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Assault on America, Day 667: Election 2020 -- Kens & Karens vs. Trump & Common Sense

If Joe Biden wins next week, Anthony Fauci alone will make U.S. COVID policy

Approach the average American voter and inform him or her that there’s a 79-year-old on the ballot this year and they probably won’t bat an eyelash, figuring you must be referring to the ancient 77-going-on-107-year-old Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden.

A handful of folks might sport a quizzical look and remark, “That’s funny, I didn’t know he really was that old.” Either way, the comment isn’t likely to cause much disagreement or lord forbid, an argument. Biden supporters probably wouldn’t get the joke either, since they neither care nor are bothered by a man who couldn’t even remember his opponent’s name the other day.

The 79-year-old I’m referring to is Dr. Anthony Fauci, who everyone knows has become the recognizable face of the United States government’s effort to battle the Chinese Communist Party (CCP, or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus this year. Ever since the plague reached American shores sometime in the early spring (or most likely earlier), information-starved citizens have looked to Fauci as the short in height (5’7”) but erudite representative of cold, hard science.

Add in his raspy voice and approachable, mostly sunny personality and Fauci has become the ultimate reluctant celebrity. If there had been Las Vegas betting on who would be the person most determinative of the outcome of the 2020 election, whoever placed a wager on Fauci being the decider deserves more than a couple million bucks. They should get a prize for best crystal ball forecast of all-time.

At any rate, though Fauci’s name won’t officially appear on any ballots next week, he’s still the one to watch, since so many of the hopelessly frightened and intimidated (translation: Biden voters) hedge on his every word. The anointed one (no, not Obama in this sense) recently said America won’t be returning to normal for a long, long time.

Anthony Leonardi reported at The Washington Examiner, “During a teleconference interview for the University of Melbourne, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases said that reopening the country to the way it was before the coronavirus pandemic will be a ‘gradual process’ that may mean limited activity for the next year.

“’I think it will be easily by the end of 2021 and perhaps even into the next year before we start having some semblances of normality,’ Fauci said. The health expert defined ‘normal’ as members of the public being able to attend movie theaters without fear of being infected with the virus and restaurants being able to open at 100% capacity.

“’I think one of the things that will be clear is that our sensitivity to the potential, devastating effects of a pandemic will be extraordinarily heightened,’ Fauci continued. ‘I don't think that we will have the normal way of interacting with each other, particularly in the sense of wearing masks, which I think will become very commonplace as it is in many countries in Asia even outside the context of a pandemic outbreak.’”

Apologies for the lengthy quote, but it’s important to soak up Fauci’s every word. Some out there in reader-land will nod along with the notion of putting off “normality” for at least another year. Note that the guru of viruses said it might not even end by Christmas of next year. Even supposing that every department store Santa Claus is given a true holiday this season, would the culture really support eliminating him entirely?

Not to get too far off course, but I’ve heard that some businesses are considering positioning Santa behind plexiglass so that kids can still see him and pass along their wish lists starting in a few weeks (typically right after Veterans Day). That’ll make for one heck of a photo memory, won’t it?

At any rate, Fauci, who has been off-base in his proclamations about as often as he’s been right, suggests that Americans should suppress their hopes and demands for liberty for months if not years longer. What these brainy advisory folks don’t get is it’s a lot more than just going to a movie theater or dining in a restaurant without wearing a piehole thong (thank you, Kurt Schlichter!) -- it’s about being able to congregate and socialize with others or practice your religion that makes people long for normalcy. That, and the ability to decide for yourself the risks involved with going out in public with exposed noses and mouths.

Essentially, Fauci is granting tacit approval from the scientific community to blue state governors and mayors and petty tyrants everywhere to keep everyone holed-up in their home environments until someone deems it safe to resume living. Let’s keep them meek as lambs and answering “yes sir, good guv!” to every decree. Good luck getting the nation’s police forces to enforce these mandates for another x number of months. The dang masks are already fostering brawls on airplanes. People are getting sick of them and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. If “normality” is really that far off, then society might not survive.

Since the police wouldn’t want to be bothered with every frantic report of some non-patriotic person intentionally disdaining masks, the Kens and Karens of each state would mobilize to crackdown on the insolent and disagreeable among us. It’s not enough to receive dirty looks if you itch your nose within sight of others, or in very Joe Biden-like fashion, cough into your hand. The arbiters of safety will act as counsel, witness, judge, jury and bailiff in their self-deputized role as savior of the planet.

What will it be like? Remember the scene in The Sound of Music where Rolf the Nazi Hitler youth (16-year-old Liesl’s love interest) blows his whistle alerting his fellow fascists where the Von Trapp family was hiding out? Well, if things go forward as they are, the Kens and Karens will lurk everywhere to shout “Lieutenant, they’re here!” on the non-mask wearers.

Keep in mind, the worldwide death toll from the virus is still less than 1.2 million (out of over 7.8 billion living, exhaling human beings), which basically equates to a rounding error within the scheme of things. 2020 will go down in antiquity as the time when mass hysteria gripped the entire globe over a flu bug. This isn’t even a war scenario much less a crucial point in history. Will anyone be writing about this a hundred years from now?

