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Assault on America, Day 643: Bad behavior and the CCP virus won’t matter if Joe Biden wins

Enough of the “bad behavior” crap already, this is about the future of the country

Everyone is familiar with the old saying, “You don’t kick a man when he’s down.” Far from a sexist statement, the same logic equally applies to women as well.

It’s a natural human inclination to extend a helping hand to someone who’s down on their luck. The Bible is full of tales of Jesus’s teachings to help the poor and the least among us. Americans certainly don’t need a government lecture on the subject of charity. Only the most heinous are hard-hearted enough to ignore reality and substitute politics for compassion.

When President Donald Trump announced he and first lady Melania Trump contracted COVID-19, there were many, many who wished them well. That list included Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden, who had, just a few days earlier, called the chief executive (to his face) a liar, racist and “clown,” while also instructing his opponent to “Shut up, man.”

Trump was no boy scout at the debate either. Most observers grant Biden a pass for some of the things he said, though his behavior wasn’t exactly election-worthy. A lot of people saw the forum as an unfortunate encapsulation of today’s polarized political environment where labeling the other candidate as a liar is standard practice. Niceties have gone out the window in 2020. But somehow, we knew it would get this bad.

Nevertheless, the election still boils down to a binary choice, and for many, it isn’t a difficult one. In a piece appropriately titled, “I don't care if Donald Trump is a jerk. He still has my vote,” Everett Piper wrote at The Washington Times, “Conservatives don’t vote for a person. We vote for policies. Conservatives don’t care if the man is rude, ill-mannered and caustic.

“The bottom line is that conservatives are not all that concerned if our leader is a jackass. We don’t look for a ‘nice guy.’ Conservatives understand that presidents come and presidents go, but the U.S. Constitution must endure. Conservatives vote for ideas, not ideologues. Conservatives are people of principles, not politics. Conservatives cast their lot with the covenant, not the king...

“I candidly don’t care a whit if Donald Trump was rude and ill-mannered on Tuesday night. Right now, we are in the fight of our lives for our republic, and, in this dark hour, we need a pit bull not a patsy; we need a fighter not an appeaser, we need a Churchill not a Chamberlain.”

Well put. Far too often we lose ourselves in the “he’s rude versus he’s a great guy” simpleton narrative of the media. Where Trump is concerned, the talkers have been bashing his personality from day one. Ever since he came down the Trump Tower escalator to the tune of Neil Young’s “Keep on rockin’ in the free world” in June, 2015, the media’s made it a point to highlight every off-putting thing that’s passed through Trump’s lips, as though it makes a difference in the big scheme of things.

There’s an old saying in golf -- the golf ball doesn’t know who’s hitting it. Similarly, the presidential pen will still spill ink no matter who’s signing a document. As long as the person in the Oval Office caries out his constitutional duties, all the other stuff is extraneous white noise, virtually undetectable to anyone except those trained to hear it. Trump could have the reluctant demeanor of a Puritan preacher and still the talkers would hate on him.

Piper conceded that Trump’s behavior a week ago was abhorrent and compared it to that of a five-year-old. Yet, like the Washington Times columnist, I don’t think there was a true Trump supporter from coast to coast who even considered dropping the man because of a poor showing of decorum. Even assuming that many Americans would acknowledge that Joe Biden is a good guy (a lot of us don’t think so), what he represents is truly frightening to the concept of liberty.

Many kids grow up disliking their high school principal, for example, but down the road they see him or her as a responsible administrator who acted fairly in a trying situation. President Trump is everyone’s principal, even if he doesn’t always act the part in front of a student body assembly. A lot of the students trash the principal. But he still does his job.

Biden took the highroad when he received the news of Trump’s positive test. It was the right thing to do and the correct way to respond politically. The 47-year “experienced” Washington politician understands that his only chance to win the election is to maintain the ruse that he’s “Lunch bucket Joe from Scranton,” a regular guy who straps on his work boots one at a time. A simple perusal of the facts indicates the carefully honed façade has no connection to reality, but nonetheless, it must be perpetuated.

For those, like Piper, who care about something more than outward appearances and the candidate’s ability to win a certificate for good conduct, there’s much more to it. The reasons why Joe Biden should never take the oath of office are too many to list in this space, but one of the best arguments for voting for Trump will be on display tomorrow night in the vice president debate. Democrat VP nominee Kamala Harris is twenty-two years younger than Biden, and, since Joe would be the oldest president ever on day one, is literally one heartbeat away from the presidency.

Harris is on record supporting practically every leftwing cause imaginable, from abortion on demand up until the moment of birth, to reparations for the descendants of African slaves to radical environmental policies like the Green New Deal to boosting the Marxist ideology of Black Lives Matter to abolishing or defunding police departments. Harris is virtually indistinguishable from the avowed socialism of Bernie Sanders and every bit as personally cantankerous as Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren. Yet still the media depicts her as “moderate” and as someone who could “heal” the racial divide.

As stated many times prior, Biden will be a lame duck president from his first moment in office. If Americans already see Grampa Joe as too old and decrepit to be president, it will be akin to a death watch (at least politically speaking) to see whether the would-be president can get through every day. Harris will constantly lurk in the background waiting for her chance to invoke the 25th Amendment or assume effective control if and when the president is incapacitated.

