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One American Hamas Hostage Released On Day 50 Of Biden’s Hostage Crisis

While the establishment news media have, for 51 days, relentlessly ignored the plight of an

unknown number of American hostages held by Hamas, President Joe Biden has been doing what to get them home?

Taking a freebie vacation at the multi-million-dollar Nantucket home of a big Democrat donor – oh, and having milkshakes and hitting the famous Black Dog General Store for a little shopping.

But now there is finally some good news - Abigail Idan, the youngest American hostage at age 4, was released Sunday, Day 50 of Biden’s Hamas Hostage Crisis. What’s more, Biden’s National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said 10 American hostages remain in Gaza as of Sunday, and that three of them qualify for release under the latest deal because they are women and children.

What the White House and the Biden-apologists in the media aren’t telling you, or are doing their best to ignore, is that Abigail is coming home an orphan because both her parents were murdered by Hamas in the October 7 Sabbath Massacre.

And the media aren’t telling you that they, and the Biden administration, are playing the war according to the Hamas playbook.

The Muslim way of war includes hostage-taking as an integral part of any operation, both to cover the retreat of a defeated force and to use as bargaining chips to obtain by negotiation what they could not obtain through military operations.

Amid relentless media calls for a “cease fire” and consequent American demands that Israel slow its tempo of operations against Hamas Biden has allowed the terrorist organization time to regroup and redeploy, while using the “negotiations” for the release of American hostages as a tool to hamstring Israel.

And it’s working.

Biden has faced mounting pressure from some congressional progressives, who have warned that they would not support aid to Israel without conditions intended to reduce civilian casualties, including that the Israeli Defense Forces’ ease its bombardment of Gaza.

In the face of that pressure from pro-Hamas progressive Democrats Biden said during a recent press gaggle that the question of aid to Israel with conditions is a “worthwhile thought.”

On Sunday's NBC News' “Meet the Press” National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan did not rule out the possibility of President Joe Biden putting conditions on future aid to Israel.

Pressed by NBC's Kristen Welker to clarify if Biden is “open to signing legislation that would provide aid to Israel that comes with conditions,” Sullivan did not rule it out.

The idea that aid to Israel might come with conditions was made all the more chilling by Biden’s comment on the release of Abigail Idan: "My goal is to keep this pause going beyond tomorrow so we can see more hostages come out and get more humanitarian relief in," he added, referring to the pause in fighting. "I hope this is not the end. I would like to see this pause continuing as long as we can get more hostages out."

The “deal” as it stands now is a one-day extension of the cease fire for every 10 hostages released. This is exactly why the hostages were taken in the first place – to be played like poker chips whenever Hamas wants a break in the fighting.

Every time there’s a break in the fighting more Israeli Defense Forces lives are put at risk, and every time there’s talk of conditions on aid to Israel Hamas inches closer to victory in the Muslim war against Judeo-Christian Civilization.

The Capitol Switchboard is (202-224-3121), call today and tell your Senators and Representative you oppose adding conditions to military aid to Israel.

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