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FLASH: Schumer Moves To Break Filibuster And Pass One Party Rule Bill

The Senate’s Democrat Majority Leader, Senator Charles Schumer of New York has

announced a new plan to try to dismantle or bypass the Senate rules to pass the Democrats’ one-party rule election bill, now known as H.R. 5746. The best way to stop this Democrat power grab is to go to to tell Senators to vote NO on any Schumer proposal to dismantle the filibuster or pass a federal takeover of elections.

You can read a fast takedown of this attempt to make America into a one-party state through this link.

As we reported here, Schumer gave Republicans a Jan. 17 deadline to get on board with Democrats to pass their bill to federalize all future elections and institutionalize the practices that led to the questions about the 2020 presidential election, or he will call a vote to remove the Senate’s filibuster rule before the 2022 midterm elections.

It will take less than 60 seconds to tell Senators to preserve the filibuster and stop Democrats from turning America into a one-party Socialist state by going to

Here's the likely calendar and scenario as gamed out by conservative Senate staff and the politically astute observers at Heritage Action for America:

Thursday, Jan 13:

The House has passed and will send over its message on their new bill to takeover elections (H.R. 5746). This message from the House enjoys privilege, meaning that the vote in the Senate to begin debate on H.R. 5746 is not subject to the 60-vote filibuster.

To begin debate on the bill will require only a simple majority (51 votes). The Senate is expected to vote on the Motion to Proceed (on debate) on Thursday and open debate.

Today Friday, Jan 14:

It is expected that Schumer will allow a full day of debate and then file cloture sometime on Friday to cut off debate (60 vote threshold still remains to end debate) and end the Republican filibuster.

Cloture requires an intervening day to ripen (Saturday), pushing the vote on cloture to end debate to Sunday (there is some speculation that this could be Monday if Schumer wants to hold the vote on MLK Day).

Saturday, Jan 15:

A waiting day—cloture requires this “intervening day” to ripen before a vote can be held. Senators will likely spend the day on the floor making speeches on the subject.

Sunday, Jan 16 or Monday, Jan 17:

When cloture is ripened, here is the sequence of events that we expect:

Schumer will ask the parliamentarian (the keeper of the Senate rules) if voting rights legislation is subject to the filibuster.

The parliamentarian will advise the Chair (whichever Democratic member is presiding over the Senate at the time) that the filibuster does apply.

The Chair would then ignore this advisement from the parliamentarian.

At this point, McConnell will have to ask for a vote to appeal the ruling of the Chair - this is the vote to either affirm the filibuster or disregard it (51 “yes” votes will keep the filibuster).

50 Republicans + Sinema + Manchin = 52 votes

Those 52 votes would then overturn the ruling of the Chair and make the legislation subject to the filibuster.


Our friends at Heritage Action think Schumer would likely still force a vote on cloture to end debate (at a 60-vote threshold) which would fail. This means the Senate would NOT move onto a vote for final passage of H.R. 5746 – this would end the latest attempt by Democrat’s to put D.C. bureaucrats in charge of our election laws.

Schumer’s threat is pure hypocrisy and nothing more than another opportunity to put pressure on the Senate’s two off the reservation Democrats; Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Arizona’s Kyrsten Sinema.

It will take less than 60 seconds to tell Senators to preserve the filibuster and stop Democrats from turning America into a one-party Socialist state by going to

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