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Math Is Now Racist Too

It’s hard to think of one living individual who has been more destructive to Western Civilization than Nazi collaborator George Soros, but Bill Gates, one of the founders of Microsoft is a strong competitor for the title – and we’re not basing that conclusion on the defects of his ubiquitous product.

Like Soros, Gates has used his vast wealth to fund all sorts of destructive or loony Leftist projects, including one that would encourage humans to replace eating meat with eating insects.  However, his most destructive project may be deconstructing mathematics education because it is racist.


Our friend Stephen Moore, through his must-read Committee to Unleash Prosperity Hotline (it’s free so click here to subscribe) alerted us to a project the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded that has now become widely accepted in the union-aligned public education establishment: Dismantling Racism in Math Instruction: A Pathway to Equitable Instruction.


It’s being widely disseminated across the education world. The point of the guide, observed Steve Moore, is to “dismantle white supremacy by making visible the toxic characteristics of white supremacy culture with respect to math.”


No doubt history or literature could be taught in a racist way, but MATH? Here are some of the supposed characteristics of white supremacy in teaching math:


“perfectionism, sense of urgency, defensiveness, quantity over quality, worship of the written word, paternalism, either/or thinking, power hoarding, fear of open conflict, individualism, only one right way…”


Steve quoted Kali Fontanilla of the Capital Research Center (and a former public school teacher) who exposed this nonsense and published a pretty good takedown:


When you were in 4th grade frantically completing a timed multiplication test, if you were any color other than white, you were being oppressed by the pressure to get it done quickly. Were you penalized for an incorrect answer? Doubly oppressed! Was your grade lowered because your handwriting was illegible on your answers? No doubt, you are now owed reparations!


As ridiculous as this sounds, this is the current reality our black and brown public-school students are facing. Especially if their left-leaning math instructors have bought into the ridiculous ideology that “rigid” (and practical) math instruction is “white supremacist” and has been set up to “oppress” minorities. Since practically everything is “racist” now, including drinking milk and asking your students to speak proper English, why not add math instruction to the mix?

The irony is that Bill Gates built his monumental wealth on computer science, a discipline entirely dependent on mathematics and one that might never have flourished if someone else had engaged in similar activism while he was growing up, observed Ms. Fontanilla.


Go to the website, and you will find that the guide and the teacher training that goes along with it are generously funded by the Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation. One million dollars was given to the Education Trust West an advocacy group based in Oakland, California to make the kids whose futures are being ruined by this tripe unemployable by the company that made Bill Gates one of the wealthiest men in the world.


While all of this correct-answers-are-racist madness is happening, only about 26 percent of 8th-grade students are testing proficient or above in math, noted Ms. . Fontanilla. But why stop there? We might as well take that number to zero! Who needs a nation that is proficient in math? Who needs engineers obsessed with perfect calculations or pilots calculating the correct distance for a perfect landing? I’m sure everything will be fine when these students grow up and take their place in the workforce. Everything is being taken over by AI anyway.


We suggest you contact your local school board and administration to demand they ban this nonsense from the schools you are funding through your local tax dollars.


CHQ Editor George Rasley is a member of MENSA and once served as Assistant to the late Rep. Phillip T. Warner, the Chairman of the Indiana General Assembly’s House Education Committee.

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