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Assault on America, Day 700: Course changes and new identities, same old Democrats underneath

Wait a second -- if Joe Biden won the election, why are Democrats trying to change course?

The course correction. The urban dictionary defines the term as, “To correct something along the way – as in contrary to stopping in order to make something work better. As a process is happening, you would realize improvements are needed so you would make improvement during the process without restarting from the beginning.”

Country legend Alan Jackson wrote about the concept in his song, “I wish I could back up (and start all over)”. A lot of times we wish there was such a thing as time travel where we could magically return to a specific point in history and do it all again -- this time, the right way. Many Americans are going through a similar thought process these days, which really just amounts to a gigantic course correction.

Among the many fascinating developments since America voted a month ago has been observing the Democrats’ reaction to “winning.” Whereas prevailing in something as substantial and critically important as the 2020 presidential election would normally be greeted by much partying, a hefty number of hangovers (from too much revelry) and a healthy dose of victory lap taking, instead Democrats are acting as though everything is wrong and in need of correction.

This isn’t referring to the Trump legal team’s ongoing efforts to get to the bottom of the obvious voter fraud in several key states four weeks ago. As the president himself said, the facts are on his side but time most definitely is not. It will likely take months -- or years -- to fully realize what happened, and by that time, it’ll be too late to make a different type of political course correction. So, we’ll focus on the internal struggle Democrats are subjecting themselves to instead.

Try hard not to laugh. The bellyaching is from people who supposedly won the election to seat doofus Joe Biden in the president’s chair. Jonathan Easley reported at The Hill, “Democrats are alarmed after [November]’s elections revealed soft spots among non-college-educated and Latino voters and are skeptical that they’ll consistently be able to rely on turnout from affluent white suburbanites who rejected Trump.

“With Trump out of office, some Democrats say the party should fill the void of economic populism he’ll be leaving behind by aiming their policies and rhetoric at lifting working-class Americans who have felt ignored by Washington.

“And they feel a renewed urgency to build out a centralized campaign infrastructure. They’re calling on President-elect Joe Biden to work on rebuilding the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and for party operatives to train their focus on winning state legislative races that Republicans have dominated.”

It's somewhat ironic that Easley’s piece was titled, “Democrats seek new identity in post-Trump era” because for decades, the liberal party has tried desperately to mask its own character -- or lack thereof. Democrats are much more figurehead dependent than Republicans, and when they don’t have a defining leader like Bill Clinton or Barack Obama to show them the way, they wander around aimlessly in search of the nearest politically correct cause and/or constituency willing to give them attention and shelter.

By all appearances, this year Democrats seized on what they speculated was a wave of anti-Donald Trump voters. Perhaps through the transitive property, Democrats reasoned they’d win everywhere and by big margins. It worked like this: If Democrats hated Trump, and a majority of voters did too (according to them), then voters would naturally love Democrats, right? This was the basis of their pitch for the 2020 election. Using the Chinese Communist Party (CCP, or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus as a crutch, liberals and socialists went to extremes to diss Trump and kick to the side any discussion of their own views.

Now they’re looking for a course correction before they even launch their Biden boat. Leave it to a bunch of liberals to be so confused.

It actually isn’t surprising that Democrats are so disoriented, because there’s simply not much to them to begin with. They’re kind of like the ultimate bandwagon jumpers. As an example, if an African-American is shot by the police (only; they don’t care, at all, about black on black crime) in city X and Black Lives Matter gets people out in the street screaming about racism, Democrats are for them. Or if there’s a hurricane or a tornado in state Y and a “climate activist” whips up a lot of hot air about “science” and “climate change,” then Democrats get behind this, too.

Democrats have no core beliefs, just movements -- and they’re becoming increasingly alarmed that some traditionally Democrat voter blocs are starting to grow a conscience and question why their forebears followed party leaders like zombies in search of brains to consume. It’s not about the policies they hope to enact, it’s the power of being able to do what they please. Democrats don’t care a lick about these people and they’re much happier being the party of the swampy elites and powerful financial and corporate interests.

The rest are suckers merely serving as vote fodder for the rulers. Some people enjoy being serfs and comfort themselves with the notion they’re “doing good” when in reality they’re akin to squirrels squashed under the tracks of a tank.

Why will Democrats never get the working class votes back? Because they’ve gone out of their way to insult these people in every manner possible. Particularly toxic are the persistent charges of racism and sexism and attacks on their belief systems. From religion and faith to firearms under the Second Amendment, Democrats aren’t about to change course and suddenly open themselves up to ways to protect individual rights. Why would they want the racist rubes in the backwoods to have more guns?

Democrat consultants in Easley’s story surmised that party candidates can woo voters with healthcare proposals and kitchen table concerns that real people allegedly care about. The “brains” also speculated that Democrat policies are too intricate and specific to comprehend for the average person. Trump’s slogan (Make America Great Again) fit onto a hat. Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All can’t be synopsized so easily.

