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Democrats Ask Biden How To Import More Hamas Terrorists Into The USA

Our friends at the American Accountability Foundation (AAF) post a bombshell “get” from an off-the-record White House briefing: A staffer for Far-Left Congressman Dwight Evans of

Pennsylvania asked for "guidance" from the White House on how to get Palestinians into the US.


This would undoubtedly lead to Hamas terrorists getting into the US observed our friends at AAF.

 However, that Biden and Democrats would be open to bringing more potential terrorists to the United States should come as no surprise, given that they are protecting the ones that are already here.

Back in February Biden shielded thousands of Palestinians in the United States from deportation for the next 18 months, using an obscure immigration authority. About 6,000 Palestinians are eligible for the reprieve under a program called Deferred Enforced Departure, which allows aliens whose homelands “are in crisis” to remain in the United States and work legally.

Allegedly Palestinians who have been convicted of felonies or those “who are otherwise deemed to pose a public safety threat” would not be protected from deportation, Jake Sullivan, Mr. Biden’s national security adviser, said in a statement reported by the New York Times.

Republicans, meanwhile, have pushed for a crackdown on Palestinians. Representative Ryan Zinke of Montana, a former Trump administration official, introduced legislation in November that would have revoked visas from Palestinians and prevented them from receiving refugee status or asylum in the United States.


And we believe a crackdown is warranted.


Over a dozen Palestinian youth and allies were arrested for disrupting Congress during a February unauthorized demonstration in the Cannon House Office Building Rotunda.


In October of 2023, just weeks after the horrific attack on Israel which resulted in the hostage-taking of an unknown number of Americans who are still in captivity the FBI arrested a Palestinain “seeking asylum” in the United States on federal gun charges.


Sohaib Abuayyash was arrested after the FBI reviewed videos on his social media, including an August 11 recording that apparently showed him firing a rifle and semi-automatic pistols at a range in Houston.

The charges allege Abuayyash was an alien illegally and unlawfully in the United States. He knowingly possessed a firearm, namely a Canik, model TP9 Elite SC, 9 mm pistol, according to the indictment.


Video, which was originally posted to a social media platform, allegedly showed Abuayyash firing 15 rounds from a semi-automatic rifle and then firing from two handguns, according to the federal criminal complaint unsealed in Texas.

In an affidavit an FBI agent wrote that Abuayyash “has been in direct contact with others who share a radical mindset, has been conducting physical training, and has trained with weapons to possibly commit an attack'.

According to the affidavit, Abuayyash came to the US in 2019 after applying for a tourist visa in Jerusalem and indicating he was a Palestinian citizen. Abuayyash overstayed the visa and applied for asylum in 2020, which is still pending, the court records state. He was granted employment authorization in August 2023.

When Abuayyash was considered for release before his trial, a magistrate judge wrote in a decision that he had looked up directions to make bombs and posted about martyrdom and about an event hosted by a specific Houston religious group.

While talking about the FBI’s efforts to counter violence by extremists, Wray announced that FBI agents had “arrested a man who’d been studying bomb-making and posted about killing Jewish people”


Wray didn’t name Abuayyash, but the FBI later confirmed he was who Wray was talking about.


Abuayyash was later acquitted on the gun charges by a Houston jury, however, he remained in custody on the immigration charges. Biden’s Deferred Enforced Departure order would appear to shield him from deportation, since he was acquitted on the felony gun charges and was never charged with any of the obvious potential terrorism-related charges.

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