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6th Paul Revere Lantern - September 16, 2022

​I’m writing the Paul Revere Lantern to you and other grassroots conservative leaders to give ideas, information, material, and encouragement for you to provide the energy and leadership that’s missing from most national Republicans.

When I pioneered political direct mail/marketing for conservatives in the 1960s-1970s, Big Media was biased against conservatives. Of course, today the bias is far, far worse. However, the new and alternative media (mail, talk radio, cable TV, the Internet) has allowed us conservatives to bypass Big Media and go right into our fellow Americans homes and BRAND the Democrats with the message that they want to turn America into a socialist/Marxist country.

YOU are the leader you and America needs. Your leadership can take many forms, including using new and alternative media to forward articles, videos, emails, eBooks, etc. to your family, friends, neighbors, and others that you receive from these Paul Revere Lantern emails. You can blog, tweet, retweet, have a podcast, run for public office, become active and a leader in the Republican Party, volunteer for a key role in a conservative organization or a political campaign, etc., etc.

Why is this needed? Because Big Media and the leadership of every other major institution in America has signed on to the socialist/Marxist agenda. If conservatives like you don’t help educate your family, friends, neighbors, and others, they won’t learn the truth that national Democrats are ANTI: God, America, police, and FOR: open borders, indoctrination of school children, and are corrupt, elite socialists.


TO: Grassroots Conservative Leaders

FROM: Richard A. Viguerie

DATE: September 16, 2022

RE: 6th Paul Revere Lantern

SUBJECT: Conservatives Go on Offense—Democrats are Abortion Extremists Killing Babies up to the Moment of Birth

“First you win the argument, then you win the vote.” - Margaret Thatcher

A very sacred human privilege and duty, propagating our own species and raising them to be fine human beings, has been reduced to a political wedge issue with politicians pandering to voters regarding who should give birth—and when and how, or not.

If conservatives are going to protect the lives of the unborn in America, we must keep the voters’ attention on the realities of the voiceless pre-born babies and the brutality they suffer in each and every attempt by the Democrats to kill them.

Conservatives MUST go head-to-head with baby killing Democrats on abortion. Do not hesitate, kowtow, or try to explain our positions. Attack! Attack! Attack!

Truly, if we have to sit there and explain our position(s) on abortion while Democrats attack us, we are already losing.

The GOP is as Feckless on Abortion Realities as Democrats are Savage (Talking Points Alert!)

When spineless Republican consultants advise candidates to avoid the abortion issue while on the campaign trail, we conservatives must rise up and demand they discuss this foundational aspect of our society—how we treat those most vulnerable. When their Democrat opponents attempt to fire away on “choice” and “rights” we must urge them to boldly discuss scientific recognition of fetal pain, the realities of these always-violent abortion procedures, the women who feel they have no other choice but to abort for financial reasons—and the regret they live with until the day they die.

These are the topics that “the abortion debate” must steer toward if we are going to continue to save lives and start to really win elections. Candidates and conservative influencers should feel emboldened to address the proverbial elephant in the room regarding abortion as a political issue: selling aborted baby parts has been big business for a very long time. Perhaps this is the real reason Democrats peddle abortion so hard—they are becoming rich due to this blood sport!

Abortion is an extremely barbaric act that has been tolerated in our so-called “polite society” for too long. Sure, there are minor girls who are impregnated by adult abusers—and those abusers want nothing more than to cover their tracks. Removing parental consent for abortion on a minor protects pedophiles. We must insist on “no exceptions” with regards to parental notification on such a major, life-changing event for a minor girl.

Hit the Abortion Issue Directly and Fearlessly—and Win

Avoiding these tough conversations going into the 2022 midterm elections is a prescription to lose. And yet we have the numbers on OUR side on this issue. It is a fact that most Americans do not approve of abortion in the second or third trimester of a pregnancy. They do not endorse abortion as a means of birth control. Democrats, no matter how they try, are having a hard time making the case for tearing unborn babies apart limb by limb with wild abandon—when we call it what it is!

