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Biden’s War On Israel

The weekend attack on Israel by Arab fighters has often been described as a “proxy war”

between Israel and Iran – with Iran being the assumed paymaster and director of the proxy forces attacking Israel.

Given the precarious state of Iran’s economy, where did the money to fund what amounted to a massive, combined arms campaign against Israel really come from?

It came from the United States.

More particularly it is the fruit of longstanding Obama – Biden policies to end terrorism-related sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran and bring the pariah state – and its oil – back into the world economy.

Obama’s nuclear weapon’s deal with Iran, the midnight delivery of pallets of cash, and the loosening of sanctions (later repudiated by President Trump) was merely step one. More recently, the Biden administration entered into what amounted to a ransom agreement with the world’s #1 sponsor of terrorism to trade captives, and $6 billion in American cash, with Iran.

The $6 billion was a direct cash infusion into the Iranian war chest that bore tragic results in Israel last weekend.

But that wasn’t the Biden administration’s only direct cash infusion into the forces bent on the destruction of Israel and the genocide of the Jewish people.

The main axis of the weekend attack was from the Gaza Strip administered by Hamas, a principal Iranian terrorist proxy, and the recent recipient of some $75 million in American aid released by Joe Biden.

However, those two cash infusions may not be the largest tranches of terrorism funding transferred from the Biden government to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Communist China is Iran’s most important trading partner, keeping its economy afloat by ignoring sanctions against the Islamic Republic and making billions of dollars of oil purchases.

And who has allowed Iran and Communist China to flout the sanctions and exchange billions of dollars destined for Hamas and its other terrorist proxies?

Joe Biden.

That American dollars transferred to Iran would go straight to funding attacks on Israel cannot have been a surprise to anyone in the Biden administration. After all terrorism, through Hamas, and its Lebanon-based counterpart Hezbollah, are arguably Iran’s most successful exports.

In light of the weekend attacks on Israel, it now appears that Joe Biden’s policies are not merely the errors of a bungler who, as former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates put it, has "been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades," they are a complete betrayal of our traditional ally Israel in favor of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

As we have explained on numerous occasions, given that Iran has declared war on America and the West, whether we wish it, or not, we are in a war with the Islamic Republic, and whether we wish it, or not, one of the principal battlefields in that war is Israel.

For those who refuse to admit Iran is at war with us, the litany of Iranian attacks against the United States, from taking the American Embassy personnel hostage, to the bombing of the Beirut Marine barracks, to the bombing of the Khobar Towers in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, to Iranian support for the 9/11 hijackers, to attacks on American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, to plotting terrorism on American soil are proof of the old military adage that in the conduct of any war the enemy always has a vote, and Iran’s theocratic leaders long ago voted to be at war with the United States.

Iranian political Islam is the existential enemy of the Judeo-Christian West. The only way to defeat it is to drop the fiction that “Islam is a religion of peace,” and that the Islamic Republic of Iran is just another nation-state to be negotiated with, in favor of using all our national power to undermine and eventually destroy Sharia-supremacism and Iranian “Absolute Wilayat al-Faqih” (Guardianship of the Jurist).

There can be no negotiation with an enemy who defines victory as the annihilation of your people and the obliteration of your culture. There can be only one winner of this war, supporting Israel against the Islamic Republic of Iran and its allies Hamas and Hezbollah helps make sure that one winner is us.

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