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Ginni Thomas Attorney to J6 Committee: There is no story to uncover here.

As the testimony of the latest witness to appear before Pelosi’s illegitimate committee “investigating” the events of January 6, 2021 has imploded in a series of demonstrable lies,

an attorney for our friend Virginia “Ginni” Thomas has informed the Committee that “based on my understanding of the facts the Committee has in its possession, I do not believe there is currently a sufficient basis to speak with Mrs. Thomas.”

In an 8-page rebuttal to the Committee’s letter summoning Mrs. Thomas before the Committee, attorney Mark Paoletta knocked-down the lies and mischaracterizations that the Committee and Democrats have unleashed against the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

Mr. Paoletta was particularly forceful in rebutting the innuendo and mischaracterization Mrs. Thomas’s communications with Trump attorney John Eastman, whom the Committee has attempted to paint as a central figure in its imaginary conspiracy to “overturn” the 2020 election.

Noting that leaks from this Committee have led reporters to write that recently produced “emails” from Mr. Eastman “show that Thomas’s efforts to overturn the election were more extensive than previously known.” Mr. Paoletta bluntly told the Committee, “…as you are aware, Mr. Eastman’s emails show no such thing” and “Not a single document shows any coordination between Mrs. Thomas and Mr. Eastman.”

Attorney Mark Paoletta’s letter to the Committee also destroys the narrative that Ginni Thomas was likewise at the center of some vast conspiracy involving then-White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

Mrs. Thomas’s communications with Mr. Meadows are entirely unremarkable, wrote attorney Paoletta. As Chris Hayes of MSNBC put it, “The texts to Mark Meadows felt a little bit like, here’s something I saw on Facebook.” In those messages, Mrs. Thomas expressed her personal views about the recent election, encouraged Mr. Meadows to stand strong, and told him that she was “proud to know” him. She also passed along information that she had received and encouraged him to investigate reports that were circulating in the public domain... none of it was unethical, much less illegal, and none of it suggests that Mrs. Thomas had even the slightest role in the January 6th attack on the Capitol, or even has any information about the attack.

All of these texts were sent in Mrs. Thomas’s personal capacity as a private citizen, concluded Mr. Paoletta. She was not reaching out on behalf of any individual or any organization, and she held no official or unofficial role within the White House or President Trump’s campaign. She was simply texting with a friend. As anti-Trump columnist George Will wrote, “To say that she was ‘strategizing’ with the White House is akin to saying that the guy in the stadium’s upper deck yelling ‘Roll Tide!’ and shouting suggested plays is strategizing with Alabama’s football team.” These texts are simply much ado about nothing.

Finally, Mr. Paoletta did not hold back in pointing out the despicable stream of calumny and invective against Justice Thomas and his wife spewed forth from members of the Committee, especially Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson.

Wrote Mr. Paoletta:

There also does appear to be some animus exhibited by Chairman Bennie Thompson toward Mrs. Thomas’s husband, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Mr. Thompson called Justice Thomas an “Uncle Tom,” for the views Justice Thomas holds, despite those views being in line with the majority of black Americans. Shockingly, Chairman Thompson made these remarks while speaking to The New Nation of Islam, a group that believes, among other things, “that intermarriage or race mixing should be prohibited.” Chairman Thompson later doubled down on his comments and said that Justice Thomas “doesn’t like black people” and “doesn’t like being black.

These statements by the Committee’s Chairman certainly raise alarm bells when the Committee says that it wants to speak with Mrs. Thomas. Other comments from Committee members also raise similar concerns. Congressman Bill Pascrell claimed that Justice Thomas has “poisoned” the High Court by participat[ing] in one of the worst breaches of trust ever seen.”23 And Committee Member Adam Schiff has confirmed that he intends to ask Mrs. Thomas questions far exceeding the Committee’s legislative purpose, such as “whether [the supposed plot to overturn the election] was discussed with Justice Thomas given that he was ruling on cases impacting whether we would get some of this information.” Not only is this far beyond the Committee’s legislative purpose, Mrs. Thomas has already explained that she does not speak with her husband about pending Supreme Court cases.

We don’t expect Pelosi’s illegitimate J6 Committee to accept Ginni Thomas’s response as the final word on the matter of her testifying before the Committee, so conservative friends and admirers of Justice Thomas and his wife should plan on a long summer of standing by them as they are subjected to the next round of harassment.

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