Yet the purveyors of fear use the pandemic as the ultimate political weapon to terrorize the innocent and unwary. Pollsters say the CCP virus will determine the winner of the election, and it won’t be Donald Trump, because a high percentage of voters swallow the baloney from non-elected paltry dictators like Fauci. It’s not that the good doctor isn’t a decent and honest man, he’s just swinging way above his weight class here. Fauci doesn’t make governing policy, does he?

What if a military leader let it be known that he thought a war would last indefinitely and the entire nation would be required to mobilize to fight it? Would the media give the order the same deference? Or does the president in his capacity as commander in chief deserve the final say-so?

Your quality of life in the indefinite future depends on next week’s election

It's not exactly rare for a politician to claim that your quality of life depends on his or her prevailing against an opponent. Pundits talk about “kitchen table issues” determining outcomes as though Americans actually sit down across from each other with mortgage statement in hand saying, “Gee, honey, we really should vote for the one who believes in lower taxes.”

People don’t act this way. Politics is something most folks discuss only when the occasion arises or around election day when everyone who lives in a swing state or district is bombarded with TV political ads. Unfortunately, most of the disaffected public doesn’t see a life or death scenario based on who wins or loses at the ballot box.

This year, however, there’s a definite difference. Joe Biden basically prophecies that people will die if President Trump is reelected, a dubious and outrageous assertion that isn’t provable in any case. The CCP virus vaccine will be released and people will either take it or they won’t. Herd immunity will develop or it won’t. The weeks and months will pass by and chances are, the pandemic will fade… slowly.

If Biden is elected, he’ll make sure to keep the most susceptible individuals afraid to the maximum extent possible. He’ll cower inside the White House as he’s done in his basement to reinforce the point. Instead of governing out front like a president should, he’ll make an appearance or two every so often for a scripted speech and don the biggest mask possible as if to say, “We’re in it together and I put this damn thing on a couple times a day too.”

If Dr. Fauci or the staff at the CDC recommend a national mask mandate, Biden will impose it. And accordingly, bars and restaurants will be severely curtailed or ordered closed. Houses of worship will remain shuttered, depriving believers of the opportunity and duty to participate in their religion. Public schools will stay locked up with students stuck with “virtual” learning where half of them are fidgeting and staring off into space without any in-person discipline from the teacher.

Parents will lose more work hours trying to manage their children’s education while earning their paycheck. Non-virus-related social problems will fester and explode.

Your quality of life will be controlled by the whims of an octogenarian (Fauci will turn 80 on Christmas Eve this year) who thinks it’s unsafe to mix together. Friendships will fade or disappear. Marriages will be destroyed. Alcohol and substance abuse will increase dramatically.

Oddly enough, reelecting President Trump means a middle ground. It means having an advocate for keeping things open and allowing people to make a living. And it means ensuring life is as “normal” as possible under the circumstances. Trump will combat the fearmongers and elites who shield themselves from reality and comfort each other by wearing masks at all times. The Kens and Karens will stay in their places with frowns on their faces.

Which America do you want to see prevail?

Quality of life doesn’t mean wearing a mask, it means enforcing the law

In a repeat of the violence, rioting, wanton looting and mayhem from this summer’s Black Lives Matter “peaceful protests,” Philadelphia erupted this week after a black man wielding a knife was shot and killed by police. Days of destruction and pilfering ensued. Democrats probably think they’ll benefit from Americans being reminded of which side they come down on.

As president, Donald Trump offered to help local authorities put down the uprising. Dave Boyer reported at The Washington Times, “The White House said on Wednesday that it stands ready to deploy ‘any and all federal resources’ to stop rioting in Philadelphia after the shooting death of a Black man by police officers.

“’The riots in Philadelphia are the most recent consequence of the liberal Democrats’ war against the police,’ said White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany. ‘We can never allow mob rule.’ She said the administration ‘stands proudly with law enforcement, and stands ready, upon request, to deploy any and all federal resources to end these riots.’

“The Pennsylvania National Guard was mobilized Tuesday night to quell a second night of violent protests and looting, as city officials urged residents in some neighborhoods to remain indoors.”

This is a nightmare scenario for Democrats who no doubt were hoping the relative calm of late would last at least until election night. It’s no secret that Philadelphia holds the Democrat key to winning the state of Pennsylvania next week, and if local residents get a vivid reminder of what Democrat governance looks like, they may not be as pumped up about voting for more of the same.

There have been multiple reports of leftist organizations plotting a series of “protests” if Trump wins the election, so perhaps these riots were an impromptu dress rehearsal for what’s to come. Only one candidate is clearly in law enforcement’s corner, and his name doesn’t begin with “Bi” and end with “den.”

It goes without saying that it matters a lot who wins the election on Tuesday. A second Trump term means there’s competent and experienced leadership controlling the executive branch. A Biden victory means Dr. Anthony Fauci will essentially call the shots. The Kens and Karens are waiting for the go-ahead to make you submit and comply with Fauci’s whims.

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