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Craig Shirley on Baseball: The Latest Whine of Corporate Wokeness and Weakness

Well former baseball fans, yet another beloved American institution has succumbed to

politicization and cowardly corporate wokeness and Lou Gehrig is rolling over in his grave.

I am of course referring to the recent, preposterous decision by the gutless Major League Baseball to move the All-Star game from Atlanta in response to Georgia’s new voting law. It’s a remorseful state of affairs indeed that America’s national pastime has stooped to street walking for the American Left’s addictive need to politicize everything. It does make some sense as both are run by sissies but it will cost baseball a lot. There is much damage here, much of which will not be repaired, if ever. Men were their fan base. No longer. They’re leaving watching, they’re leaving going.

The MLB has bean balled itself. Some trick. That’s ok. It might be time for baseball to slowly die and another sport like lacrosse to take over. Baseball viewership has been dwindling down for some time and now it will only accelerate into eventual oblivion.

In hindsight, it was probably inevitable. Even if the false narrative cooked up by loony liberals that the law is the new Jim Crow hadn’t been reported as gospel by the media, the very fact that there was an angry Twitter unthinking liberal mob sealed the deal as far as MLB is concerned. From the moment there was a public outcry, there was no chance the game would be held in Atlanta.

Because that’s the point we’re at in this country. Sports leagues, corporations, and industries feel the need to capitulate to the mob if the liberal mob is even remotely offended by something. These institutes may capitulate for a myriad of reasons, either because they agree with the mob or because they are afraid of the immense power wielded by the activist class on Twitter.

Either way, it’s a crying shame, both on principle and because of the consequences. The irony is, liberals don’t even play or watch baseball. They watch the Home Shopping Network. Conservatives watched…or watched baseball. No longer.

On principle, yet another beloved American sport has become a new front in the culture war that’s tearing our nation apart. It began with the NFL and a kneeling protest by a certain Castro-apologist, and now it’s spread like wildfire to practically every aspect of American life. Many sporting events used to be where Americans of all political persuasions came together to set aside differences and just enjoy a good time. Think World War II. Who could think that having overpriced stale hot dogs and flat beer while sitting out in the sunshine cheering your team would be controversial? Until a few years ago, such an idea was laughable.

But now, the disease that is wokeness has made even this impossible. Kneeling during the national anthem, wearing Black Lives Matter T-Shirts, and preaching thinly-disguised progressive liberal propaganda is all well and good from a free speech standpoint. The problem is that most Americans, liberal and conservative, used to go to games to take a break from that sort of thing; nowadays they can’t even enjoy baseball without such material being shoved in their faces, removing any illusion of sports as a healing activity.

The economic consequences are just as, if not more, devastating. In its knee-jerk decision to move the All-Star game out of Atlanta, the economy of a major U.S. city that is still recovering from the coronavirus pandemic will suffer. According to reports, Atlanta is expected to lose roughly $100 million from the All-Star game. Even Her Royal Highness Stacey Abrams had sense enough to beg MLB not to remove the game, for all the good it did. This is what happens when you lose control of a movement you helped create.

Think of all the vendors, restaurants, bars, hotels, parking attendants and custodial staff who are going to feel empty wallets thanks to MLB’s dumb decision. No amount of woke posturing from the mob, no amount of pontificating from CEO’s too scared to stand up to liberal activists can compensate for how much these folks are going to suffer. And it’s all because of a skewed narrative that was promoted by a media that long ago lost its soul or integrity with such matters.

This is not about conservatives or liberal anymore. Many of those aforementioned Atlanta business owners probably voted for Joe Biden last November based on their location. But that doesn’t matter to the demented Cult of the Woke; all that matters is making their point, regardless of who gets hurt. It’s the same stupid mentality we saw last summer, when hundreds of Americans who don’t have a single racist bone in their bodies felt the rage of the so-called “anti-racist” mobs that tore across America’s cities. Dumb.

Major League Baseball should have known better, but apparently they think it’s okay to punish a major liberal city because the rest of Georgia isn’t liberal enough. If this is how they plan to treat voters who don’t fall in line with the activist class, then all voters, not just conservatives, should treat MLB with the same contempt.

Until America’s sports leagues come to their senses and stand up to the shallow Cult of Woke, no American should give them a dime of their hard-earned money ever again.

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