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A New Year’s Resolution For Conservatives – Brand The Democrats

Updated: Jan 1

In a December 19 post to his “Go Big – Go Right” substack CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie wrote that we conservatives, need to BRAND our Democrat enemies – and they are our enemies – because they have launched a Spiritual Civil War against God, America, our Constitution, our traditional moral values.

For starters that means getting our terminology right – that means DON’T say liberal, woke, progressive, socialist, Marxist.


Because liberal, woke, progressive, socialist, Marxist will not be on the November 5, 2024 ballot.

If we correctly BRAND the Democrats, it will prevent them from winning national elections for decades to come (White House, Congress, and most statewide offices).


To BRAND Democrats is simpler than you think, remember:

It’s the leaders of the Democrat Party who want to open our southern border, allowing terrorists, criminals, illegal drugs including fentanyl to flood our country and kill Americans.

It’s Democrats who want to defund the police.

It’s Democrat prosecutors to refuse to arrest and jail people who “only” steal $900.

It’s Democrats who have declared war on fossil fuel that has led to sky high gas prices.

It’s Democrats out of control government spending that has led to high inflation.

It’s Democrats out of control government spending that has led to sky high interest rates.

It’s Democrats who insist boys and men have the right to participate in girls and women’s sports.

It’s Democrats who insist that teenage boys and men can use the bathrooms and showers of teenage girls and women.


From the 1920s until the end of the century, Democrats successfully but incorrectly branded Republicans as the party of the rich, big business, trickle-down economics, etc.

Now conservatives have the opportunity and the need to correctly BRAND candidates who are liberals, progressives, socialists, and Marxists as Democrats.


When Mr. Viguerie posted his December 19 column, he got a certain amount of feedback saying words to the effect of “Great point, but how do I do that? I’m only one guy and I don’t have a mailing list with millions of names and dozens of people on my staff to help translate my ideas into action.”


Again, it’s simpler than you think.


You have a very powerful mailing list right on your computer – the email addresses of people with whom you have influence – your family, friends, neighbors, church, and civic club members.


You can start by sharing Mr. Viguerie’s column with them with the neutral, nonconfrontational comment, “WOW, I never thought of it this way.”


If you get positive feedback, great! Add those names to a list for future communications about branding the Democrats.


If you get negative feedback, be polite, but don’t give up. Forward an article like this one detailing the crisis on our southern border and note that the crisis is caused by the policies of our current Democrat president, “U.S. border officials on track to process over 300,000 migrants in December, the highest monthly tally on record.


You will find plenty of fodder for branding Democrats on the website in our original articles and our headline news from other conservative publications.


Another good low tech, no cost branding strategy is to use your social media accounts to do the same thing.


Be polite, so you don’t run afoul of their terms of service (that often seem to only be enforced against conservatives), post Mr. Viguerie’s column with the simple comment, “WOW, I never thought of it this way.”


When you get engagement use the resources on, FedUp PAC and Mr. Viguerie’s substack to politely keep reinforcing the points that brand the Democrats as responsible for the crisis at the southern border, inflation, higher interest rates, higher gas prices, crime, and the breakdown of urban society, etc.


Why is it important to the survival of the America we love to make branding the Democrats your most important resolution for the New Year?


Obviously, we can’t depend on the mainstream media to get the truth to the voters about Joe Biden and the Democrats.  The media is supposed to be a referee, but they have left the sidelines of the game and joined the Democrat team.


Also, we can’t depend on establishment Republican politicians.  They use content-free campaigning, avoiding issues, and they don’t use hard-hitting, effective campaign tactics.  They don’t have the “fire in the belly” to BRAND Democrats as the mean, evil, dangerous, violent, open-borders, anti-God, radical, elite, socialist dictators they have become. 


Conservatives, we are in a battle for the survival of a free America established and created under God’s laws.  None should stay on the sidelines in this election.  By working together to BRAND the Democrats we can win the 2024 election and save America for our children, grandchildren, and future generations.

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Glad to see Richard is still fighting.

Ralph Harder, his Hillsdale College gondola mate.

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