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Democrats To Try Bold Strategy Of Doing Exactly What Got Us Into This Mess In The First Place

Our favorite satire site, The Babylon Bee, specializes in jokes and satire that are not only funny, but do not resort to the vulgarity and blasphemy that characterizes much of what

passes for humor in Hollywood and on the stand-up "comedy" circuit. And, given how "woke" Hollywood and professional comedy has become, The Babylon Bee has a virtual lock on poking fun at Biden, the Democrats and Leftwing hypocrisy.

The problem is that when the Bee hits a target on the Left it is often one of those instances where it would be funnier if it wasn't true, as yesterday's headline "Democrats To Try Bold Strategy Of Doing Exactly What Got Us Into This Mess In The First Place" demonstrated.

From yesterday's Babylon Bee:

After a year of deliberation on how to address rapid inflation and a shrinking economy, Democrats have at last landed on the bold strategy of doing the same exact things that helped land us in this mess to begin with.

"So, you know how we spent trillions upon trillions of dollars and wound up screwing up the economy?" said Senator Manchin. "I've been brainstorming for twelve months, and I think I've got the solution. What if - wait for it - we spend even more money? And we clamp down on domestic energy production even harder?? Pretty brilliant, right?"

Very serious journalists hailed the new spending bill as a potential resurrection for the floundering Biden administration. "With the economy being the number one issue for voters right now, Biden has been desperately searching for a solution," said Politico writer Jonathan Lemire. "Well guess what, Republicans? He's figured it out - a half-trillion dollar spending bill, a corporate tax hike during a recession, more auditing from the IRS, and a devastating block on domestic energy production. Economic problems - solved! Biden's back, baby!"

Although some economists were initially resistant to the idea, they got on board upon hearing that Democrats had named their proposal the "Stop Inflation And Fix Every Problem Ever" bill. "Gosh, I was so sure that printing money was bad for inflation, but then I saw the bill's name," said economics Professor Stanley Rube. "Somehow, some way, this time spending money is going to be the ticket. You know what they say - if at first you don't succeed, keep doing whatever led to abject failure."

At publishing time, Democrats had decided to tackle the recent crime wave by prosecuting fewer crimes and putting violent criminals back on the street even faster.

Of course, this would be a lot funnier if wasn’t true, but on the upside, you don’t often find humor that hits so many Leftwing shibboleths in less than 500 words.

POLITICO, the DC Uniparty’s online mouthpiece, did actually use the words “Biden is back in the game” in an article touting the alleged President’s recent “achievements,” all of which, such as raising taxes, giving out billions in corporate welfare and imposing onerous regulations on business will undoubtedly burden an already troubled economy.

And while the Manchin quote is a satire, the West Virginia Senator has spent the last week stumbling through specious explanations of why his flip-flop on the “Build Back Better” bill wasn’t a flip-flop.

As the UK’s Daily Mail reported, Manchin, a West Virginia senator, previously said that he couldn't support the climate provisions in any Build Back Better deal because he was concerned about inflation. His deal with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is a flip-flop on that stance.

Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas told Fox News Wednesday evening that the 700-page bill is the “the longest suicide note in the history of West Virginia.”

He added that Manchin's actions are a “double cross.”

“Just two weeks ago he said he wasn't gonna support a bill like this,” Cotton told Fox's Laura Igraham. “He's been saying for months that he wouldn't support so many of the provisions in this bill, he called them gimmicks or smoke and mirrors budgeting, but now he's going to apparently support all of them.”

And, while there is no “Professor Stanley Rube” telling us, “…if at first you don't succeed, keep doing whatever led to abject failure," Democrats and their apologists in the media and academia regularly advocate for more of the policies that created this disaster.

The cost of government isn’t what it taxes, it is what it spends, and as National Bureau of Economic Research Research Associate Alberto Alesina, and coauthors Silvia Ardagana, Roberto Perotti, and Fabio Schiantarelli, explained increases in public spending can hit company profits and thus lead to a reduction in private investment and economic growth. Cuts in public spending, on the other hand, can lead to more private investment, and faster growth.

But cutting spending or even just holding it steady isn’t in Biden’s plan, so on top of the $3.1 trillion in COVID spending and phony infrastructure spending Biden is now planning to force through via “reconciliation” another trillion-dollar spending package. That is, as The Babylon Bee put it so well, “…if at first you don't succeed, keep doing whatever led to abject failure."

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