Here’s thinking that dumbing down the Democrat agenda wouldn’t make much of a difference with average people. Donald Trump won tens of millions of political converts because he believed in his promises and kept them. Trump is also a natural born leader. As amply shown by the disorganized scrum that was the Democrat primaries, the party doesn’t have a true standard-bearer. Would a course change lead them to the promised land? No way.

Democrats can’t agree on what they believe, so how can they craft a new identity?

The Democrat primary debates offered keen insight into what’s truly wrong with the party. The first and most glaring deficiency was a complete lack of recognizable leadership on any issue. All of them were busy trying to establish themselves on healthcare, for example, but none of them succeeded. At practically every candidate forum the participants spent the better part of an hour discussing their various proposals.

Question: If Obamacare solved the original dilemma, why were they attempting to alter or fix it? Is there a single person in America who could verify the candidates’ crazy numbers? Did voters recognize the back-and-forth as a naked power grab?

If ever there was a nominating cycle that proved the notion that money ain’t everything, it was this year’s Democrat process. Billionaires Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg both dumped hundreds of millions into their respective candidacies and didn’t come away with anything. These two personality-less drones must’ve bet that they could follow Trump’s blueprint to win the high office. But they didn’t appeal to the man on the street who cares more about low gas prices and not dishing out tax money to pay off the student debt of spoiled rich kids.

Democrats won’t ever win back centrist/populist voters until they ditch their attachment to ill-defined social causes that most people either despise or don’t care about. Polls show average people are a lot less attached to abortion on demand than Democrats seem to believe; “climate change” always ranks low on the list of issues folks are worried about; and citizens don’t limit themselves with university-driven notions of white guilt or racism and slavery reparations. And they like law enforcement and want the nation’s immigration laws enforced.

Joe Biden won the Democrat nomination because he was seen as a “moderate” and is recognizable, not because he embodies any set of policy improvements. Democrats chose the candidate who offended the least amount of people and because he was seen as the most electable against Trump. Now that it looks like Biden will actually have to do something, they’ll develop severe buyer’s remorse. Kamala Harris tagged along and fit the Democrats’ limited demographic profile as a vice presidential candidate. But what happens when she’s forced to represent the party’s ideological direction?

Lastly, how would Democrats ever hope to compete better on the state and local level? Democrats complain -- again -- that Republicans beat them like drums practically everywhere not located in a city. But wasn’t Eric Holder’s group (with a big push from Barack Obama), the NDRC, specifically targeted towards winning local races so as to break purported Republican gerrymanders and therefore give Democrats a competitive edge?

From the NDRC website: “The National Democratic Redistricting Committee, chaired by the 82nd Attorney General of the United States Eric H. Holder, Jr., is the first-ever strategic hub for a comprehensive redistricting strategy. With the support of former President Barack Obama, as well as key leaders around the country, the NDRC is attacking this problem from every angle to ensure the next round of redistricting is fair and that maps reflect the will of the voters. Together, we will rebuild a democracy where voters pick their politicians—not the other way around.”

Obama’s name is poison to a lot of voters. Still the media insists he’s so popular.

The fact is, voters did choose their politicians, they just weren’t Democrats. How many tens of millions did fat cat liberal donors pour into windmill chasing ventures like the NDRC? Democrats need a course correction alright, but the only thing that would work for them is to dump every party leader and start respecting the average person again.

Elevating Dr. Anthony Fauci to COVID-19 czar won’t help Democrats either

Needless to say, any Democrat new “identity” better not include a complete dependency on pinning the coronavirus pandemic on Donald Trump. Unfortunately for them, Dr. Anthony Fauci has become the face of the liberal “science” establishment’s hapless flailing for answers. One astute conservative believes Fauci owes parents and schoolchildren an apology.

Jessica Chasmar wrote at The Washington Times, “Sen. Rand Paul said Sunday that Dr. Anthony Fauci owes an apology to ‘every single parent and school-age child’ in the country after the White House Coronavirus Task Force member said getting children back in school should be a top priority.

“’Dr Fauci owes @RandPaul an apology,’ conservative activist Jack Posobiec tweeted. ‘No, he owes one to every single parent and school-age child in America,’ Mr. Paul, Kentucky Republican, responded.

“The comment comes after Dr. Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said earlier Sunday that ‘the default position should be to try as best as possible within reason to keep the children in school or to get them back to school.’”

It would help if Fauci could get his thoughts straight. And Paul’s suggestion to have him apologize to parents and kids is a good one. Those of us with school aged kids, which includes me, know how damaging the closures and lockdowns have been. The “policy makers” either don’t get it or don’t care. If they truly wanted to reach the Trump voters, Democrats should grab a slice of reality and get everything opened up. Today, if possible.

I wouldn’t count on it happening.

It's funny how liberals want to change course and adopt a new identity after (maybe) winning the presidential election this year. If they were so convinced that their issues got Joe Biden elected rather than fraud or mail-in voting, Democrats wouldn’t be seeking to woo back big chunks of their former coalition. With their current leadership, no amount of change could make a difference.

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