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One Man’s Crusade Against Voter Fraud

Kris Jurski is a Florida resident and businessman, who has mounted a very successful crusade against voter fraud in his home state. Because of the time necessary to produce results, he has had to put aside his income-earning business, Vital Catalyst, LLC, and work full-time uncovering the machinery behind our stolen elections.

His company, Vital Catalyst, was hired by investors to help small businesses grow into corporations. To make it happen, he had to jump in and learn how a company works with little or no documentation, troubleshoot the bottlenecks, and develop systems geared to growth.

This is essentially what he has done with the voter fraud business in Florida. Using his expertise, he has jumped in to find out how it works (with little documentation from them, for sure!) and analyzed the operations. Only, instead of helping it to grow, Kristofer Jurski is working to put voter fraud in the Sunshine State out of business.

A lot of Florida residents knew that the fraud had been occurring. Some had done canvassing of precincts, and taken their findings to their county boards of election. Others had met with local leaders, and made public their issues. There was tremendous demand from various citizens groups to identify and fix the fraud, but there was no coordination or real direction. So, Kris Jurski provided it.

On this website, Kris provides the evidence of existing fraud, complete with graphs and charts, as well as education, to help citizens learn how to recognize and counter fraud in their own precincts. There is an online training academy to help people really understand the voting process and to protect the vote. As a Florida resident, you can go to this site, and check if your last votes were correctly registered and counted!

He has found that the Florida Fraud Machine includes state employees; special “rules” written by some to hamstring others; ERIC, the Electronic Registration Information System, of which Florida is a member; and a crafty system of voter registration that goes on 24/7/365, with fake addresses even more creative than graveyards. And, the totals manage to spike just before registration closes, to provide just enough registration to counter the anticipated “red wave”. Hmmmm…

Before revealing some details of what he has uncovered, I want to introduce you to the man behind this selfless mission.

Born in the US of Polish parents who lived under Communism, Kris remembers his aunt, on her first trip to America, standing in the bakery aisle at a Publix supermarket and weeping for the incredible bounty of baked goods on display. That image stays with him these decades later.

Kris’s wife, too, knows the suffering of those forced to live under totalitarianism. She is a naturalized American citizen born in Venezuela, whose mother is still trapped there. As they tried to get her out, the airport closed down, and they have not seen her since. The Jurski’s send money to her so that she may try to purchase the few things still available, to keep herself alive.

Kris’s mission, to expose and correct the theft of our voting rights, is born of his commitment to his own children, and to the nation that he loves. He has vowed that he WILL NOT allow his children to live under the horrors experienced by both sides of their family. Kris Jurski firmly believes that with one more stolen election, America will officially become a totalitarian state, and the only way back to freedom will entail much suffering and bloodshed, as it has worldwide.

Now, let us take a look at the highlights of what he has unearthed, by knowing how and where to look.

Statewide registrations for 2020 average 21,340 per week.

HOWEVER, in the last week before registration closed,

153,309 registered in that single week. Of that,

46,644 registered on the day registration closed; with Covid excuse applied to extend registration, another 26,895 registered the day after registration closed.

The spikes in registration over the last week are nearly identical in every county in the state. Of those last-minute registrants, 79% voted – mostly by mail! Kris calls BS on this.

Florida residents over the age of 65 need NO IDENTIFICATION! All registration for them is done by mail. In a state where people over 65 make up 20.9% of the entire population, THAT is nothing short of fraud food. In 75% of the assisted living and nursing facilities canvassed, over 50% of the names registered to that facility do not live there. Pure elder abuse.

Tens of thousands of people in just four counties (Pinellas, Miami-Dade, Okaloosa and Clay) are registered to courthouses as their residential address, with their mailing addresses listed as trailer parks, state parks and boat slips and empty buildings. Miami-Dade plays it more cleverly. Rather than using all the same addresses for over 11,000 people, they use the SOE building in Doral, and change the address by adding a letter at the end. For example, the street address is number 2700, so batches are marked 2700G, or 2700D, or 2700C, none of which actually exist.

Since 2019, over 80% of all voter registrations are accomplished at the Division of Motor Vehicles. Since 2017, when the application form was changed by the Director of Elections, there is no spot on which to declare citizenship. In addition, the new training manual for DMV admonishes employees to NEVER discourage someone from registering to vote. Essentially, every applicant at a motor vehicle center is registered or re-registered to vote.

The mandate to distribute voter registration forms at licensing centers came from the “Motor Voter Act”, National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) passed by Congress in 1993. Of the 40 states to which the NVRA applied, most ignored it for a number of years, declaring states’ rights. However, after ERIC (Electronic Registration Information Center) was formed in 2012, and Donald Trump entered the political scene, in 2014 – 15 suddenly, DMV’s in a number of states began assuming more of the registration process. During that period is when Maria Matthews, the Director of Elections in Florida, used $19 million in federal grants to revamp the voting procedures, adding the new forms above, and rewriting training manuals for state employees.

