either have a (D) or an (R) by their name. All Democrats need to own the actions of their fellow Democrats.

If you are concerned and/or frightened for the survival of a free Constitutional America, please speak out loudly in the coming days and weeks to do whatever you can to help BRAND Democrats as the people who demonstrate, disrupt, desecrate, and destroy at churches and Supreme Court Justices’ homes.

Once something is BRANDED, positive or negative, good or bad, it’s like Super Glue—usually permanent.

Throughout the 20th Century, Democrats BRANDED Republicans as the party of the rich, big business, Wall Street, trickle-down economics, etc. This BRANDING of the Republicans lasted almost 100 years and helped Democrats win many elections.

Now, it’s our turn.

P.S. Please forward this email (feel free to take my name off and add your name) to all on your e-list, and consider posting on Facebook, Tweeting it, etc.

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