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Biden’s Enemy Within Is Us

If you don’t subscribe to Frank Gaffney’s Secure Freedom Minute we urge you to do so, because it is one of the best and most succinct commentaries on what’s going on in the national security world, and yesterday’s commentary really highlighted today’s most serious threat to constitutional liberty.

Said Mr. Gaffney:

Yesterday, while ostensibly promoting voting rights, Joe Biden declared war on people he explicitly described as domestic enemies.

He was not talking about the Marxists and Islamists who have made no secret of their desire to “fundamentally transform” America, replacing via stolen elections or through color revolutions our constitutional Republic with the form of totalitarian government they respectively favor.

Such actual enemies are, of course, part of Biden’s base. Instead, he’s targeting Americans who share: a love of God and the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution; a commitment to election integrity; and a reluctance to be vaccinated with increasingly ineffective, and even harmful, so-called “vaccines.”

It’s not treason to oppose Mr. Biden’s desperate bid to enact legislation that would impose permanently and nationwide the fraud-conducive voting arrangements that enabled his election. And Americans who do so are not the enemy.

It would be easy to excuse Biden’s rant as “just politics” and no doubt that’s what the establishment media will do – and we include a lot of what we call “establishment conservatives” in that category.

However, when you look at that speech in the larger context of what Joe Biden and the radical Leftists in his administration are doing it is clear Mr. Gaffney is right, and as we have said many times before, we are at a dangerous point in a spiral toward civil war.

The Biden Pentagon will say it is all a coincidence and has nothing to do with the anniversary of the January 6, 2021 riot at the U.S. Capitol, but consider that just this past week it was announced American Special Forces candidates will participate in an annual two-week training exercise code named “Robin Sage” in which they will practice overthrowing an “illegitimate government.”

The UK’s Daily Mail has an excellent article on the upcoming “Robin Sage” in which a retired service member argued “the most important aspect of the training exercise is the hands-on lessons it provides about Special Forces operations and the prevention of a resistance or insurgent force taking power.”

Given the fact that it is the policy of the United States not to interfere in the domestic politics of other countries, what eventuality could the Army be practicing for? It wouldn’t be unreasonable to suspect they are just practicing adding a kinetic element to what the FBI and CIA did to overthrow Trump.

What’s more, the announcement of this year’s “Robin Sage” exercise came just a week after the Department of Justice announced the creation of a new “domestic terrorism” unit as the Biden administration claimed it faces an “elevated threat from domestic violent extremists.”

But who are the “violent extremists” the Biden administration is worried about?

Maybe they are the “violent extremists” that Education Secretary Miguel Cardona created out of whole cloth when, according to a National School Boards Association official, he solicited the controversial letter from the NSBA last year that compared protesting parents to domestic terrorists.

The NSBA's Oct. 22 letter called for federal action to address hostilities toward school boards as possible acts of "domestic terrorism" and suggested using the Patriot Act against parents.

President Biden's Department of Justice relied on the NSBA letter in creating its own Oct. 4 memo directing the FBI and U.S. attorney's offices to investigate "threats of violence" at school board meetings in order to combat what it called a "disturbing trend" of harassment of school officials.

However, judging by the sentences handed out Biden is not interested in the violent extremists of ANTIFA and BLM, Marxists who have been burning down cities across America and openly espouse overthrowing the existing American constitutional government. Rather, the Biden administration is targeting those citizens who demand the government adhere to the Constitution.

To pursue those who support the Constitution, as opposed to those who wish to overthrow it, Katie Benner of the New York Times reported the Justice Department is creating a prosecutorial domestic terrorism unit, the head of the department’s national security division, Matthew G. Olsen, said in testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

In his frightening testimony Mr. Olsen explained that the number of FBI investigations of suspects accused of “domestic extremism” has more than doubled since the spring of 2020. “The national security division has a counterterrorism team, Olsen added, but a group of lawyers will now be dedicated to the domestic threat and ensure that cases will be ‘handled properly and effectively coordinated’ across the agency and federal law enforcement.”

All of this puts us in mind of the findings of the Senate’s “Church Committee investigation” of the mid-1970s, which uncovered the fact that Presidents had been using national intelligence agencies to carry out constitutionally questionable domestic security operations.

The committee held a series of public hearings in September and October of 1975 to educate the American public about the “unlawful or improper conduct” of the intelligence community, highlighting a few carefully selected cases of misconduct.

These hearings examined a CIA biological agents program, a White House domestic surveillance program, IRS intelligence activities, and the FBI’s program to disrupt the civil rights and anti-Vietnam War movements. These nationally televised events offered the American public an opportunity to learn about the secret operations conducted for decades by U.S. intelligence agencies.

The Church Committee investigated and identified a wide range of intelligence abuses by federal agencies, including the CIA, FBI, Internal Revenue Service, and National Security Agency.

In particular, the Committee focused on the FBI’s long-running program of “covert action designed to disrupt and discredit the activities of groups and individuals deemed a threat to the social order,” known as COINTELPRO. The FBI included among the program’s many targets organizations such as the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the anti-Vietnam War movement, and individuals such as Martin Luther King, Jr., as well as local, state, and federal elected officials.

After reviewing these secret operations going back to at least the Franklin Delano Roosevelt administration, the final Church Committee report concluded that “Intelligence agencies have undermined the constitutional rights of citizens primarily because checks and balances designed by the framers of the Constitution to assure accountability have not been applied,” and recommended that more congressional oversight was the cure for the government’s unconstitutional actions.

Today, the cancer identified by the Church Committee has metastasized to engulf those who were supposed to exercise and apply the checks and balances the Framers designed to protect the constitutional rights of citizens: The Democrat majority in Congress has joined with President Biden and executive branch intelligence agencies to use the congressional oversight committees to leak information about political opponents, to encourage the executive branch intelligence agencies to target their political opponents and to conduct the kind of operations the Church Committee criticized not in secret, but in full public view with the support of a sympathetic media.

We can only hope that in 2022 Republicans take the majority in at least one house of Congress and that they launch their own version of the Church Committee to investigate, expose and correct the abuses Biden and his Democrat congressional allies are so brazenly undertaking.

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