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Assault on America, Day 674: Dems & NeverTrump busted for theft of America’s elections integrity

Democrats and the media burglarized America’s institutions; Tuesday will go down in history as the day elections integrity died

I can’t honestly say I retained many of the concepts I was forced to commit to memory in law school almost thirty years ago, but one of them was the common law definition of burglary. I still hear my criminal law professor, F. Lagard Smith, speaking the words, “Burglary is the criminal offense of breaking and entering of a dwelling house, at night, with the intention of committing a felony, or to steal.” (Note: Not all thefts are felonies, hence the legal distinction.)

Through case law (mostly from old England), the class then proceeded to define each element of the crime, such as what “breaking and entering of a dwelling house” meant -- which was basically placing any part of one’s body onto another’s property, not just inside the structure itself. And a perpetrator wouldn’t even have to forcibly break a window or wall, either. The act of turning an unlocked doorknob was enough. And the intent part, well, that kind of takes care of itself.

Judging by the old standards, what took place with this week’s presidential election most definitely qualifies as a political burglary. The Democrats and the media definitely broke into the vote counting apparatus with the intention of committing a crime (conspiracy, fraud or misrepresentation). And needless to say, they’re bent on stealing the election from the decent, tax paying voting public as well.

The courts will ultimately decide whether they’ll be convicted, but the liberals certainly appear guilty. What’s taken place in several states across the country is tragic. They smashed into America’s vaunted institutions -- under the cover of darkness -- and robbed our trust in the validity of outcomes. And it’s more than just the corrupted officials running the operations, too; it’s the media’s blatant dismissal of real evidence of vote stealing shenanigans (boarding up observation windows?). How is any conservative to ever consider another election safe again?

Thankfully, there were a number of bright spots among the dreary events of Tuesday. Robert Stacy McCain wrote at The American Spectator, “[The] numbers matter, because all the weak, wussy, sold-out, backstabbing, open-borders turncoats of the GOP’s ‘Never Trump’ faction — Rick Wilson and that crowd of cheapjack swindlers — expected voters to repudiate Trump by a decisive margin. Instead, the president in his reelection campaign outperformed either of the two RINO losers that the Republican Party nominated against Obama. The ‘Never Trump’ contingent is finished, wiped out, forever discredited as pundits, analysts, or strategists to whom any conservative ought to pay heed. Block their accounts on Twitter and pretend they have ceased to exist…

“We still don’t know the final result, but what we do know should be encouraging for conservatives. Even if Biden is inaugurated as the next president, the Republican Party is still viable, and the potential of Trump-style ‘America First’ populism going forward is very promising. America is not doomed, and we still have a fighting chance to save our constitutional republic.”

Yes, we do know that much. I recall another truism from ol’ Professor F. Lagard Smith: “You know what you know, and you don’t know what you don’t know.” Imagine yourself as a young twenty-something law student trying to figure out what the heck the man was talking about. Smith made donkeys of us in class, too, requiring students to stand while he grilled us in Socratic fashion. If the media had done anything resembling the professor’s tough questioning to Grampa Joe Biden in the lead-up to the election, we wouldn’t be having this conversation today.

But McCain (he calls himself “The Other McCain”) is right. The overall elections results revealed that the Trump-led Republican party is more viable than it’s been in a long, long time. Trump got considerably more votes and a higher percentage than did John McCain and Mitt Romney, two candidates who navigated the campaign road by saying as little as possible about the issues conservatives truly care about, and ceding the political initiative to Barack Obama.

The party establishment controlled the ’08 and ’12 primaries and selected both of the nomination winners while purposely downplaying the role conservatism and populism played with the voters. Donald Trump changed the dynamic by concentrating on the issues that motivated Republicans rather than playing to the media-dominated narrative. McCain refused to press Obama on his ideological upbringing under Pastor Jeremiah Wright and his “God Damn America!” diatribes.

And Mitt Romney shied away from pushing Obama on the Benghazi episode and the administration’s targeting of Tea Party organizations by the IRS. Romney was too busy playing defense to make an effective case against a very beatable incumbent. In contrast, Trump used every tool at his disposal against Biden, and the voters responded.

From here on out, establishment Republican candidates can’t hide behind meaningless content-free platitudes. Thanks to Trump, the GOP now stands for something, and the new emphasis on results and moving the platform forward will survive regardless of the presidential race outcome. President Trump could still win the disputed states and the matter is likely to go on for weeks, if not longer. I would advise Trump not to concede under any circumstances. How’s that for borrowing from Crooked Hillary’s wisdom?

If America is ever to regain some semblance of elections integrity, these matters must be brought before the public. As it amply demonstrated the other night, Fox News can’t be counted on to deliver the message, either. “Fat face” Chris Stirewalt might as well be a Democrat controlled hack for all the insight he added to the polling analysis. Brit Hume and “Bush’s brain” Karl Rove were much more astute in their observations.

Everyone knows Juan Williams and Donna Brazile represent the liberal point-of-view on the purportedly “conservative” cable channel. So, what was the deal with the guy (Arnon Miskin) who was in charge of the decisions desk and his defense of non-calls in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and other states? And his early call of Arizona threw a wet blanket on what was a very promising evening. We still don’t know the true results in those places and it just gave Democrats an opening to accelerate the mail-in ballot fraud in the upper Midwest.

