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How Democrats Sign Up Non-Citizens To Vote

Welfare offices and other agencies in 49 US states are providing voter registration forms to migrants without requiring proof of citizenship, reported Josh Christenson in an article for

The New York Post. Republicans and conservatives are calling for swift federal action to stop the handouts, but the Biden Democrats are unlikely to stop a program they have intentionally weaponized to create a new pool of mail-in ballots.


Every state but Arizona — which recently passed a law barring the practice on state but not federal forms — gives applicants for either welfare benefits, driver’s licenses, or in some cases, mail-in ballots voter registration forms without demanding proof of citizenship.


There is currently no requirement on federal voting forms to provide proof of US citizenship, though it is illegal to falsely claim one is a citizen or for a non-citizen to cast a ballot in a federal election. Mr. Christenson reminded us.

So why register non-citizens to vote?

“As President Biden has welcomed millions of illegal aliens through our borders, including sophisticated criminal syndicates and foreign adversaries, it is incumbent upon Congress to implement greater enforcement measures that secure the voter registration process and ensure only American citizens decide the outcome of American elections,” House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) said in a statement following House passage of the Safeguard American Voter Eligibility (SAVE) Act to require states to receive proof of citizenship when anyone registers to vote by mail, at a DMV or a welfare agency office.


But House Republicans may be shutting the barn door after millions of illegal alien voters have already been added to the voter rolls with a very nefarious goal in mind by the Democrats.

You see to be “harvested” by Democrats an illegal alien ballot only has to be mailed, and once it is submitted there’s no way of separating it out from the millions of valid votes cast by citizens.


So, Democrats’ plan – this is no accident or act of incompetence – will be to get those non-citizen ballots in the mail ASAP, they can then be gathered up and voted, probably without the illegal alien ever touching the ballot.

Or, the votes can be made part of a ghost ballot army deployed only if the Democrats are losing, as is suspected to have happened in 2020 in Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Arizona.

So, how does this work?

Simple, with no signature verification and no citizenship verification a ballot that is created and mailed to an illegal alien that has registered to vote at the same time they were issued a driver’s license – this happens in Michigan, California, Pennsylvania, Minnesota and other states – is available to be harvested. Individual addresses with dozens, even hundreds of “asylum seekers” living there have been reported. When they arrive at these wholesale locations the ballots are collected and voted by Democrat-affiliated ballot harvesting operations – and if Democrats control the voter registration, ballot mailout, and ballot reception and counting, no one will object or even bother to verify the signatures or other crucial evidence regarding the ballot’s validity.

The Safeguard American Voter Eligibility (SAVE) Act is a great piece of legislation, but with Biden already adding some 7.5 million illegal aliens to the potential voter pool, and using automatic voter registration to register them, it may be too late to safeguard the 2024 election.

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