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Ashley Biden Diary: Democrats Want This To Be Normal

Last Friday Tucker Carlson told his audience about the strong evidence of Joe Biden’s sexual perversion – with his own daughter.

The source of this evidence isn’t some phony “dossier” bought and paid for by Republicans and the Trump campaign, it is Ashley Biden, Joe Biden’s own daughter, who wrote in her diary about showering with her father as a little girl and her resulting sexual compulsion issues later in life.

Here’s what Ms. Biden wrote in her diary in an entry from January 30, 2019:

"I have always been boy crazy," she wrote. 'hyper-sexualized @ a young age ... I remember somewhat being sexualized with [a family member]; I remember having sex with friends @ a young age; showers w/ my dad (probably not appropriate)."

Biden’s fetish for little girls has been demonstrated too many times to be ignored, as you can see from this creepy video compilation.

All of this should have come out before the 2020 election – the existence of the diary and its salacious charges were well known, but not covered by any establishment outlets and were even passed upon by Project Veritas, which actually had the diary about a month before Election Day.

During his report Carlson interviewed our friend Harmeet Dhillon, who is representing Project Veritas whose journalists are being targeted by Biden’s FBI. She spoke about how, instead of the spotlight being shined on Biden after the shocking allegations, the story suddenly turned into the FBI targeting journalists for supposedly buying “stolen” property.

As Ms. Dhillon noted, it is not illegal for journalists to possess and publish stolen documents. If it were, every editor at the Times, CNN, MSNBC, etc. would be in jail right now. Rather, the ability of the press to publish those types of materials is protected by the Constitution of the United States. Regardless, the diary was not stolen. It was purchased legally and then re-purchased legally by Project Veritas.

Many conservatives, such as the writers at Red State, have focused on the FBI and its role as the Praetorian Guard protecting Joe Biden:

Yet, as Dhillon points out, the warrants mentioned the word “stolen” several times. That was untrue, so how did the FBI get search warrants to raid the homes of journalists over a diary that wasn’t even stolen? The answer is obviously that someone lied, and Dhillon seems to believe it had to have been members of the Biden family and their legal representation. That makes a lot of sense, and I agree, but I still don’t think something like this gets as far as it did without the FBI being in cahoots with the president. They knew what they were doing here.

But we have long come to accept that the FBI has become a corrupt arm of the Democratic Party, what most alarms us is that no one in the establishment media – on the Right of Left – has stepped up to challenge Joe Biden on what appears to be the sexual abuse of his own daughter.

No one seems to have asked Biden about it during the waning days of the 2020 campaign when it first became known, and no one has asked the Biden White House about it during any of the myriad of White House press availabilities since Biden assumed the presidency.

Which begs the question: Does the White House press corps think an adult male showering with little girls is normal?

The lack of coverage, or even interest, leads us to conclude that they must think such behavior is normal, and why shouldn’t we come to that conclusion?

After all these are the same Democrats who thought up and defend “Drag Queen Story Hour” for little children, and who have placed library books with explicit illustrations of homosexual sex acts in school libraries. And who promote and defend the surgical mutilation of young children in the name of transgender ideology.

Apparently, no one in the establishment media thinks that is inappropriate – if not downright disgusting and perverted? Meaning one must conclude Democrats and their allies think that is perfectly normal. And, what Democrats and their allies in the media and librarian and teachers unions want to do with Drag Queen Story Hour for little children, and library books with explicit illustrations of homosexual sex acts in school libraries, is to make your children like Ashley Biden – hyper sexualized basket cases.

The FBI acting as the covering force for Democrats is bad, but what is worse is the establishment media – on the Right and the Left – covering for Joe Biden’s sexual perversion and normalizing the abnormal by ignoring pedophilia among the political elite in the White House.

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