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Day 89 Of Biden's Hamas Hostage Crisis

You would never know it if your only source of news is the establishment news media, but today marks 89 days since the Muslim terrorist organization Hamas came boiling out of

Gaza to enter Israel to kill over 1,200 people and take an unknown number of Americans hostage.

During those 89 days Joe Biden has been virtually missing in action, making only rare references to the plight of the hostages, never mentioning their names, giving a count, or even acknowledging those who have been known to be murdered by Hamas subsequent to their kidnapping.

Indeed, Joe Biden was on a free vacation at the St. Croix home of a wealthy Democrat donor when word of the death of missing American Judith Weinstein was received, prompting him to finally issue a content-free statement of condolence for her death.


According to the American Jewish Committee it is believed that at least 236 people were being held hostage by Hamas until the recent release of hostages beginning on November 24.


Babies, children, women, the elderly, and the disabled were among those taken hostage, according to IDF spokesman Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus.


“These are numbers that were up until now unimaginable,” said Conricus. “This will shape the future of this war.”


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Hamas was responsible for their care and well-being and Israel would "settle the score with anyone who harms them.”


Palestinian Islamic Jihad, an Iranian-backed terror group based in Gaza, claims that it is holding more than 30 Israeli hostages, the terror group’s leader Ziyad Nakaleh said. Hamas has also threatened to kill a civilian hostage every time Israel targets Hamas supporters in their homes in Gaza.


The level of Hamas’s brutality against Israeli civilians was unimaginable. With over 1,200 killed and thousands more injured, it was one of the deadliest terror attacks in world history. Yet Israelis were not the only victims of Hamas’s carnage, many citizens from other countries were among the dead or taken hostage. 


According to the Biden administration, 22 Americans so far are confirmed dead. An additional 20 Americans are still missing.

Hamas has a long history of extreme violence targeting civilians, including suicide bombings and rocket attacks. Hamas employs various strategies to take hostages, including cross-border raids and exploiting tunnels to infiltrate Israeli territory from Gaza.

Hamas uses hostages as bargaining chips for prisoner exchanges and as propaganda tools to gain international attention. These tactics are condemned as violations of international law, and Israel typically refrains from negotiating with terrorists, opting for military or other measures to secure hostages' release. However, the current situation of over 200 civilians and soldiers being taken hostage is without precedent. The value of human life has been completely exploited by Hamas.


As Liz Peek noted in a column for Fox News digital, as of now 30 Americans are known to have been murdered by Hamas and more than a dozen are being held captive. But you’d never know it if your only source of news is the establishment news media.

It is not lost on Biden’s media allies that it was a Middle East crisis that brought down Jimmy Carter’s presidency; the current conflict in the region could prove Biden’s undoing as well, observed Ms. Peek.


In 1979, more than 50 U.S. citizens were taken hostage in Iran, and Carter failed to secure their release. Worse, a U.S. military mission sent to rescue the prisoners failed, infuriating Americans. Carter’s foreign policy blunders sank his reelection bid, but they were far from his only problem. His administration was considered weak and inept, and the events in Tehran reinforced those perceptions.

Sounds just like Joe Biden, doesn't it?


Today, the only thing protecting Joe Biden from the political fate of Jimmy Carter and the wrath of American voters, who expect American presidents to protect the lives of American citizens abroad, is the media blackout on Biden’s now almost 90-day Hamas hostage crisis.

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