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John Anthony: If the Economy is Great, How Come Bank Accounts are Shrinking?

Wealth is property. When government depletes your property, freedom vanishes.

According to a recent financial study, Americans savings are dwindling. Twenty-two percent of Americans have no emergency savings. In January 2024, 56% could not cover an emergency of $1000 or more and in December 2023 the U.S. personal savings rate had dropped to 3.7% from 8.7% in 2021, and 14% in 2020.


Much of the savings was driven by government stimulus in response to forced lockdowns and a misguided COVID response. We are now paying the price for that largesse with lost opportunities, fewer jobs, higher home prices, rising mortgage rates, and increased overall living costs.


The Feds are not fiddling with interest rates to keep us out of a recession, but to avoid a depression. The BLS numbers have been manipulated to hide the fact that we never exited the 2020 recession.


EX. The recent jobs number of 300K new jobs created included nearly 50% government and government related health jobs which are all paid for by the taxpayer. The government cannot produce goods or wealth. It comes from us. The remaining jobs are p/t. If a worker holds 3 part time jobs, it is considered 3 new jobs created. We are actually losing jobs.


EX. The labor market has shrunk leaving millions fewer being counted in the employment surveys, which is why the official unemployment rate is so low. Add those permanently out of work and it skyrockets to more than 6%.


EX. Inflation is not dropping. The calculations do not consider shrinkflation in which manufacturers shrink the product size but keep the price the same.


EX. Health insurance premiums did not decrease by 37% as the admin claims. That figure does not represent the premiums you pay, but rather, they created a new way to calculate your costs. BLS averages the amount of additional health benefits Americans use currently over what they used in 2020 and subtract the value of those additional services from the premiums you paid, creating the smaller hypothetical figure. Why 2020? Because that year COVID hit and people were afraid to go to the hospital. In reality, your health premiums are rising.


It's all statistical manipulation. After the election we are in for a very difficult 2025. Forewarned is forearmed.


TruthMonster John Anthony is a national speaker, researcher, founder of the Sustainable Freedom Lab, and an expert on HUD and property rights infringements click here to subscribe to his must-read Substack.

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