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Biden Title IX Plan Endangers Girls

A high school girls basketball game ended in a forfeit at halftime after three girls suffered injuries in a match-up against a team that includes a male player who is six-feet tall and has

facial hair reported the Daily Wire.

The coach of the Massachusetts high school team, Collegiate Charter School of Lowell, ended the game early against KIPP Academy after numerous injuries were incurred by the female players. “Once the third was injured, the remaining five expressed concern to him about continuing to play,” a release from the school stated. “The players feared getting injured and not being able to compete in the playoffs.”

 The controversy over biological males playing in girls sports gained further energy last week in New Hampshire where a new record was set in the girls’ high jump competition. Maelle Jacques succeeded in jumping 5’1”, breaking the previous female record by a full inch (1). But the athletic accomplishment was overshadowed by the fact that Jacques is a biological male who now identifies as transgender.


Now, a new poll of 1,600 persons reveals a majority of registered voters across the political spectrum now support state laws that would require children to wait until age 18 before they can receive transgender treatments: Republicans: 73%; Independents: 71%; and Democrats: 61%. (2)


Similar reports have become commonplace for a range of concerns related to Title IX, the federal sex discrimination law: Due process for falsely accused male students (3), gender transitioning of underage minors (4), pronoun mandates (5), campus free speech (6), and more.


The uproar springs from a controversial 2022 Department of Education proposal to change the definition of sex to include “gender identity” (7). The Title IX plan has faced strong opposition across the country:


Numerous attorneys general and federal lawmakers issued statements of opposition (8).

25 Republican governors called on the Biden administration to withdraw its proposed changes to Title IX. (9)

Nearly 60 political candidates signed a Pledge to “Protect Schools, Children, and Families from the Federal Title IX Plan” (10)


In addition, 23 states have banned gender transitioning among children (11), 10 states outlawed pronoun mandates (12), and 23 states enacted laws to protect women’s sports from transgender athletes (13).


On February 2, the Department of Education forwarded its controversial regulation to the federal Office for Management and Budget for final approval.


SAVE is urging the American public to speak out in strong opposition to the Biden Title IX plan. We invite you to contact the Office for Management and Budget to politely express your concerns. For details how to schedule a meeting, visit:




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