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Florida’s Cultural Conservatives Mobilize To Oppose Seminole Gambling Deal

Florida’s cultural conservatives are mobilizing after Florida’s principled limited government

constitutional conservative Governor Ron DeSantis agreed to a gambling expansion deal with the Seminole Indian Tribe of Florida.

The terms the Governor has proposed to the Seminole Tribe must be approved by the Florida Legislature. Starting yesterday (Monday, May 17, 2021) the Florida Legislature will begin a Special Legislative Session to consider, among other related gambling issues, whether to approve, amend or disapprove this massive, exclusive gambling expansion.

As our friend John Stemberger of Florida Family Action explained, there are three gambling-related issues the Legislature is expected to take up beginning on Monday, May 17. One would create a Gaming Control Commission, another would allow Pari-mutuel Permit holders (17 local facilities statewide) to no longer be required to run their live events of jai-alai, harness racing, and dog racing, but allow their existing card room gambling operations to continue, the first step (nose under the camel's tent) to a possible local casino in some of the poorest neighborhoods around Florida.

The third issue is the proposed massive, exclusive gambling compact deal with the Seminole Tribe of Florida. Its biggest prize is to bring sports gambling to Florida. The Seminole Tribe would be the sole state "hub" whereby all the Pari-mutuels would contract with the tribe for a 60/40 revenue split to operate sports gambling at their statewide facilities. It is a 30-year exclusive revenue-sharing with the state. Three new casinos are allowed to be built on Seminole Tribe properties. Also, a lucrative mega-deal involving the possible transfer of one Pari-mutuel permit to the Fountainebleau Hotel on Miami Beach, which the owner has desired for years.

John Stemberger and Florida Family Action Urge The Following Action Steps: Call and or Email Just 4 Legislators!

Legislator #1 Senate President Wilton Simpson: Call 850-487-5229 Email

Legislator #2 House Speaker Chris Sprowls: Call 850-717-5000 Email

Legislator #3 Your District Florida State Senator (See Below)

Legislator #4 Your District Member of the House (See Below)

To quickly obtain the name, phone number and email address for your District's Florida State Senator & House Member click HERE and type in your home address. The Upper Chamber is your Senate Representative, the Lower Chamber is your House Representative.

Here Are 3 Simple Talking Points For Your Email And Telephone Call

#1 Please vote "NO" to create a separate Gaming Commission that could be influenced by pro-gambling stakeholders interested in gambling expansion. Retain the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation as the state agency that regulates Pari-mutuel operations.

#2 Please vote "NO" to taking any additional steps toward allowing local Pari-mutuels to operate stand-alone local neighborhood gambling operations. Each local city or county originally voted to approve Pari-mutuel dog racing, horse racing Jai-Alai....not a stand-alone local gambling house in what is now in many cases a low-income neighborhood.

#3 Please vote "NO" to allow the Seminole Tribe to operate exclusive sports betting in Florida, to obtain 3 more new casinos, and to add craps and roulette wheels at the Tribe's 7 locations.

Florida is known and branded as the #1 family tourist destination anywhere on the globe. Massive state tourism revenue is collected from these family-oriented visitors. Las Vegas tried to mix families and did not work. Vegas returned to luring gamblers with all manner of adult entertainment. Don't increase Florida's crime rate that comes with expanded gambling operations.

(The above action alert text is courtesy of Bill Bunkley and the Florida Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission.)

For more information on how you can help fight the expansion of gambling in Florida email or telephone:407-418-0250.

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