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Let’s Impeach Schumer, Pelosi, Biden and Harris

In an appearance on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace Kentucky’s principled limited

government constitutional conservative Senator Rand Paul argued that Democrat Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer could theoretically be subject to impeachment charges based on logic used to impeach Trump.

"I think if we're going to criminalize speech, and somehow impeach everybody who says, 'Oh, go fight to hear your voices heard,' I mean, we really ought to impeach Chuck Schumer then," said Paul during an appearance on Fox News Sunday. His remark came in response to an inquiry from host Chris Wallace about whether Trump bears any responsibility for the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol.

"[Schumer] went to the Supreme Court, stood in front of the Supreme Court and said, specifically, 'Hey, Gorsuch. Hey, Kavanaugh. You've unleashed a whirlwind, and you're going to pay the price,'" the senator continued according to Newsweek’s coverage of Fox News Sunday.

Senator Paul was no doubt referring to the House Impeachment Manager’s trial memo, which, as President Trump’s legal counsel explained, expressly advocates for the Senate to disregard First Amendment principles, stating “the First Amendment does not apply at all to an impeachment proceeding.”

If that is the case, then we like where Senator Paul is going with his argument, and if the House Democrats are right, why stop with Schumer?

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said that, in politics, “when you’re in the arena, you have to be ready to take a punch, and you have to be ready to throw a punch … for the children.”

She also said, regarding the Trump border security policies, “I just don’t know why there aren’t uprisings all over the country, and maybe there will be.”

During last summer’s riots then-Senator Kamala Harris told Stephen Colbert, “But they’re not going to stop. They’re not going to stop. They’re not. This is a movement. I’m telling you. They’re not going to stop, and everyone, beware. Because they’re not going to stop. They’re not going to stop before election day in November, and they are not going to stop after election day. And everyone should take note of that on both levels. That they’re not going to let up. And they should not, and we should not.”

To us that’s a pretty clear endorsement of violence in the streets.

And just to reinforce the point, Harris donated to, endorsed, and promoted a fund to bailout the rioters, looters, and arsonists, as well as assorted other criminals apprehended during the violence.

And then there’s Joe Biden.

Setting aside all the crimes outlined in the Articles of Impeachment filed by Rep. Margorie Taylor Greene, Biden has a long history, going back to at least 2016, of calling for, and threatening violence against Donald Trump.

“They asked me would I like to debate this gentleman [Trump], and I said no. I said, ‘If we were in high school, I’d take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him,’ Biden told a Democrat gathering in Ohio.

“The press always ask me, ‘Don’t I wish I were debating him?’ [Trump] No, I wish we were in high school – I could take him behind the gym. That’s what I wish,” Biden said at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania for Hillary Clinton.

And the above list doesn’t include the lesser lights of the Democratic Party, such as Representatives Maxine Waters and Ted Lieu and Senators Jon Tester and Cory Booker, who have called for violence against Donald Trump, members of his administration or supporters.

If the impeachment standard applied to former President Trump were applied to Democrats, there would be few of them left to oppose conservatives. Call the toll-free Capitol Switchboard (1-866-220-0044), tell Senators that if Democrats were held to the same standard they have applied to Donald Trump then there will soon be a host of Democrats to be impeached.

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