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It’s The Ballgame America – Let’s Leave It All On The Field

Back in July, CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie issued a memo to CHQ readers and other leaders of the Conservative Movement titled “IT’S THE BALLGAME AMERICA” pointing out

that if we conservatives fail to reelect Donald Trump, hold the Senate and make a concerted effort to take back the House, America and American constitutional liberty will be gone forever.

And he issued this challenge: Are you acting like it?

Election Day is just four days away, and that question still stands: Are you acting like your liberty, and the liberty of all Americans yet to be born, is on the line?

Liberals realize they made mistakes in the 2016 election campaign, and they are committed to changing whatever laws are necessary, so that they will never again lose control of the federal government.

If the Democrats win this year’s Presidential election and the Congress, they will quickly turn America into a one-party socialist dictatorship.

Republicans will never again win the Presidency or control Congress.

And by December of next year Democrats will pass a bill to pack the court, and the Supreme Court will be permanently in the control of the far Left, and the America we’ve known all our lives will be gone forever.

The list of actions the elite, socialist dictators will take in 2021 and 2022 if they win to make sure they never lose another national election includes:

  • · Give citizenship (which includes voting rights) to 10-15 million illegals.

  • · Relax border security, then Democrats will add 1-2 million new illegals to the voting rolls each year.

  • · Increase the number of legal immigrants allowed in each year.

  • · Add 2-4 justices to the Supreme Court (they can do this with a President, Vice President, and 50 Democrat Senators).

  • · Change voting laws to allow unregistered voters to show up at the polls on election day and register and vote.

  • · Mail all residents a ballot and allow anyone to turn in anyone else’s ballot.

  • · Make election day a federal holiday.

  • · Outlaw the requirement of a photo ID in order to vote.

  • · Begin to abolish the Electoral College.

  • · Increase subsidies for illegal immigrants and reduce or abolish work requirements for welfare (in order to encourage Democrat party voting).

  • · Reduce voting age to 16 or 17 years of age. This is already being done in some local elections, including in Maryland and California.

  • · Allow felons and prisoners to vote.

Of course, they will do much more to make sure Republicans never win the Presidency or control the U.S. House of Representatives or the U.S. Senate again. But you get the picture.

Most conservatives operate in the Republican party, which is sometimes referred to as the Stupid party. However, the Democrat party is the Evil party.

If Democrats win this November and make most of the above 12 changes to our laws, here’s a small sample of the things they will do to change America into a socialist dictatorship by 2022:


  • · American exceptionalism will be a thing of the past.

  • · Our military will be gutted.

  • · Because New Democrats hate the military, veterans’ benefits, including healthcare, will be slashed.

  • · Because New Democrats hate the police, law enforcement budgets will be slashed and crime will explode (murder, rape, burglaries, etc.).

  • · Abortion will be as easy as having your nails done and will be paid for by your taxes. All national Democrats are committed to repealing the Hyde Amendment and the Mexico City agreement, which prevents tax dollars being used to pay for most abortions. So, if the Democrats win this November, through your tax dollars, you and every other American will be complicit in paying for abortion, including partial-birth abortion and infanticide, not just here but worldwide.

  • · Private ownership of guns will be prohibited.

  • · Right to work laws will be prohibited.

  • · Religious activity/liberty will be restricted to the inside of churches, synagogues, and mosques.

  • · Criticism of liberal beliefs will be called Hate Speech punishable by public shaming, loss of employment and/or your business, fines, and/or prison.

  • · America will cease to have real borders. A welcome mat will be put out for anyone and everyone, and the new message will be “y’all come on in.”

  • · Medicare for All will soon be law, and all private health insurance programs will be outlawed, and everyone will get their healthcare through the government. Rationing, leading to death, will be commonplace for seniors.

  • · Everyone will be guaranteed an income whether they work or refuse to work.

  • · Trillions of dollars will be given to African Americans for slavery reparations.

  • · To pay for reparations, welfare for illegals, guaranteed income for everyone, etc., your taxes will need to be increased to the rate liberals had them in the 1950s, which was 90%.

  • · New Democrats biased against Christians will make it difficult for Christians to get government jobs, especially as federal judges.

  • · Women will have to allow boys and men in their bathrooms and showers.

  • · Boys/men who identify as females will be allowed to participate in girl’s/women’s sports teams, and the males will soon dominate girl’s and women’s sports.

  • · Green energy will dominate the Democrats agenda, and they will begin to limit all production and usage of fossil fuels, and commercial air travel and personal cars will be greatly reduced.

  • · Statehood will be given to Washington DC, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Virgin Islands to get more Democrats in Congress.

  • · Brave New World and 1984 will have arrived in America in 2021.

Are you still with me?

I hope so, because now I’m coming to the main point of Mr. Viguerie’s Memo.

Take a minute and re-read his list of 12 laws the Democrats will change if they win the Presidency and the Congress this November.

See anything you think they will NOT try to accomplish?

How about the second list, the list of how Democrats will change America?

You probably agree with both lists. In fact, you can probably add items to both lists.


Unfortunately, all too many conservative/Republican leaders are not acting as if America hangs in the balance based on the results of the November election.

They act like if there’s no more TV to buy the campaign must be over and there’s nothing left to do but wait for the ballots to be counted.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Here are six things you can do between now and the time the polls close in your state to make sure we conservatives leave nothing undone in our battle to save our country:

1.) Forward this email to your contacts, family, friends, church and civic club email lists to ensure every conservative and center-right voter understands how important this election is.
2.) If early voting is still available in your state go and vote TODAY – if you can vote early, vote early to make sure your vote is in the ballot box for President Trump and Republican candidates down ballot, don’t let weather, work, personal emergencies, car trouble or anything else get in the way of casting your ballot for Donald Trump and other conservative candidates.
3.) Call your local GOP or Trump campaign headquarters and volunteer to fill any Election Day job they need done.
4.) Set aside as much time as possible between now and when the polls close to participate in grassroots campaign activities – volunteer to distribute campaign literature in your neighborhood, volunteer to make Get Out The Vote Phone Calls or send text messages, participate in a sign-waving group, organize a Trump caravan, or just pick a safe spot at a busy intersection and wave your own sign.
5.) On Election Day morning resend this memo to all your contacts, family, friends, church and civic club email lists and remind them what is at stake and urge them to vote for President Trump.
6.) Pray: We are engaged in a battle for the soul of our beloved Nation. Isaiah 6:8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

At a recent appearance at Florida’s massive retirement community The Villages, Vice President Mike Pence framed the closing days of the campaign this way: The choice in this election is whether America will remain America. It’s the ballgame America, let’s leave it all on the field between now and when the polls close.

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