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Democrats Pull Out All The Stops To Steal Pennsylvania Election

While Republicans are mired in internal warfare between former President Donald Trump

and the Senate’s Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Democrats have boldly seized the opportunity to lock-up Pennsylvania and deprive Republicans of one of their must-win states in the Electoral College calculation.

As Victoria Marshall reported for our friends at Conservative Review:

The Pennsylvania Department of State just changed its voter registration form to include a mail-in ballot application — in the middle of an election cycle.

On Aug. 19, the Department of State combined the originally separate applications — voter registration and mail-in ballot — into one new form just 11 weeks before the general election.

While election officials say the change was made to simplify the process, county election officials are concerned the new form will create chaos and undermine voter confidence.

Readers of CHQ will well remember that Pennsylvania’s mail-in ballot chaos was an important part of the Democrats’ successful effort to steal the 2020 election from Donald Trump. By creating a chaotic vote counting process Democrats, who now control Pennsylvania’s management of elections, move the vote counting out of the objective tabulation of legally cast votes into the subjective realm of bureaucracy and lawfare where Republicans can be excluded from oversight of the counting process and otherwise ineligible votes can be counted until Democrats win.

You can read more about how this will work in a new article from our friends at the American Policy Center: ELECTION FRAUD UPDATE: PENNSYLVANIA STEPS UP THE STEAL

And to ensure that the maximum amount of chaos is created Democrats have announced a new plank in their platform – legalizing marijuana – an issue sure to engage otherwise uninterested and previously unregistered young urban voters.

Few Senate candidates sell campaign T-shirts emblazoned with marijuana leaves, reported Natalie Fertig of POLITICO.

But head over to Pennsylvania’s Democrat Senate candidate Lt. Gov. John Fetterman’s website, or drop by one of his rallies, and that’s what you’ll find.

“It’s high time that we get our sh*t together and legalize weed in PA + USA. More justice, jobs, revenue, and freedom,” the top-selling T-shirt’s description reads according to Ms. Fertig’s reporting.

And Ms. Fertig further reported:

Political strategists say a bold position on cannabis could be an important piece of a winning policy portfolio for both the primary and general elections in a race that will help determine control of the Senate. Progressives respond well to it — but even more than that, marijuana may do something very important in a state where election margins are razor thin: bring new voters to the polls.

“You’re talking about a state that Joe Biden won by only 80,000 votes,” said Mike Mikus, a Democratic strategist in Pennsylvania who isn’t aligned with any candidate in the race. “So any people, new voters or people who … may have decided to sit out the election — if you bring them out because of this issue, that is how you win these campaigns.” (Emphasis added by CHQ.)

Cannabis on the ballot has increased voter turnout in past elections. Washington state, for example, saw turnout among voters ages 18 to 29 more than double in 2012, when recreational marijuana was on the ballot. That age group represented 22 percent of the electorate in 2012, compared with just 10 percent in 2008, according to a 2016 Brookings Institution analysis reviewed by POLITICO.

So, let’s review the status of the campaign in Pennsylvania. Republican infighting has frozen Republican candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz’s fundraising and distracted him from deploying his formidable communications skills against Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, his Far Left Democrat opponent. Meanwhile, Democrats have a coherent plan to bring Left-leaning voters to the polls with the legalization of marijuana and a $300 billion student loan handout, and to sow the necessary Election Day chaos to ensure that every potential Democrat vote – whether legitimate or defective – is counted by the Democrats running Pennsylvania’s elections.

It's not too late to turn this around if Trump and McConnell, or at least their teams, will bury the hatchet and focus on winning elections instead of fighting over what will soon be the stripped carcass of the Republican Party.

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