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Updated: Jan 21



To:                   Political Conservative Marketers

From:              Richard A. Viguerie

Re:                   Employment Opportunities 

HIRING: Political Conservative Marketers

American Target Advertising, Manassas, VA


Do you believe that there is a SPIRITUAL CIVIL WAR raging in America?  If so, and you are a political conservative, consider getting off the sidelines and joining this war on the front lines in time to make a significant difference in the November 5, 2024, election.


American Target Advertising (ATA) is growing its 85 team members to over 120, and our clients from 23 to 40, so we’re in need of more high-level marketing professionals to help lead and manage ATA (COO, Chief of Staff, etc.).  We also need marketers to drive our clients’ postal and email marketing programs, copywriters including house, prospect, newsletters, etc. (postal, email, and digital), and other key positions.  Or perhaps you have experience in the production of direct mail.


This is an opportunity to work with me and our world-class marketers to help lead, build, and grow the conservative movement as we have since we pioneered political direct marketing/mail in the 1960s.  Our clients include many of America’s largest and most important economic, foreign policy, cultural conservative, Evangelical, Catholic, charitable, health and welfare nonprofits.


For some positions you can work remotely.  Also, freelance copywriter opportunities are available.


Has your job gotten boring, not feeling challenged, feel like you’re in a dead end?  Would you like your life to make a difference for your children, grandchildren, America, and Western Civilization.


Let’s talk. Contact Vi Shields at or 703-392-7676.


I hope to see you on the front lines in this SPIRITUAL CIVIL WAR that has enveloped America.

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