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Democrats Have The Nazis’ Problem

…one last point is that of the Nazi leaders, all of them knew what they’d got into in the East, so there’s a sort of ‘we burnt out bridges behind us.’ It’s like a conspiracy of a gang of criminals in a way, that they knew what they’d done and so there was no future for them once that regime was over. So hence that led to the actions of desperados in this regime in the very last phase, which increased at the same time the terror, and made it impossible for anybody to act against the regime.

Sir Ian Kershaw, British Historian

Donald Trump appears to have the upper hand, as Joe Biden’s poll numbers are at near-historic lows across the entire range of election-deciding issues.

However, Americans naïve enough to think that Republicans will sweep the 2024 election and there will ever be a return to what was normal life in our country on Monday, November 7, 2016, should consider why Democrats can never allow that to happen. If the norms and laws that were in place the day before the 2016 election were to be reestablished their crimes would be exposed and being voted out of office would be the least of their problems.

And no, we are not talking about the Biden family crimes. Their corruption and criminality, in matters both large and petty are the least of the Democrats’ worries.

While accepting as much as $30 million in thinly disguised bribes from the Communist Chinese and oligarchs in Ukraine, Romania and elsewhere, and engaging in the trafficking of prostitutes and drugs by Hunter Biden and other members of the Biden crime syndicate seems like a big deal, those crimes pale in comparison to the crimes against the American polity and ordinary Americans the Democrats and their Deep State allies have committed since 2016.

Consider the damage the creation, and hiding, of a huge government censorship apparatus has done to trust in the federal government, especially the Centers for Disease Control and the public health agencies.

Rather than encourage scientific inquiry and debate to support their claims about COVID, the Left simply censored – and in many cases attempted to destroy – ordinary doctors, scientists and researchers who wanted to investigate the origins of the SARS COVID-19 virus and the efficacy and safety of the various vaccines and other potential treatments.

That was almost the polar opposite of what the Founders intended when they drafted the First Amendment and incorporated it into the Constitution.

And the government censorship and attempts at personal destruction didn’t stop at those questioning the Party line on COVID.

The government censorship and persecution of “election deniers” has reached a level not seen since Democrat Woodrow Wilson went after opponents of the U.S. entry into World War I.

Across the country any public official who has questioned the integrity of the current system of electronic voting has been targeted for censorship, Democrat-sponsored lawfare, and in some cases criminal prosecution.

Indeed, the Democrats and their allies in the Leftwing media have created a new word and with it a new crime – election “denialism.”

In Michigan, Georgia, Colorado and Arizona individual citizens and local officials who questioned the security of elections, tried to expose flaws in the system or who participated in challenges to the results have found themselves charged with crimes by Democrat prosecutors, even as proof of the problems with electronic voting and universal mail-in ballots has grown. Go here for the Heritage Foundation database on vote fraud.

In support of the demonstrably false claim that there is no fraud in American elections the Democrats have deployed a new high-tech agency of the federal government – the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency – to gaslight or intimidate American citizen, take your pick, that there’s no problem with our elections.

In a mere six-months investigation House Republicans proved CISA exceeded its mandate and conducted unconstitutional operations to surveil and censor Americans' speech on social media. The report entitled, "The Weaponization of CISA: How a 'Cybersecurity' Agency Colluded with Big Tech and 'Disinformation' Partners to Censor Americans," outlines collusion between CISA, Big Tech, and government-funded third parties to conduct censorship by proxy and cover up CISA's unconstitutional activities.

Imagine what would be revealed if a Republican President were to be elected and cooperated with a Republican Congress to expose what else CISA has been up to in the guise of protecting Americans from “misinformation.”

However, the greatest crimes that Democrats cannot allow to be exposed are the crimes committed by the law enforcement and intelligence agencies that were politicized by Barack Obama and the Democrats and have remained under their sway regardless of who occupies the White House.

The tell of the magnitude of their crimes is that since Republicans regained the majority in the House of Representatives not one of the agency Directors or Secretaries have answered one question about their agency’s involvement in the January 6, 2021, Capitol riot, even refusing to confirm or deny the self-evident fact that they had agents embedded in the crowd at the Stop the Steal rally.

Indeed, the last really substantive comments offered on the weaponization of the federal government’s law enforcement and intelligence agencies by an Executive Branch official was by former Attorney General William Barr who in 2019 alluded to the political motivation of the lies and abuse in the fraudulent FISA applications used by the Obama FBI to open investigations into Trump.

At that time FBI Director Wray attempted to differentiate “surveillance” from “spying” and contradicted his own boss, Attorney General Barr. Since that time Democrats have continued to stonewall any investigation into the domestic political operations of the FBI and other federal agencies and even quietly paid off one of the miscreants identified in the Trump campaign spying abuses.

The above are just a tip of the iceberg recitation of the crimes Democrats and their Deep State allies have committed against the American people beginning in 2016.

Imagine what would be revealed if the Department of Homeland Security’s books and email were opened to reveal who and how many dollars are involved in opening our southern border.

Or how the Democrats use federal voter assistance to manipulate elections in the 16 or 17 key counties they must win to hold on to the White House. The tell there is that so far, the Biden administration has refused to hand over to Congress any information about how a Biden Executive Order on voter assistance will work or where the funds to implement it will come from.

So, now that the pandemic is behind us don’t expect America to return to the pre-COVID America you knew in January 2020, or that the 2024 election will be a free and fair election like 2016.

Many of the Nazis’ worst atrocities and most brutal acts of oppression came when they recognized World War II was lost. As public opinion has shifted against Joe Biden and the Democrats, like the Nazis when they recognized the war was lost, Democrats and their Deep State allies won’t stop using a weaponized federal government against their opponents. On the contrary, Democrats will ramp up the censorship and oppression of us conservatives because, like the Nazis, they can’t afford to lose and be held accountable for their crimes.

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