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Defund the United Nations Relief and Works Agency

A coalition of conservative leaders and organizations led by Advancing American Freedom, and including, has issued an open letter to Congress demanding that

funding for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) be stricken from the federal budget.


The letter addressed to Speaker Johnson, Leader McConnell, Leader Jeffries and Leader Schumer says:


It is a moral imperative that the United States Congress affirmatively defund the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNWRA) and prohibit the Biden Administration from directly or indirectly providing any taxpayer funding or support to the openly antisemitic and now apparently terrorist organization.

The United States can no longer fund UNRWA with a clean conscience. For years, the American people were told a litany of lies aimed at creating a false understanding of UNRWA as simply a humanitarian organization that needed the hard-earned tax dollars of the American people to provide services for millions of Palestinians misleadingly characterized as “refugees.”

For years, many of us knew these claims were lies.

With the recent allegations of UNRWA employees actively participating in the October 7th attack and thousands of UNRWA employees celebrating the attack confirms the lie. 12 Congress can no longer pretend that UNRWA is simply a humanitarian organization.

UNRWA funding is the red line.

Not one cent of American taxpayer money should ever again be used to directly or indirectly support UNRWA. Congress must defund UNRWA in the next appropriations vehicle that becomes law.

The Capitol Switchboard is (202-224-3121), call today and tell your Senators and Representative that you demand funding for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNWRA) be stripped from the federal budget.


Signers Include:


Paul Teller

Executive Director

Advancing American Freedom


Ambassador David Friedman

Former U.S. Ambassador to Israel


Ginni Thomas


Liberty Consulting


The Honorable George K. Rasley Jr

Managing Editor


Jordan Sekulow

President and CEO

ACLJ Action


Jenny Beth Martin

Honorary Chairman

Tea Party Patriot Action


Lisa B. Nelson




L. Brent Bozell III

Founder and President

Media Research Center


Gary L. Bauer


American Values


Bonnie Glick

Former Deputy Administrator



Robert Wilkie

10th Secretary

Veteran Affairs


Elain S. Carr

Former U.S. Special Envoy

Monitor & Combat Antisemitism


Matt Brooks


Republican Jewish Coalition


Richard Allen



Allen Roth


Secure America Now


Joel Griffith


Young Jewish Conservatives


Kristen A. Ullman


Eagle Forum


Natasha Srdoc, MBA

Co-Founder International Leaders Summit

America's Roundtable


David N. Bossie


Citizens United


Elaine Donnelly

President (For ID purposes only)

Center for Military Readiness


Rabbi Avrohom Gordimer

Chairman Rabbinic Circle

Coalition for Jewish Values


Ilan Berman

Senior Vice President

American Foreign Policy Council


Hon. Yleem Poblete, Ph.D.

Assistant Secretary of State (former)

U.S. Department of State


Jason Bedrick

Research Fellow

Heritage Foundation


Jeffrey Berk




Jay D. Homnick

Senior Fellow

Project Sentinel


Pamela S. Roberts

Immediate Past President

Kentucky Federation of Republican Women


Ron Armstrong


Stand Up Michigan


Adam Lovinger

Vice President for Strategic Affairs

The Gold Institute for International Strategy


Nancy Rockler

Outreach Coordinator

Larsen for Congress


Diana L. Banister

Executive Strategist

Sovereign Global Solutions


Aharon Friedman

Former Senior Counsel

Ways & Means Committee


Lauri B. Regan

Vice Chair

Endowment for Middle East Truth


Donna Jollay


Jerusalem Tours


Dr. Carl Herbster


Advance USA


Peter J. Thomas


The Conservative Caucus


Haibatullah Alizai

Former Chief

Afghan Army


Jim Peters



Valerie Greenfeld


Rabbi Steven Pruzansky


Gary Marx


The Concord Fund


Shea Bradley-Farrell


Counterpoint Institute (CIPRE)


Penny Nance

CEO & President

Concerned Women for America


Jonathan Williams




Dan Schneider

Vice President for Free Speech

Media Research Center


Morton A. Klein

National President

Zionist Organization of America


Rabbi Yaakov Menken

Managing Director

Coalition for Jewish Values


Kenneth Weinstein

Former President & CEO

Hudson Institute


Luke Bray, Ph.D.

Vice President of Strategic Alliances

Passages Israel


Senator Norm Coleman

National Chairman

Republican Jewish Coalition


Sarah Stern

Founder and President

The Endowment for Middle East Truth


Stefan Padfield

Deputy Director Free Enterprise Project

National Center for Public Policy Research


Ethan Peck


National Center for Public Policy Research


Bethany Kozma


Keystone Policy


Joel Anand Samy

Co-Founder International Leaders Summit

America’s Roundtable


Richard Manning


Americans for Limited Government


Rebecca Weber


Association of Mature American Citizens


Shoshana Bryen

Senior Director

Jewish Policy Center


Jason Poblete, Esq


Global Liberty Alliance


John Suarez

Executive Director

Center for a Free Cuba

Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce


Hon. Bob McEwen

Former Member

U.S. Congress


Scott Shepard

Director Free Enterprise Project

National Center for Public Policy Research


Barbara Ledeen


U.S. Senate Staff


Allen J. Heber


American-Chinese Fellowship of Houston


Bryan E. Leib


Henry Public Relations


Ken Reid

Former Supervisor

Loudoun County


Ellie Krasne-Cohen


Krasne Strategies


Duvi Honig

Founder and CEO

Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce


Josh Hammer

Senior Editor at Large

Newsweek (for ID only)


Rabbi Tuly Weisz




David Goder


Secure America Now


Joe Walsh

Former Member

United States Congress


Ruth J. Lieberman


Jaffe Strategies


Enrique Marin



Edward Gelber, MD


Robin S. Bernstein

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  • Palestinians

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