If the Democrat nominee has used the Chinese Communist Party (or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus as the perfect excuse to stay comfortably safe during the 2020 campaign, imagine what he’ll do upon assuming office. If it’s considered too dangerous for him to travel to swing states to campaign in front of sizeable gatherings, how will he execute his duties? Would Biden’s truly be the first fully scripted “virtual” presidency?

All along, Trump has treated the pandemic as though it should be respected but not completely isolate him from a public that’s desperate for leadership. Most if not all of his international travel has been curtailed, but he still hosts other countries’ leaders on occasion and conducts foreign policy. The president has regularly made himself available to the media and takes questions from journalists who are just as hopeful to trip him up as they are diligent in reporting the news.

The fact that Trump caught the virus is really immaterial in the big scheme of things. It’s not sufficient justification to cast aside his candidacy in favor of Biden now.

A Biden presidency means a host of precious constitutional freedoms are in jeopardy

Not too long ago I heard someone mention, “America will be just fine if Biden is elected president and it will be just fine if Trump wins another term.” It’s a nice picture, isn’t it? The vastly different policy platforms of the parties and candidates don’t matter a lick to some folks and elections don’t necessarily have consequences.

Far from being the most crucial choice in the history of the republic, it’s as though the election doesn’t even matter to the naysayers. But politics is policy and wishing away the aftereffects isn’t going to make it any easier for the nation undergoing a swift transformation.

Court appointments alone disprove this simple analysis. If Trump had not beaten the awful Hillary Clinton four years ago, Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh would not be on the Court right now. Ruth Bader Ginsburg probably would’ve retired much earlier, giving Clinton a third Court appointment within the span of a couple years. Free speech rights, freedom of conscience rights, the Second Amendment and numerous other constitutional provisions would have been at the mercy of those seated on the Court. This isn’t even mentioning the lower court vacancies being filled by other liberal ends-oriented ideologues.

What would’ve happened in the immigration realm? No wall would’ve been constructed or repaired. Amnesty would’ve been offered to most if not all illegal aliens. The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) would’ve been institutionally hampered. The welfare system would’ve been even more overwhelmed with benefits seeking newcomers. The schools? What schools?

Democrats are preparing to do away with the senate’s legislative filibuster, and its absence will pave the way for every destructive piece of legislation passed by the liberal controlled House. Since Nancy Pelosi has proven to be little more than a shriveled-up coronavirus ignoring hypocritical puppet to the whacked-out leftists in her caucus, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley of “The Squad” will essentially be setting the agenda.

These days, most commentators point to the senate Democrats’ aims as the most dangerous, but there will be problems everywhere. Granting statehood to Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico will guarantee four more liberal senators and a virtually impregnable majority that might never be reversed. The Democrats’ court-packing scheme will survive future challenges. America will probably never have another Republican president, either.

One-party rule is on its way if Joe Biden wins in four weeks. All of America will go the way of California, and the rot will happen swiftly, too. Judicial protections for states will disappear and Congress will become a super legislature governing 330 million people from thousands of miles away.

Great past civilizations didn’t fall on their own -- they had help, from within. History proves elections have real consequences… particularly this one. Will America be just fine? I wouldn’t bet on it.

The left’s reaction to Trump’s Chinese fostered illness has been disgusting

While Joe Biden’s kind words for President Trump and Melania have been appropriately non-partisan, it hasn’t stopped other prominent liberals from seeking their pound of flesh. Michael Goodwin wrote at The New York Post, “Some take to Twitter to exhibit their soullessness, enough so that the site, which too often blocks routine conservative viewpoints, vows it will suspend users who wish for the president’s death. It is shameful that such a statement is even necessary.

“Others try to veil their pleasure, yet their satisfaction is unmistakable in their self-righteous scolds of ‘We told you so’ and ‘He had it coming.’ House Speaker Nancy Pelosi displayed her heart of stone by saying the president had issued a ‘brazen invitation’ to the deadly virus by meeting with people and holding rallies.

“She impeached him over next to nothing, tried to have him removed from office and still calls him a Russian agent. Now she resents that he continued to do the routine things a president should and must do. If he had stayed hidden in the White House bunker for his own safety, then she would have had real reason to complain.”

That Pelosi or her ilk are taking victory laps isn’t surprising. She and fellow octogenarian California senator Dianne Feinstein can flaunt mask requirements but they sure seem gleeful that the virus caught up to Trump and not them. If Democrats had their way, they’d probably impose a nationwide mask requirement on everyone, everywhere -- including in their homes. But they themselves would be exempt. They’re the elites, the beautiful people, the ruling class.

Trump catching the virus doesn’t prove anything other than the protocols failed in at least one instance. And it very well could benefit him politically by making him seem vulnerable and “average” like anyone else out there. Instead of barricading himself behind plexiglass and an army of health “experts”, Trump forged ahead. The CCP virus caught him. He’ll recover, and that’s that.

As would be expected, the left fixates on Trump’s behavior and the fact he came down with COVID-19, but it’s just distracting from their sinister plans if Joe Biden manages to win the election. It’s well past time for conservatives to keep things in perspective and do the necessary work to win in four weeks. Time is short, and much to do.

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