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Don’t Fall For It: Democrats Want You Demoralized And Afraid

Headlines in the Left-leaning establishment media have begun screaming “Democrats Sense

New Optimism for Blunting GOP’s Midterm Gains” as Bloomberg, The New York Times, The Washington Post et al have begun their biannual Election Year campaign to demoralize conservatives.

“Democrats are increasingly optimistic they can limit Republican gains in the House and even keep control of the Senate,” wrote Bloomberg’s Laura Litvan.

According to Ms. Litvan’s analysis:

The House is almost certain to flip to Republican control after the November midterm elections. Democrats now have only a nine-seat advantage, and independent analysts forecast a net gain of as many as two dozen seats or more for the GOP, helped by partisan redistricting in Republican-controlled states.

The Senate, now split 50-50, is increasingly looking like a toss-up, with Democrats’ prospects enhanced by inexperienced GOP candidates in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Georgia and Arizona who’ve underperformed in polls despite Trump’s backing and President Joe Biden’s dismal approval ratings. Wisconsin and Nevada also are battlegrounds.

“We’re still waiting to see if the reversal of Roe v. Wade is enough to help Democrats buck the typical midterm trend,” Nathan Gonzales of the allegedly non-partisan Inside Elections newsletter said. Although the president’s party typically suffers significant losses in midterm elections, “there is some evidence in recent weeks that Democrats are over-performing.”

To the extent that Democrats are “overperforming” in certain Senate elections, notably Georgia and Arizona, it might be because the Senate’s alleged Republican “Leader,” Mitch McConnell has been pulling advertising and other support and talking down MAGA candidates like Blake Masters in Arizona and Herschel Walker in Georgia.

McConnell’s trashing of MAGA candidates plays into the establishment media narrative that only “centrists” (meaning establishment professional politicians) can win – which is probably true if the national Republican powers that be withhold financial resources and allow them to get outspent 3 or 4 to 1.

For example, in Georgia Democrat Raphael Warnock, the first Black senator from Georgia, has been leading in recent polls, with a 4.4% edge in a RealClearPolitics average of recent surveys. He also has vastly out-raised Walker and has $22.2 million left to spend in his campaign coffers at the end of June, while Walker has $6.8 million.

And of course, part of the play in that race is for the media to claim, and McConnell to echo, that Walker can’t win, even though he’s within the margin of error while getting buried in Far Left money from outside the state of Georgia. In a campaign with equal resources Walker would be running away with the race.

And this happens every election cycle observed William A. Jacobson of Legal Insurrection: Operation Demoralize.

What is it?

“The media swarms and lies. Tells you it’s over, wants you to give up. Happens every single time.”

As Mr. Jacobson pointed out, Melissa Chen described it back in 2020:

“Feeling exhausted & demoralized?

They want you to think you’re all alone, swimming against the tide. You’re not.

That’s the goal – to break your will, to train your attention on the inane and frivolous, to siphon it away from issues of existential gravity, of global import.”

View the early and notoriously inaccurate polling in this context. View the mainstream media analysis in this context. View Biden’s increasing incitement of conflict between Americans in this context. This is Team Obama 101 stuff.

Operation Demoralize will only get worse predicted Mr. Jacobson.

Don’t fall for it.

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