Republican leaders desperately want to avoid discussing abortion at all costs. Why don’t we ask them why? Why are they not on the side of most Americans? It is not an extreme position to look at a 3D ultrasound and say, “That is an innocent human baby with innate worth.”

It is an extreme position to say, “Let’s let everyone murder their unborn children with impunity for a convenient end to an unplanned pregnancy.” It is even more extreme to attack that child and mark him or her for death as it is in the process of being born—or even after he or she is born. It is not just extreme to believe this is acceptable, it is the height of savagery. Such bloodletting has no place in civilized society.

Conservative leaders are not doing a consistently great job at attacking the Democrats as abortion extremists, so grassroots conservatives themselves need to step up and be leaders who strongly urge their GOP candidates to take this exact aggressive stand.

It is Your Moral Imperative to Always Take a Stand for Life

I feel like I should be writing (cowardly) candidates’ talking points on this issue. For too many years, we have tolerated the wholesale slaughter of generations. Standing up for the voiceless in this instance is the definition of fearless compassion, and to insist upon their “termination” is the definition of evil. But what is worse than stumping for abortion is to say nothing, especially when you are in an influential position or are seeking one. To say nothing is to be lukewarm on a life and death issue. The person who says nothing on the topic of abortion is the worst of them all.

It is a moral imperative for all conservatives and Americans of conscience to do everything they can in their circles of influence to convey the realities of abortion and the brutal extremism of today’s Democrats—even the so-called Catholic Democrats—on this issue.

Act Now. No Excuses.

Go forth and boldly call the people that need your personal phone call on this issue. Write those letters. Post those opinion pieces. Insist upon boldness with your Republican candidates. Twist those consultant arms. Call those radio shows. Buy those TV ads. Speak up at those meetings. Record those podcasts. Share THIS information. Forward this entire memo. Meet with your neighbors. Save America!

Paul Revere Lantern and its weekly reports exist so you will have easy access to well-researched, shareable material on tough but important issues like this one.

We urge you to take action on the abortion crisis in these last few days leading up to the November election. We must change hearts and minds while helping women and girls in perilous situations. Do not let the Democrats run from this issue or paint us as the extreme ones.

Remember: boldness, always boldness.

P.S. I’m sending the Paul Revere Lantern to 400,000 grassroots conservatives each week. However, in order to reach 100,000,000 voters 5 days a week with 15-20 new conservative news stories that the Big Media has kept from them, we’ll need to increase the number of conservatives receiving our daily Paul Revere Lantern to 5,000,000.

However, it will cost $8,700,000, and I will need your help.

Some can give a lot, others much less. But whatever you send will make a difference. No other conservative organization is doing what we’re doing. If we don’t raise the $8,700,000, tens of millions of voters won’t hear the truth before voting.

This project can help elect 5-10 more conservative U.S. House members, and several more U.S. Senators, governors, and hundreds of state legislators in tight races.

Click here to help us raise $8,700,000 to get hundreds of conservative articles, videos, eBooks, emails, blogs, podcasts, etc. each day to 50,000,000 - 100,000,000 voters.

Because Paul Revere Lantern is a project of FedUp PAC, an independent expenditure PAC, we can accept donations of any amount, including corporate contributions.

​Paid for by FedUp PAC. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman • P.O. Box 1370, Manassas, VA 20108

FedUp PAC is an Independent Expenditure political action committee in support of electing a conservative Republican Congress and President. Because FedUp PAC works to BRAND Democrats as anti-God, anti-America, anti-police, open borders, school children indoctrination, corrupt, elite socialists, and elect conservatives -- donations are not tax deductible for income tax purposes FedUp PAC can accept unlimited-size donations as well as corporate donations.

Contributions may be used to cover costs of communications, compliance, administration, and fundraising for FedUp PAC's projects to achieve a governing constitutional conservative majority.

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