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Five Election-Winning Ads From Conservatives To Share With Your Contacts

With less than a week left until the crucial midterm election many conservatives are asking what else can I do?

The short answer is at this late stage in the campaign, the most effective way to get someone to vote for a conservative is to use your personal advocacy to convince your undecided or indifferent family, friends, social, church, and civic group contacts to vote, and vote for the Republican.

Here are three easy strategies and five crucial campaigns that need your help:

Forward this email to others and urge them to share it with people on their contact lists. Recipients are more likely to open and read e-mails from folks they know and trust.

Make copies of this email, including the Conservative Leader Toolbox. Carry them with you to give to family, friends, neighbors, fellow churchgoers, pass out at social gatherings to help educate them on the extreme positions of Democrat candidates, especially with regards to abortion, the sexual and the racist curriculum being widely taught in American classrooms.

Post to your social media accounts, Facebook, Twitter, Gab, Getter, Truth Social and others, link to this e-mail and the Conservative Leader Toolbox and urge viewers to familiarize themselves with this material and to forward these voter education materials to everyone they know.

In New York

In Nevada

In Arizona

In New Hampshire

In Georgia

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  • Georgia

  • Arizona

  • New Hampshire

  • Nevada

  • New York

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