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Are You An Insurgent?

During and after the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol the establishment news media and

their masters in the Democratic Party started the narrative that the brawl was an “insurgency” and they have used the terms “insurgency” and “insurgent” with remarkable discipline to smear anyone who opposes their plans to remake American government and culture.

Having spent some time in the government studying insurgencies – if the January 6 event was an “insurgency” then I’d assess it as the least organized and sustained insurgency that I have studied. It was on the continuum of insurgencies not even a blip – it was a riot, nothing more.

However, as an indicator of the potential for an insurgency to develop it was huge, ranking up there with the Boston Tea Party, Russia’s 1905 Bloody Sunday and the various Irish Independence strikes and riots, because it demonstrated the white-hot anger a significant percentage of Americans have toward Congress and the Washington – Wall Street – Silicon Valley-based ruling class.

Notice, I did not say the anger Americans have toward their government. The alleged “insurgents” don’t hate the government in the same way that Americans hated British rule or Russians hated the Czarist oligarchy.

If one had polled those taking part in the January 6 riot – setting apart those nihilists on the Right and Left who came solely to do violence for violence sake – I’m sure the vast majority would have said they love the Constitution and were there to defend it.

What they hate is not the government, as embodied in the Constitution, but the 232-years of slime, special interest favors and oligarchic privilege that have accreted on the Constitution courtesy of Congress.

And they hate the feeling of powerlessness that has been imposed upon them by the alliance of Far Left Progressives in Congress and Silicon Valley.

Thomas Baranyi of New Jersey, who was interviewed leaving the Capitol with the blood of Ashli Babbitt still fresh on his hands, is the archetype of the participants in the January 6 riot. Here are some key excerpts from his video interview in the aftermath of the Ashli Babbitt killing. If you want to understand what went on January 6 and what is building under the surface across America, Mr. Baranyi’s comments are crucial:

…We were trying to get into Congress or whoever we could get into to tell them need some kind of investigation into this [2020 vote fraud] and what ends up happening is someone might have ended up dead and that's not the kind of government we can have… people have to do something about it... just make sure people know this cannot stand, this is wrong, they [Members of Congress] don't represent anyone, not Republican, Democrat, Independent, nobody, and now they'll kill people.
…Police, Congressmen and women, they think we're a joke, a $2,000 check was a joke to them. There's people filming us laughing at us as we marched down the street, at the Department of Justice there was a man in the window laughing at us. It was a joke to them until we got inside and then all of a sudden the guns came out, but we're at a point now where it can't be allowed to stand... we have to do something, people have to do something because this [holding up hand with Ashli Babbitt’s blood on it] could be you or your kids...

Mr. Baranyi was later arrested by the FBI and charged with disorderly or disruptive conduct, reported. More serious charges may be pending, the news website added.

The DC Ruling Class won’t admit it, but they are scared witless by Thomas Baranyi and the millions like him who have figured out that they don’t represent anyone but themselves.

The answer, so far, of the DC Ruling Class has been to repeat the mistakes of oligarchs and tyrants throughout the ages – dismiss the just grievances of the oppressed, demonize the messengers of the oppressed and tighten the oppression further.

Translation: There was no vote fraud and lockdowns work to stop the spread of COVID-19, Senators Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz, and Representatives Mo Brooks, Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene are “the enemy within” and should be expelled from Congress, and anyone who disagrees, such as Donald Trump, Mike Lindell, Gen. Mike Flynn and Sydney Powell will lose their social media and financial services accounts.

The January 6 Capitol riot was, in the big scheme of things, nothing remotely resembling an insurgency, what it was, was a warning that an insurgency is brewing. This brewing insurgency is not aimed at the constitutional government of the United States, but at the Washington – Wall Street – Silicon Valley Axis that is usurping the constitutional rights of the citizenry. Thus, the pool of potential insurgents is vast as are the potential targets for the insurgents; anyone who wishes to free themselves of the oppression of Silicon Valley and Wall Street, or watches Thomas Baranyi’s interview and finds themselves in agreement with him is a potential insurgent – a pool of millions who could form an irresistible insurgency should they choose to embark upon a real insurgency.

George Rasley is editor of Richard Viguerie's is a veteran of over 300 political campaigns, he is a member of American MENSA, and served on the staff of Vice President Dan Quayle, as Director of Policy and Communication for former Congressman Adam Putnam (FL-12) then Vice Chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee's Subcommittee on National Security and Foreign Affairs, and as spokesman for retired Rep. Mac Thornberry, formerly a member of the House Intelligence Committee and Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee.

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