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Give Hunter Biden The Roger Stone Treatment

Yesterday, President Joe Biden’s miscreant son Hunter, who arrogantly refused to comply with a congressional subpoena, made a dramatic surprise appearance at a House Oversight Committee hearing that was considering holding him in contempt of Congress.

We say “surprise” because it was apparently not a surprise to Democrat members of the committee, who reserved three seats near an exit for the Biden party and friendly news media who were primed to provide sympathetic coverage.


However, if Hunter, his “sugar brother” Kevin Morris and his attorney thought their stunt would benefit Hunter’s case it appears they miscalculated very badly.

 Kevin Morris, who has gifted Hunter Biden almost $5 million to cover his legal and other expenses and is allegedly making a sympathetic “documentary” about his troubled life reportedly had camera crews at the hearing today to record footage for his upcoming documentary.

After saying, “I’m here to talk to Congress” the President’s troubled son got up and stormed out of the hearing leaving the simplest and most obvious questions posed by Members of the Oversight Committee unanswered.


For example, when given the opportunity, Hunter Biden did not deny Devon Archer's testimony he put his father on speakerphone with Chinese, other business partners up to 20 times. In fact, he testily implied to a Fox reporter that it's true: "Do you have a dad? Does he call you? Do you answer the phone?"

So, if they are trying to develop and sell a counter narrative to the facts developed by the House Oversight, Judiciary and Ways and Means Committees they missed their chance to get Hunter on tape pleading his case.


It didn’t help the optic Hunter was trying to achieve that bolted the room when it was GOP firebrand Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s turn to question him.

 So, instead of sympathy, he got Rep. Nancy Mace saying to Hunter, “You have no balls.”


And a Fox News reporter asking him what kind of crack he smokes.


And another unnamed reporter asking him if he was on crack right now.


Plus, the stunt drew attention to one of the key recent revelations of Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer’s investigation into Hunter’s sham art deal.


As the inimitable Miranda Devine explained, Georges Bergès, Hunter Biden’s art gallerist has told the Oversight Committee that he never had any communication with the White House about a so-called “ethics agreement” governing the sale of Hunter Biden’s art. It was a sham.


“The Biden White House appears to have deceived the American people,” says Chairman James Comer.  “Hunter Biden’s amateur art career is an ethics nightmare. The vast majority of Hunter Biden’s art has been purchased by Democrat donors, one of whom was appointed by President Biden to a prestigious commission after she purchased Hunter Biden’s art for tens of thousands of dollars shortly after Joe Biden’s inauguration.”


Far from the blind purchases promised by the White House, Hunter Biden “knew the identities of the individuals who purchased roughly 70% of the value of his art, including Democrat donors Kevin Morris and Elizabeth Hirsh Naftali.”


Sugar brother Kevin Morris bought most of Hunter Biden’s art for $875,000 in January 2023, Elizabeth Hirsh Naftali, purchased works both before and after getting a prestigious presidential appointment.

“However, Kevin Morris only paid Mr. Bergès 40% commission of the $875,000 purchase and Hunter Biden and Kevin Morris figured out the financial implications. Mr. Bergès admitted he has never done an art deal like that before.”

 All of Hunter Biden’s PR stunts and shenanigans kicking sand in the face of Congress remind us of the lead-up to the dramatic FBI SWAT raid that landed our friend Roger Stone in jail and eventually convicted on specious charges of lying to Congress.


Mr. Stone, like most conservatives we know, was not bashful about making known his contempt for the Mueller investigation and the Democrat witch hunts targeting President Trump and his advisors. And it was an unspoken secret that part of the reason Democrats went after him was that he made no bones about his complete contempt for them, but he did show up under subpoena and he did testify.


Which leads us to ask, if Mr. Stone was arrested in a very public SWAT raid and tossed in jail for having a bad memory, why hasn’t Hunter Biden been arrested for his much more egregious act of contempt of Congress for ignoring a valid subpoena and then coming to the Hill to flip off the committee that issued it?

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