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Communist China’s Contempt for America

America has earned China’s contempt by meekly submitting to, accepting, and allowing the

Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to wage unrestricted warfare on the United States with no serious consequences.

CCP’s actions include:

  1. Theft of intellectual, industrial, and personal data on a scale unmatched in history.

  2. Poisoning of America through fentanyl and the Wuhan virus (COVID-19).

  3. Contamination of social fabric with TikTok and other social media platforms.

  4. Corruption of leaders in politics, Wall Street, industry, academia, media, and Hollywood.


China has employed cyber espionage to “cheat and steal on a massive scale,” said FBI Director Christopher Wray. Its hacking program is larger than that of all other nations combined. No industry or organization with trade secrets is safe. Examples of theft include digging up in American farmlands genetically modified seeds that cost billions to develop and the theft of blade coating technology used in gas turbines central to military jet engines. CCP’s foreign minister Zhao Lijian said Mr. Wray was “smearing China” and had a “Cold War Mentality.”


Waging war without engaging in kinetic actions is a fundamental concept of Sun Tzu’s “Art of War.” The ancient book is the blueprint for CCP actions. What better way to win a war without shooting than by poisoning the enemy? Over 100,000 Americans died last year from fentanyl/opioids manufactured and distributed under CCP control. Peter Schweizher’s “Blood Money” describes in detail the malign CCP actions.


And lest we forget, the CCP unleashed the Wuhan Virus (COVID-19) upon the world, causing millions of deaths. Despite CCP denial, the overwhelming evidence points to the virus originating in a joint civilian/military lab in Wuhan, China, developing “gain of function” pathogens partially funded with U.S. tax dollars. No shots were fired, yet millions died; children’s development was arrested, and businesses were impoverished.



TikTok and other social media controlled by the CCP are contaminating American culture and values. A Harvard youth poll found that young Americans lack confidence in democracy and are fearful of civil war. Other issues include fear of climate change, the effects of COVID-19, and a sense of hopelessness. The U.S. military can not meet recruitment goals due to the lack of, and ineligibility, of volunteers.


TikTok algorithms lead users down rabbit holes promoting CCP policies and denigrating American civilization. An estimated 170 million Americans, including President Biden, use TikTok, even though U.S. intelligence leaders describe TikTok as a national security threat.



American elite leaders, many with Ivy League connections, have enriched themselves through deals with CCP entities. The Biden family has received millions of dollars from CCP entities.  Elaine Chao, former Secretary of Transportation under Trump and wife of Senate minority leader Mitch McConnel, has extensive ties to the CCP through her family’s shipping business.


Wall Street firms, such as BlackRock Investments, which has over $10 trillion under management, have financed CCP military complex industries. Walt Disney submits to CCP censorship. Industries give trade secrets for access to the Chinese market. Academia sells its soul for money by accepting 300,000 Chinese and Middle Eastern students.



Democracies usually deserve the government they get, and America is really getting it from the CCP. Our “green energy” policy of EVs, lithium batteries, solar, and wind power is enriching China and impoverishing America. Wall Street is getting rich by financing China, and Main Street is getting poor. Terrorism is on the rise, and democracy is on the decline. Chinese spy balloons intrude on American airspace. South China Sea islands and atolls are militarized, and freedom of the seas is threatened.


  1. Recognize the CCP has declared “unrestricted warfare” on America.

  2. Reciprocity should be the foundation for policy with the CCP. If Americans can not operate in China, then the Chinese should not be able to operate in America.

  3. International relations should be based on American interests. If a country/organization is inimical to America, then terminate financial support---no funding for UNRWA, Hamas, or PLO.

  4. Invest in the U.S. military and the military-industrial complex.

Peace Through Strength!

Author Laurence F. Sanford is a veteran of the United States Navy and the Central Intelligence Agency and now serves as Senior Analyst for the American Security Council Foundation. Please support ASCF’s education efforts by donating to the American Security Council Foundation at

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