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Anti-Semitic Democrats Drive Biden Away From Our Ally Israel

In an op-ed for the American Center for Law and Justice former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo explained the Iranian connection to the war between Israel and Iran’s Palestinian

proxy armies.

Secretary Pompeo wrote it was disappointing yet not surprising to see the Biden Administration’s response – a set of weak statements calling on both sides to “de-escalate.” De-escalate? Israel didn’t attack Gaza or Hamas or the Palestinian Authority. And it certainly didn’t attack the backer of this violence: the regime in Iran. Every single life lost in this conflict, Israeli and Palestinian alike, is the result of Iranian-backed Palestinian terror.

The Biden Administration has clearly signaled weak support for the right of Israelis to defend themselves, inviting precisely the kinds of violence we are seeing in the region today. Simple things like President Biden delaying his call with Israeli leadership and re-starting funding to the Palestinian Authority through the United Nations all tell Hamas and terrorists in the West Bank that America sees Hamas violence and Israeli demands for its own security as morally equal. Team Biden appears to be placing less value on the relationship between Israel and the United States than even the Obama Administration did.

Even though it's hard to believe that Biden could be worse than Obama on anything, let alone foreign policy, Secretary Pompeo is right.

And part of the problem is as he explained in his op-ed, the Biden Administration has distanced itself from Israel by attempting to revive the failed Iran deal, siding with the Ayatollahs over our ally. The heartbreaking violence we are now seeing is a direct result of the Biden Administration’s strategy of weakness.

In contrast to Biden’s weakness, the Trump Administration recognized that weakness begets war and violence and that only strength deters it. We recognized that Israel was our greatest democratic ally in the Middle East and that the Israeli government has a legitimate right to ensure the safety and security of its people. We did not allow our humanitarian aid to empower the terrorist organizations who wish to destroy Israel and harm Americans. We left the failed JCPOA (the Iran nuclear deal). Such agreements and aid packages only contribute to greater instability by giving resources and power to truly evil people. The result of these decisions was stability, which culminated in the signing of unprecedented peace agreements between Israel and her neighbors.

Secretary Pompeo is right about Joe Biden being weak, but one of the reasons he is so weak is that all the gravity in the Democratic Party is pulling Biden away from backing Israel, and no Democrats are publicly demanding Biden stand by our best ally and the only democratic government in the Middle East.

As Samuel Chamberlain documented for the New York Post, Far-left Democrats — including members of the so-called “Squad” — paraded onto the House floor to deliver a series of rhetorical broadsides against Israel, with some linking the Jewish state’s latest conflict with Hamas to issues like racism and illegal immigration in the US.

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) condemned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as “a far-right ethno-nationalist” on the House floor and asked: “How can we pay lip service to a Palestinian state, yet do absolutely nothing to make that state a reality while the Israeli government we fund tries to make it impossible?”

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), the first Palestinian American woman elected to Congress, told her colleagues that “Palestinians aren’t going anywhere, no matter how much more money you send to Israel’s apartheid government” before rounding on the Biden administration over its response to the conflict.

That criticism was echoed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), who acknowledged that “the president stated that Israel has a right to self-defense” before asking, “Do Palestinians have a right to survive?”

Elsewhere in her remarks, noted Mr. Chamberlain, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez posited that Americans “are scared to stand up to the incarceration of children in Palestine because maybe it’ll force us to confront the incarceration of children here on our border.”

There’s a cause-and-effect relationship between Joe Biden’s ever-weakening support of Israel and the vicious anti-Semitism of the Democratic Party. We urge our Jewish friends who may still be inclined to vote Democratic to take a good look at where the gravity in the Democratic Party is pushing the Biden policy toward Israel and then ask themselves if a party that elevates anti-Semites like Rep. Ilhan Omar, Rep. Rashida Tlaib and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez still merits their support.

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