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Conservative All Star Gov. Kevin Stitt Axes PBS Funding Over 'really problematic' LGBTQ Content

Lots of Republicans campaign against spending taxpayer dollars on the Far Left propaganda spewed by the Public Broadcasting Service, but few of them ever actually step up to take away the tax dollars.

One principled limited government constitutional conservative who was willing to stand in the breach and end the use of public broadcasting dollars for the LGBTQ grooming of children is Oklahoma’s conservative all-star Governor Kevin Stitt.

Gov. Stitt vetoed a bill last week that would have funded operations of the state's PBS station, Oklahoma Educational Television Authority (OETA), through 2026, because state tax dollars were being used to groom young children.

"OETA, to us, is an outdated system. You know, the big, big question is why are we spending taxpayer dollars to prop up or compete with the private sector and run television stations? And then when you go through all of the programing that's happening and the indoctrination and over-sexualization of our children, it's just really problematic, and it doesn't line up with Oklahoma values," Stitt told Fox News Digital.

Supporters of the Far Left tax-supported broadcaster claim the state PBS network will cease operations this year, depriving children of such classic entertainment as "Sesame Street," "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood," and "Clifford The Big Red Dog."

However, those programs mask a much more sinister line up of programing aimed at children, including a segment of "Let's Learn" in which a children’s book titled "The Hips on the Drag Queen Go Swish, Swish, Swish" is read by someone called Lil Miss Hot Mess. Click here to see a New York Post clip and decide for yourself if you want your tax dollars used to expose children to Lil Hot Mess and his transgender poison.

The governor’s office also pointed to a "PBS Newshour" feature on parents who support the mutilation of children through “gender reassignment” surgery and puberty blockers, a gay character in "Work It Out Wombats" which airs on OETA, PBS Kids’ "Clifford the Big Red Dog" introducing LGBTQ characters, a plethora of Pride Month programming on OETA, a special about a town of Christians and drag queens who "step into the spotlight to dismantle stereotypes," and a same-sex wedding featured on PBS Kids’ "Odd Squad."

"When you think about educating kids, let's teach them to read and their numbers and counting and letters and those kind of things," Gov. Stitt said. “And then when you go through all of the programming that’s happening and the indoctrination and over-sexualization of our children, it’s just really problematic, and it doesn’t line up with Oklahoma values.”

Stitt said that if OETA programming is so popular, it could easily be picked up by CBS, NBC, ABC or any other option that doesn’t require taxpayer dollars to stay afloat. The Republican governor believes Oklahoma tax dollars would be better off elsewhere.

"Oklahoma taxpayers are going, ‘Hey, hang on, time out for just a second. That's not my values,’" he said. "I'm just tired of using taxpayer dollars for some person's agenda. I represent the taxpayers."

Stitt’s push to defund the statewide PBS station came as he also signed a bill banning sex reassignment procedures for minors in his state. Due to Stitt’s veto, OETA is set to cease operations this year — unless the state legislature can override his veto. Oklahoma state legislators may be contacted through this link, we urge CHQ readers and friends to contact Oklahoma state legislators to urge them to vote NO on any effort to override Governor Kevin Stitt’s veto of the use of PBS funds to groom children in the Sooner State. And once you have contacted legislators in Oklahoma about ending the use of taxpayer dollars to groom children through public broadcasting programing, start a campaign in your home state to do the same.

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