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Action Items From The Indictment: 8 Actions We Can Do Today To Defeat Red China

most compelling and consequential book that’s come across our desk for review in a long, long time.

You can read our review of The Indictment through this link.

One of the elements that make The Indictment so compelling is its list of proposed corrective actions our government should undertake to repel the Communist Chinese attack on our sovereignty, cultural and governmental institutions, economy, and constitutional liberties.

We read a lot of books on policy from DC-based writers and most of them are long on analysis, or promotion of the objectives of some favored group or special interest, but short on actual achievable “what can we do TODAY” solutions.

The Indictment has a list of twenty action items that could started TODAY, that would put the United States on the road to victory over the Chinese Communist Party and the People’s Liberation Army.

The following are among the twenty steps that are, in light of The Indictment’s “Charges” against the Chinese Communist Party and the Red Chinese state, essential to the national security and survival of the United States:

1. Understand the threat

Before we can do anything material about the Chinese Communist Party’s unrestricted warfare against the United States, we must identify and understand both the nature of its criminal conduct against us – past, present and prospective – and resolve to counter it and defeat the perpetrator.

2. Investigate Biden, his subordinates and others for “elite capture” by the CCP

It is not possible to say with certitude at present how much damage has been done to U.S. national security by the Chinese Communist Party’s success in capturing America’s business, financial, media, academic, cultural and political elites. But, given the extraordinary stakes involved, every effort must be made to assess the resulting negative effects as an essential precursor to mitigating them.

3. Remove from office/demand resignations of those compromised/controlled by the CCP

It follows that, once individuals in government and other vital sectors of our nation are identified as having been suborned, subverted, recruited or otherwise compromised/controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, they must be removed from their respective roles. Where possible, they should be compelled to resign. Where appropriate, they should be prosecuted for betraying our country.

4. Delegitimize the CCP

Take a page from the Reagan playbook for taking down the Soviets’ “evil empire” by characterizing and demanding the official designation of the Chinese Communist Party as Transnational Criminal Organization (TCO) it is. The evidence presented in The Indictment makes clear that such a designation is fully warranted on the basis of: the CCP’s crimes against humanity; its enslavement of existing Captive Nations (East Turkistan, Tibet, Southern Mongolia and Hong Kong); its hope to enslave many more through the Belt-and-Road initiative; and its unrestricted warfare against this country and, to varying degrees, our allies.

5. Adopt a war-footing

The Chinese Communist Party has patiently and assiduously put the people and nation it misrules on a war-footing. The United States has, to this point, taken very limited, if any, such steps. If we persist in leaving the Chinese Communists with decisive advantages in all those respects, we further encourage the belief that they can act with impunity, including militarily, against us.

6. Disengage from China economically by, among other steps, weaning this country as soon as possible from the CCP’s strategic supply chains

The distinct prospect (if not the virtual certitude) that the United States and its friends and allies will be attacked by Communist China moves the need to end our reliance on the CCP for critical commodities from a desirable, if difficult, objective to an absolute necessity. Every effort must be made – including: tax incentives, statutory and regulatory inducements and/or sanctions and public shaming – to promote onshoring and, if necessary in the short-run, diversification of foreign suppliers of such commodities, and thus prevent an otherwise predictable economic and societal train-wreck.

7. Cut off financing of any Chinese companies listed on U.S. exchanges or traded there

An even more immediate and cost-effective option for depriving the CCP of the underwriting that is enabling its unrestricted warfare against us would be to prevent its companies from securing funding from U.S. capital markets. To do otherwise simply ensures that American investors will lose their shirts when China launches its kinetic war against us and our allies.

An essential step in this direction is to bar the Federal Thrift Savings Plan from holding Chinese companies in its I-Fund or offering mutual funds that contain them via the Mutual Fund Window.

Finally, insist on full reciprocity in any area not addressed above:

If there remain elements of the Chinese Communist Party’s activities in this country that are somehow determined to be in the United States’ vital interest to continue, the decision to permit that to happen should be predicated on the principle of reciprocity. And, in the absence of reciprocal arrangements for U.S. government and/or private sector entities in China, any such CCP activities must be subject to the highest-level review and approval process and treated as a rare exception to the rule.

Honesty is our first line of defense. This is not just about the Bidens and the millions of dollars they received from Communist Chinese interests. It is not possible to say with certitude at present everyone who is involved and how much damage has been done to U.S. national security by the Chinese Communist Party’s success in capturing America’s business, financial, media, academic, cultural, and political elites. But, given the extraordinary stakes involved, every effort must be made to identify and assess where elite capture has occurred, and its resulting negative effects, as an essential precursor to mitigating them.

The Capitol Switchboard is (202-224-3121), call today and tell your Senators and Representative that you demand a brutally honest, no individual or party immune congressional investigation into Red China’s program of elite capture in America.

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