REMEMBER>>>the state drivers’ data is corrupted with massive amounts of DMV information – which includes green card holders, id card holders, and even learners’ permit applicants. All of these are, of course, ineligible to vote.

At this point, it is fair to mention that the County Supervisors of Elections have their hands tied to prevent them from correcting these situations. Even when citizens bring evidence to them, they can do nothing, thanks to their “training manual” rules, aka restrictions, handed down from the state Director’s office. One SOE in Flagler County, Kim Weeks, tried to disallow dishonest dealings in her meetings, and she was fired, fined and jailed for her efforts! This happened under Gov. Rick Scott, but I call for Gov. DeSantis to find out what is really occurring in his voting systems – if he plans to remain Florida’s Governor, as his state wishes him to do.

You have heard reference to ERIC, the 30-state membership organization of which Florida is a member.

The Electronic Records Information Center (ERIC) exists, ostensibly, to provide voter roll maintenance to its members. What it really is, is a massive data-gathering system that acts as a get-out-the-vote organization for the Left, and an intelligence- gathering mechanism on all state residents.

I have written two articles on ERIC, linked below. Rather than repeat myself, I urge you to read them to familiarize yourself with the organization and its ramifications.

ERIC mandates its members to register voters, legitimate or not, and brags on its website about how many new voters they have registered by the year. They would like us to believe, of course, that these were all “oppressed” people who could never have registered before – which, of course, they are not. Anyone who cares enough to vote is free to register and do their civic duty.

Perversely enough, all of the fraudulent registrations have shown how easy it is to get registered. Anyone (alive or dead or from another country) can get on the rolls.

Kris Jurski has found that the DMV input mandated by ERIC is the key to feeding millions of names of people ineligible to vote, into the voter rolls. He calls it the “Green Card Loophole”. He sees ERIC as an intelligence-gathering system that keeps personal records on everyone with a drivers license or who votes.

In Florida, we know that those registering at the Motor Vehicle locations do NOT have to be a US citizen. Each member state’s drivers permit applications differ, but many manage to get around or avoid the citizenship issue. ERIC itself, in its bylaws, forbids any voter application to be flagged for being a non- citizen.

It is important to note here that even some conservatives who say they care about voter fraud have thrown in with the ERIC system. ‘We are better with it than without it,’ they state, ‘because we need to know who moved and who died.’ The same exact words are spoken whenever the subject comes up, just like the scripted mantra from the MSM, when you hear the same words on every channel. But the voter rolls in ERIC member states are bloated, not cleaned, and its members are mandated to register, not remove. The lists ERIC provides their members, of “who moved and who died” certainly don’t help to maintain honest voter rolls in Florida. If ERIC were about cleaning the rolls, they would post THOSE stats on their website, instead of how many new voters have been registered. Lastly, ERIC would have been organized by someone with a real concern for honesty. David Becker does not qualify.

Recently, proof of election fraud in several other states was made into a dramatically factual film, 2000 Mules, by Dinesh DiSousa, with Catherine Engebrecht and Greg Phillips of True the Vote.

Another film, Rigged, by David Bossie for Citizens United, exposes the “Zuck Bucks”, from Mark Zuckerberg, which were used to aid the 2020 steal in Wisconsin and elsewhere. You must see one or both. They are powerful proof, and frightening, even nauseating, if you care about your country. Yes, it is a FACT that election fraud is occurring blatantly over much of the country, and with the help of both our government and private sources.

However, neither films answered the key question: WHAT IS THE SOURCE OF ALL THESE EXTRA NAMES? Kris Jurski has found the answer, and proven how these names are added to the rolls. He has answered the question of where the Mule Train gets its fuel – all of those votes that weren’t legitimately cast but were counted. He has opened the tombs of the Ghost Voters and traced their origins to street addresses of court houses and abandoned buildings. He has computer analysis, graphs and reports, that spell it out.

Kris feels that we need to do the following to secure our ballots:

Dump ERIC and all current election officials.

Dump all current voter registration rolls

Re-register everyone using in-person, paper records

Issue a photo id which will be required to cast a ballot

Eliminate all drop boxes and return to voting in person, on a single day or two, using paper ballots.

An odd list from a computer guy. Toss the electronics.

Is this a lot of work? You bet. Is our freedom worth it? Don’t even ask!

Kris will be speaking about the People’s Audit, on Catching Fire News. Please tune in. There is so much more.

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