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Harvard Hates Jews

Our Twitter (or is it X) friend Collin Rugg @CollinRugg alerted us to the Accuracy in Media public information campaign

According to posts by Mr. Rugg, Harvard students are freaking out after a truck is driving around the school, displaying names of students who allegedly signed a letter blaming Israel for Hamas’ terror attacks.

Say it with me, tweeted Mr. Rugg: Hamas Harvard.

The digital screen on the truck says, “Harvard’s Leading Antisemites” and named the 34 students who claimed Israel was “entirely responsible” for the Hamas attacks.

The message from AIM is pretty simple, and accurate:

Civilians have been murdered. Women have been raped. Babies have been decapitated.

Islamic terrorists just killed hundreds of men, women, and children in Israel. Among the dead were Jews, Christians, Israelis, Europeans, and Americans.

This wasn't just a strike against Israel, this was a strike against Western civilization.

Shockingly, radical "scholars" at Harvard responded by issuing a statement in support of the terrorists and blaming the victims.

Use the box on this screen to send one message that goes to Harvard's board of trustees. Tell them to take action against these despicable, hateful students.

Each and every one of these students should be expelled and their student organizations should be kicked off campus.

You can send an email to Harvard demanding consequences for these little creeps through this link. The names Accuracy in Media has been able to independently confirm are listed below.

African American Resistance Organization

Kiersten B. Hash, Founder

Amari M. Butler, Founder

Prince A. Williams, Founder

Clyve Lawrence, Founder

Kojo Acheampong, Founder

Harvard Muslim Law School Association

Hussain Awan, Co-President

Reema Doleh, Co-President

Ariq Hatibie, Executive Board Member

Saeed Ahmad, Executive Board Member

Hurya Ahmed, Vice President of Communications

Harvard Undergraduate Palestine Solidarity Committee

Shraddha Joshi, organizer

Josh Willcox, organizer

Sanaa Kahloon, member

This list will be continually updated as Accuracy in Media is able to confirm them.

And it turns out our friends at AIM are not alone in thinking there should be consequences for supporting the rape, kidnapping, torture, beheading of babies, and other vile acts perpetrated by Hamas.

The New York Post reported Israeli billionaire Idan Ofer and his wife are resigning their posts on the executive board of Harvard’s Kennedy School in protest of school President Claudine Gay’s belated lukewarm response to the student letter blaming Israel for the massacre committed by Hamas terrorists on Saturday.

Ofer, the shipping and chemicals magnate whose net worth was valued by Forbes at $14 billion as of Thursday, said that he and his wife were quitting the board. The Ofers said they resigned “in protest of the shocking and insensitive response by the president of the university, who did not condemn the letter by student organizations who blamed Israel for the massacres.”

Bill Ackman, the hedge fund billionaire who founded Pershing Square Capital Management, has doubled down on his push to have companies refuse employment opportunities to the Harvard students who signed a letter blaming Israel for Hamas’ violent attack that killed more than 1,200 people over the weekend.

“If you were managing a business, would you hire someone who blamed the despicable violent acts of a terrorist group on the victims?” Ackman wrote on X early Thursday. “I don’t think so.”

“Would you hire someone who was a member of a school club who issued a statement blaming lynchings by the KKK on their victims?” Ackman wrote. “I don’t think so.”

“It is not harassment to seek to understand the character of the candidates that you are considering for employment,” Ackman added, according to reporting by Ariel Zilber.

Mr. Ackman is correct, but these revelations of character should be no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to what goes on on campus and has observed the downward and leftward trajectory of elite academia over the past several decades. These are the same students and faculty who show up to shout down conservative speakers, who destroy anti-abortion displays and attack anyone who deviates from their Far-Left orthodoxy.

We urge CHQ readers and friends to go to and use the Accuracy in Media tool to send Harvard a message that its systemic anti-Semitism has been exposed. We also urge CHQ readers and friends to post the names of these malefactors far and wide – let’s see if we can make their listing the top hit when one Googles their name.

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