Debate will continue as to whether the biased coverage made a difference in the ultimate outcome, but conservatives’ confidence in the system suffered another blow. The calls -- or lack thereof -- in Georgia and North Carolina in particular just provide additional room for liberals to manufacture more votes. Here’s thinking there are a lot of automobile trunks stuffed with Democrat ballots without proper verification just waiting to tip the balance.

It will never be the same. There will be plenty of incentive in future elections to eliminate the widespread use of mail-in ballots and early voting. If nothing else results from this, Americans deserve to know the statewide winners by the next morning. As Professor Smith said, “you know what you know and you don’t know what you don’t know.” We can’t possibly know what we don’t know is going on in Democrat controlled states. It’s too fishy for comfort.

Requiem for NeverTrump -- will anyone miss them?

Another realization from the 2020 election is the complete and total eradication of the so-called Never Trump faction. All the complaining, griping, belly-aching and outright sabotage from people who used to call themselves conservatives and Republicans didn’t amount to a hill of beans on Tuesday. Joe Biden may have received the most ever votes for a presidential candidate, but Donald Trump certainly must now be the all-time leader in total votes for a Republican.

Think about what Trump overcame this year alone. There was Nancy Pelosi’s and Adam Schiff’s groundless impeachment witch hunt that was doomed to fail from day one; then there was the relentless slandering and smearing of Trump by the Democrat presidential candidates with the media obsessing over their every insult and accusation; then came COVID-19 and the pressure from “science” and the medical profession to shut down the economy; next was the massive wave of unemployment from citizens being thrown out of work; then George Floyd’s death at the hands of the Minneapolis police and the nation erupted in “peaceful protests” accompanied by burning buildings, shootings and general mayhem. Finally, there was the campaign where the incumbent president was shamed for holding rallies, lest he endanger the public.

Of course, there was the matter of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death and Trump’s having contracted the virus himself. It’s been a heck of a year.

The media ripped Trump every step of the way. And right alongside the most ambitious of the liberal pundits were the NeverTrumpers, the unprincipled castoffs who sniped from a distance, protected by paychecks from fat-cat Trump-hating donors and given a platform to speak by the CNN’s and MSNBC’s of the world. These malcontents maintained the “Republican” label just to make it look like they had credibility on the party’s mission.

Now that Trump will either no longer be in the White House or will be in his second and final term, the Never Trump people will have even less influence than ever before. Will they try to regain a foothold in Republican Party politics? Would any conservative be dumb enough to trust them within their hemisphere? Consultants are a dime a dozen these days, and Trump has drastically altered the direction of the GOP.

Tuesday’s election proved that the party now represents an entirely different type of American, namely the hard-working folks who honor tradition and values. The elite class has moved on to the Democrat faction where their credentials and diplomas earn more notice than in the party of economic success. Trump demonstrated that prosperous people don’t need government to do everything for them. These folks enjoy lower taxes, less regulation, religious liberty and politicians who fight for social issues such as the right to life.

What’s a NeverTrumper to do now? Liberal media outlets will have no use for GOP collaborators any longer. The Trump coalition will remain united, especially if the president (or former president) places himself front and center in the political conversation -- as you know he will. The anti-Trumpers won’t be needed any longer.

And they’ll receive the obscurity that they’ve so richly earned.

If Trump somehow loses, his legacy will still include helping the GOP at the state level

Everyone knows the “blue wave” didn’t develop the other night at the federal level. While it’s true that Grampa Joe Biden appears to be in the driver’s seat to gain the White House, Democrats fell short in just about every other respect. They lost seats in the House of Representatives; the Senate will almost certainly stay under GOP control, and liberals failed to make headway at the state level ahead of the all-too-important redistricting process to start next year.

It turns out a rising Trump tide floats all electoral boats. Ally Mutnick and Sabrina Rodriguez reported at Politico, “By Wednesday night, Democrats had not flipped a single statehouse chamber in its favor. And it remained completely blocked from the map-making process in several key states — including Texas, North Carolina and Florida, which could have a combined 82 congressional seats by 2022 — where the GOP retained control of the state legislatures.

“After months of record-breaking fundraising by their candidates and a constellation of outside groups, Democrats fell far short of their goals and failed to build upon their 2018 successes to capture state chambers they had been targeting for years. And they may have President Donald Trump to blame.

“’It’s clear that Trump isn’t an anchor for the Republican legislative candidates. He’s a buoy,’ said Christina Polizzi, a spokesperson for the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, on Wednesday. ‘He overperformed media expectations, Democratic and Republican expectations, and lifted legislative candidates with him.’”

This is yet another sign that the Republican party will not be returning to its pre-Trump sense of uselessness. Literally since the day Trump announced his political career, the “experts” have lectured that he was bad for the GOP at all levels. Those of us who’ve followed Trump’s career know differently. The president has put his party in much better position than his predecessor did his own -- and that man was supposedly destined to unite everyone. What a crock.

Future congresses will certainly reflect the new realities of Republican domination of the 2020 election. The fight still rages for the presidency, but any way you measure it, Donald Trump has done wonders for the GOP. Democrats may have broken into the vote counting process and possibly stole the top job, but they won’t get away with their political burglary.

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