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America’s Spiritual Civil War By The Numbers

If you want to know what politicians really care about don’t listen to what they say – look at where they spend your tax dollars. And judging by that metric it appears a majority of

Members of Congress – including 101 House Republicans – see the destruction of traditional Judeo-Christian culture as one of their top priorities.


Think that’s too harsh? How else could one explain their votes in favor of taxpayer funding for these government activities:

*         $1,808,000 for "facilities and equipment" for the Women and Infants Hospital in Rhode Island requested by Senator Whitehouse.

Sounds innocent?

They perform late-term surgical and chemical abortions - and now it'll be subsidized with your tax dollars.


*         $650,000 for Dartmouth Hitchcock Nashua, NH.

Another organization that provides late-term abortions:

"We routinely provide both medication and procedural abortion care up to 22 weeks of pregnancy."


*         $400,000 for the Garden State Equality Education Fund in New Jersey.

They help MINORS transition genders, promote biological boys playing girls sports and using the same restrooms, and coordinate against parental rights groups.


*         $400,000 for Briarpatch Youth Services in Wisconsin.

One of their programs is called "Teens Like Us LGBTQIA2s+" that includes a "Gender Affirming Clothing Program" for ages 13-18.


*         $156,000 for the Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective in Connecticut.

They call themselves a "champion of LGBTQIA+ equity" with trainings on "LGBTQ+ Cultural Competency" and "Accessing Healthcare for LGBTQ+ Youth."

  *         $850,000 for LGBTQ Senior Housing, Inc. in Massachusetts.

They're building a LGBTQ-only senior community in Boston.


*         $2,000,000 for La Clinica del Valle Family Health Care Center in Oregon.

They do gender-affirming hormone therapy for adults and ADOLESCENTS.


*         $5,000,000 for Mary's Center for Maternal & Child Care in Maryland.

This place defiles the name of the Blessed Virgin by specializing in “transgender medicine.”

"Mary's Center can serve as your 'home base' during the transition process."


*         $400,000 for the Mazzoni Center in Pennsylvania.

Your tax dollars are going to subsidize a place that does transgender "care" on kids (they call it "Pediatric and Adolescent Comprehensive Transgender Services").


*         $845,000 for Envision: You in Colorado, which is entirely focused on LGBTQ+ individuals.

In addition to hosting LGBTQ+ garden parties and art shows, they have a range of woke programs.


*         $850,000 for "LGBTQ Senior Housing" services in the $1.2 TRILLION bill that passed with nearly 100 Republican votes.


*         $156,000 to an organization that sexualize your children with an earmark for the Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective in Connecticut.

*         $1 million for SAGE, an advocacy center for elderly LGBT people in New York.

*         $740,000 for a Latino LGBT organization in Seattle. Check their webpage, for an invitation to a drag brunch this month.

*         $870,000 for an Emerging Artist Fellowship Program, who demands for defunding the police, among other atrocious woke demands.


*         Over $1 million in the Schumer appropriations bill is earmarked for the Muslim American Society of Upper New York, which is tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, a radical Islamic organization. Through this earmark this bill is funding Radical Islam.


*         $200 million for the U.S. Agency for International Development Gender Equity and Equality Action Fund.


*         $32.5 million for the United Nations Population Fund, which promotes an “extremist abortion agenda.”


*         Rep. Ocasio-Cortez sponsored a $1.2 million earmark for the Muslim Women’s Community Center.


When the Republican-led House Appropriations Committee met, funding for three Democrat-supported LGBTQ projects was stripped from the bill as the Committee deemed them unworthy of government funding.

“The fact that you would take away members’ earmarks simply because they refer to the LGBTQI+ community is insane, is bigoted,” Wisconsin Democratic Rep. Mark Pocan said after the Committee action.


At least two of the LGBTQ projects that House Republicans stripped from their spending bill for the Transportation Department and Housing and Urban Development were included in the Senate.


“While Republicans continue their hateful, anti-gay crusade, we remain undeterred in our fight to affirm the dignity and humanity of our LGBTQ+ neighbors,” Far Left Massachusetts Democrat Ayana Pressley said in a written statement demanding the earmarks stay in the final bill.


“They are only struck because they support projects for the LGBT community. That is a disgrace. In all the two years that I dealt, and this committee dealt, with community projects, never once, never once did we challenge any Republican project,” Rep. Rosa DeLauro said, according to reporting by the


“Should America’s taxpayers pay for this? The answer is ‘No,’” Rep. Ryan Zinke said after listing off the events and services, such as “kink parties,” that the William Way LGBT Community Center offers and thereby forcing embarrassed Pennsylvania Democrats to withdraw the request.


However, thanks to the votes of 101 Republican House Members, that was the only victory in this latest battle in America’s Spiritual Civil War and millions to our tax dollars remained in the bill to “affirm” transgenderism and advance the radical homosexual agenda.

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