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DeSantis Signs Bill To Keep Florida Girls Sports Female

We had some idea of titling this article “DeSantis Kicks East Germans Out Of Florida Girls’ Sports” because back in the days before the fall of the Soviet Union’s Communist empire the

East Germans and other Communist states were notorious for sending presumed biological males to compete in women’s sports because they knew they had an insurmountable advantage against biological women. The Olympic Committee instituted a testing regime to catch and stop this practice, but the Communists persisted in the attempt to garner more gold medals and hence more propaganda victories for the Soviet system.

But those days are now gone after the International Olympic Committee bowed to PC pressure and approved an amendment to the qualifying system “due to disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic” that all but guarantees New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard entry in the Tokyo Olympics to compete as a woman. Hubbard competed in men's weightlifting competitions before his transition in 2013 and has subsequently smashed female records in various categories of weightlifting.

However, that won’t be happening in girls’ sports in Florida, thanks to Florida’s Republican legislature and principled limited government constitutional conservative Governor Ron DeSantis.

Yesterday, Gov. DeSantis signed a law limiting girls' sports at public schools to biological girls.

"[Sports] took me to college. It's taken many of our girls to college, to be able to get an education and to compete. We believe that it is very important that the integrity of those competitions are preserved," DeSantis said before he signed the bill at Trinity Christian Academy in Jacksonville, Fla.

"In Florida, girls are going to play girls' sports, and boys are going to play boys' sports," he said according to reporting by Fox News. "The bill that we're doing today will ensure fairness for women athletes for years to come in the state of Florida. It says that athletic teams or sports that are designated for females are open to females, and we're going to go based off biology, not based off ideology, when we're doing sports. The bill defines a student's biological sex based on the student's official birth certificate at the time of birth."

The law also allows a student to sue if a school allows a transgender girl or woman to play on a team intended for biological females.

"We're also putting in statute ways to actually vindicate the rights of any women athletes who may be discriminated against. Moving forward, any student who's deprived of an athletic opportunity as a result of a violation of this law will have a right to civil remedies," DeSantis said.

Florida’s Democrat Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, who is viewed as the most likely Democratic opponent to DeSantis, blasted the Republican Governor over the new law. "By signing a heartless ban on transgender kids in sports, @GovRonDeSantis is marginalizing an entire community. Signing it on the first day of #Pride2021 is especially cruel. Florida should stand for inclusivity, equality, and liberty — not peddling hate for political points," she wrote on Twitter. reported Florida’s Democrat House Minority Co-Leader Bobby DuBose of Fort Lauderdale, described the bill as the latest strategy in the GOP’s “culture war agenda.”

“Let’s be very clear: Governor DeSantis and the GOP are attacking trans kids on the first day of Pride Month to solve a problem that doesn’t exist,” Dubose said. “This is part of a wave of hundreds of anti-LGBTQ bills introduced nationwide as part of their culture war agenda. This law is mean-spirited, divisive, and could cost Floridians millions of dollars in both economic damage and lawsuits. Florida’s kids didn’t need this.”

On Twitter, Democratic Rep. Anna Eskamani of Orlando described the bill as the state’s “first anti-LGBTQ bill in 23 years.”

And in a separate tweet, Eskamani said she “almost threw up” watching the bill signing. Democrats Rep. Michele Rayner, Sen. Annette Taddeo, Rep. Andrew Learned, Sen. Janet Cruz, Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith, Sen. Lauren Book, Sen. Shervin Jones and Rep. Fentrice Driskell chimed in with similar sentiments.

DeSantis posted his own tweet celebrating the win for female student athletes: The Fairness in Women’s Sports Act will empower Florida women & girls to be able to compete on a level playing field. This will help ensure that opportunities for things like college scholarships will be protected for female athletes for years to come.

DeSantis added the act gives girls who are discriminated against "the right to civil remedies," and also gives schools and sports teams the ability to pursue civil lawsuits in the event they are subjected to opposition for following the law.

"In Florida, we're going to do what's right," DeSantis said. "We'll stand up to corporations. They're not going to dictate the policies in this state. We will stand up to groups like the NCAA that think they should be able to dictate the policies in different states.

"Not here, not ever."

And while Democrats, LGTBQ jihadists and the liberal editorial pages raged, female athletes and their parents celebrated.

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