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Moms for America Responds to National School Boards Association and Department of Justice

The recent letter from the National School Boards Association (NSBA) to the Biden Administration and subsequent statement from the Department of Justice likening

concerned parents to domestic terrorists is a direct threat to mothers and our constitutionally protected rights said a statement from our friends at Moms for America®.

The United States Constitution is the law of the land, and the federal government, by law, must operate within the confines of the Constitution. The Department of Justice has no authority to limit the speech or assembly of concerned mothers addressing their state and local school boards or dictate to local law enforcement to inhibit a mother’s right to do so. If the NSBA truly has the interests of our children’s safety and education in mind, they would welcome the input of parents addressing concerns instead of seeking the federal government’s aid in silencing them.

Moms are justifiably angry. Our children are being exposed to inappropriate sexual content, gender indoctrination, anti-family, and anti-American propaganda, and the tenets of critical race theory – all under the NSBA indoctrination umbrella of Social Emotional Learning (SEL). Our nation’s children are being taught to hate their country, hate their neighbor, and hate themselves.

Moms are showing up in schoolboard meetings across the country to protest these radical ideas being thrust on their children, calling for a return to a classical liberal arts education where children can learn to think for themselves. We want real science, true history, and classical education that teaches kids to read, write, calculate, and be good citizens. That doesn’t make us domestic terrorists; it makes us responsible parents.

These are our children. Parents’ rights are fundamental and supreme. Elected officials and school administrators must recognize and respect this fundamental right. Schools, as well as other community and government organizations, are designed to support the family unit, not replace or regulate it. As stated in the Declaration of Mothers, which was introduced into the Congressional Record in 2018, “No association or government organization can replace the family no matter how well-intentioned or well-designed it may be.”

While NSBA accuses moms of shutting down school board meetings with disorderly conduct, it is, in most cases, school board members that shut down public comment and even restrict it altogether when they do not like what moms have to say.

It is not parents, but rather the National School Boards Association and their state affiliates that are the real threat to our children through their stranglehold on public education.

The National School Boards Association and their state affiliates have become an immediate threat to our constitutionally protected rights as mothers as well as the physical, mental, and emotional health of our children. NSBA and their state affiliates work directly with the Teachers Unions, Superintendents Association, and the National Association of State Boards of Education to lobby union agendas that endanger the health and well-being of our children, usurp parental authority, and ensure superintendents and school board members tow the union line. And they do so with public funds.

Membership dues to NSBA and their state affiliates are, in most cases, paid for by the school district with our tax money. Membership dues are based on the number of students as well as money spent per student, making the main objective of NSBA to convince schools to spend more money, so they make more money to lobby for radical union agendas like mask mandates, gender confusion, graphic sexual content, and false race theories. In many cases, the school district also covers the cost of training events and conferences sponsored by NSBA and their state affiliates. NSBA has captured millions of dollars ultimately funded by parents through their property taxes.

Moms for America® calls on state and local elected office holders to pass legislation and regulations restricting disbursement of public funds to the National School Boards Association, State School Boards Associations, the Superintendents Association, and the National Association of State Boards of Education. Board members and superintendents who wish to join these non-government associations or participate in their events and conferences can do so at their own expense or by seeking private funds from individuals and businesses in their community.

We encourage moms to file FOIA requests (Public Records Request) with their school districts disclosing the amount of money the district pays each year to the National School Boards Association, State School Boards Associations, the Superintendents Association, and the National Association of State Boards of Education. This money is much better served going to the classroom than to lobbying organizations that fight against parents and promote policies that put our children at risk.

To the DOJ and NSBA, we want to make it clear that moms will continue to show up at school board meetings in even greater numbers to oppose these radical ideas, political agendas, and threats to our children. To those school board members who oppose these mandates and radical ideas but are afraid to speak out, we support you and will publicly stand with you. And, since it is commonly understood that even heated feedback from constituents is to be expected by all those who are elected to public office, those school board members who feel threatened by the verbal challenges of parents may want to consider resignation.

Let it be known that we will use every legal means available to expose the fraudulent waste and abuse of public funds going to organizations that lobby against our children and disregard our parental rights.

Mom Signers

Kimberly Fletcher, President & Founder Moms for America

Tina Desovich, Co-founder Moms for Liberty

Rep. Lauren Boebert – Colorado

Sam Sorbo, author, actor, and Homeschool advocate

Mercedes Schlapp, Senior Fellow for the American Conservative Union

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene – Georgia

Sharon Slater, President Family Watch International and Co-chair, Protect Child Health Coalition

Rebecca Friedrichs, President & Founder, For Kids and Country

Roxanne Beckford Hoge, Concerned Parents California

Rep. Tammy Nichols – Idaho

State Senator Christy Zito, Idaho

Kim Thatcher, Oregon State Senator (District 3)

Gloria Mortin, Arkansas Moms for America

Leah Anaya Moms for America Washington State

Ashley Barrett, Oklahoma Moms for America

Maria Wagner, Tennessee Moms for America

Emily Peterson, Iowa Moms for America/ Iowa Mama Bears

Kimberly Reicks, Iowa Mama Bears

Jessica Fancher, New York Moms for America

Meesha McKie, Georgia Moms for America

Lisa Cummins, Texas Moms for America

Dawn Damiani, Illinois Moms for America

Yvette DeMaria, South Carolina Moms for America

Kathryn Keller, Michigan Moms for America

Kimberly Ells, The Invincible Family

Melissa Andrulonis, Moms from Big Walnut Schools (Ohio)

Sloan Rachmuth, President Education First Alliance

Juleen Jackson, Vice President Moms for America

Tanya Hettler, Citizens for Brandywine School District

Amber Schroeder, Recall MTSD (Mequon Thiensville School District) Committee

Sheridan Rosenburg, co-founder Fair Education Santa Barbara

Alice Linahan, Women on the Wall

Xi Van Fleet, Louden County Mom, Chinese Immigrant

Quisha King, Moms for Liberty

Caroline Wetherington, co-founder Defend Florida and Defend the Union

Ramona Bessinger, Teacher of American Literature, and mother of four

Nikki Murphy, Nurse Practitioner and Member Polk County Moms for America

Melanie Lenechan, We the People of Delaware County (Ohio)

Rebekah Ricks, Florida Moms for America & Moms for Medical Freedom

Christy Naumowicz, Polk County Moms for America

Stephanie Yates, Informed Parents of California

Donica Hudson, North Carolina Moms for America

Mila Wood and Stephanie Zimmerman founders Idahoans for Local Education

Ruth Edmonds, National Christian Conservative Speaker


Protect Our Kids

Florida Citizens Alliance

Seeking Educational Excellence

Patriots for Delaware School Committee

Center for Christian Virtue, Ohio

Fair Education Santa Barbara

Strengthen Utah Families

Fight for Our School Conservative Ladies of Washington

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