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Arizona Proves We Need To Audit Every Democrat Jurisdiction

The Texas Tribune reports the Texas secretary of state’s office announced last Thursday that it has begun a “full forensic audit” of the 2020 general election in four Texas counties: Collin, Dallas, Harris and Tarrant.

The Texas secretary of state’s press release said the agency has “already begun the process in Texas’ two largest Democrat counties and two largest Republican counties—Dallas, Harris, Tarrant, and Collin.” While Tarrant has long been a Republican stronghold, Democratic President Joe Biden narrowly beat Trump there, according to the county's election results.

While Democrats have predictably tried to make this all about Donald Trump, Texas’ principled limited government constitutional conservative Governor Gregg Abbott made it clear this isn’t about Trump, it’s about election integrity.

“There are audits of every aspect of government,” Governor Abbott said on “Fox News Sunday.“ “We have a state auditor, there's a federal auditor for the way the government operations work. Businesses that are public companies are subject to an annual audit. Why do we audit everything in this world, but people raise their hands in concern when we audit elections, which is fundamental to our democracy?“

Governor Abbott is right of course, but he was trying to avoid stating the obvious: Election fraud has become a central element of the Democrats’ campaign strategy and the Arizona audit proved how sophisticated they have become in stealing elections.

Here are some of the crucial elements discovered in Arizona that apply to every election everywhere Democrats are in charge:

• There were double votes across county lines (more than 10,000 in Maricopa County).

• Tens of thousands of ballots cast from individuals who had moved prior to the election and could not have physically received their ballots, legally.

• None of the systems related to elections integrity had numbers that would balance and agree with each other.

• The voter rolls and the registration management process itself have many data integrity issues. (For instance, in Maricopa County over 200 individuals were easily identifiable as likely being the same person but having two different Voter IDs and voting twice in the election.)

• Even without access to the County’s detailed records including personally identifiable information and registration systems the Arizona audit found it is likely there were many tens of thousands of improper votes in the election from double voters, deceased voters, voters for which the auditors could find no trace in the public records nor association to their voting address, moved voters, etc.

• Proper voter registration law and procedures were not followed.

• There were unexplained large purges of registered voters, right after the election, of people who had voted in the election.

• There was back dating of registrations, adjustments made to historical voting and voter records, unexplained linking of voter registration affidavits to multiple voters and more.

• Files were missing from the Election Management System (EMS) Server.

• Ballot images on the EMS were corrupt or missing.

• Logs appeared to be intentionally rolled over, and all the data in the database related to the 2020 General Election had been fully cleared.

On the ballot side, batches were not always clearly delineated, duplicated ballots were missing the required serial numbers, originals were duplicated more than once, and the Auditors were never provided Chain-of- Custody documentation for the ballots for the time-period prior to the ballot’s movement into the Auditors’ care. This all increased the complexity and difficulty in properly auditing the results.

There were substantial statistically significant anomalies identified in the ratio of hand-folded ballots, on- demand printed ballots, as well as a statistically significant increase in provisional ballot rejections for a mail- in ballot already being cast, suggestive of mail-in ballots being cast for voters without their knowledge.” (Emphasis CHQ.)

All of these techniques to steal elections are known to have been used in other Democrat-run jurisdictions – including, but not limited to, Las Vegas (Clark County) Nevada and Atlanta (Fulton County) Georgia.

A particular focus of the Texas audit should be the number of “ghost voters” or voters for which the auditors could find no trace in the public records nor association to their voting address, moved voters, etc. and voters registered at non-residential locations – mailbox stores, vacant lots, offices, etc.

Those are votes which may be “banked” and called-up as needed by corrupt election officials to swing the results of an election – and statistical analysis persuasively demonstrates that it could have been done in 2020 in a number of jurisdictions – but the Arizona audit showed it was actually done.

Donald Trump won Texas by 600,000 votes, so this isn’t about Trump – it’s about stopping what has become a culture of election corruption in Democrat-run jurisdictions. We urge CHQ readers and friends to use this link to contact Texas Governor Gregg Abbott to tell him you support the audit of the 2020 Texas presidential election.

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