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Anti-Catholic Drag Queen Adam Westbrook Arrested For Child P*rn

Our friends at the Libs of TikTok alerted us that anti-Catholic Drag Queen Adam Westbrook has been arrested and is facing four counts of possession of child p*rn and four counts of sexual exploitation of a child.

Westbrook is the human resources director for Outagamie County, WI and is pictured below in drag with the Mayor of Sheboygan, WI.


According to reporting by Sophia Voight of the Appleton (Wisconsin) Post Crescent Sauk County Sheriff's Department said Adam Westbrook was booked early Friday morning. Charges have not been filed, but the department is recommending he be charged with four counts of possession of child pornography and four counts of sexual exploitation of a child.


Westbrook was well-known throughout the Green Bay WI area having previously served as Executive Director of Human Resources and Legal Affairs for Sheboygan County. Westbrook also served Neenah WI as City Attorney.

Westbrook is pictured above dressed in drag as a “nun.”

FOX 11 has learned Westbrook was taken into custody in Neenah after multiple agencies, including the Neenah Police Department and the State Department of Justice, executed a search warrant as part of a Kenosha County investigation.


The Kenosha County Sheriff's Office told FOX 11 it won't be releasing any information about Westbrook's arrest yet, as it's part of a much larger investigation where the safety of children is a concern.


Evidence of Westbrook’s predatory behavior was well-documented. Westbrook resigned his position in Sheboygan on August 30th last year under a cloud, submitting his resignation from the Sheboygan position one week after an open records request was filed concerning allegations that Westbrook made an unwanted homosexual innuendo toward a City of Sheboygan intern. 

Of those allegations, City Attorney Charles Adams confirmed that his investigation into the matter was closed after finding that there was no violation of any city codes.  Adams added that Westbrook’s resignation was “simply a resignation” and had nothing to do with the allegations, according to reporting by Kevin Zimmermann pf WHBL. (Editor’s Note: LOL to that one.)

 Wisconsin has emerged as a battleground in the effort to curb ant-Catholic and anti-Christian hate masquerading as tolerance for drag culture.


Last August a group of Christian street preachers affiliated with Warriors for Christ were arrested outside a “Pride” event in Watertown. The Watertown Police Department, allegedly on the orders of Watertown’s Democrat Mayor Emily McFarland.


Jason Storms, Marcus Schroeder and at least three other Christian youth were arrested for reading from the Bible at the “Pride” event where drag queens were dressed in lingerie and danced inappropriately in front of "little children" who were "invited to give them one-dollar bills."


It is unknown if Adam Westbrook attended the Watertown event.

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