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A Democrat Crack Up Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

Updated: May 5

Dispatch #2

The purpose of these urgent marketing DISPATCHES is to bring to your attention an

opportunity for you to help lead, build, and grow the conservative movement/cause, and to weaken and eventually defeat our enemies—the Democrats.


Friends, we are no longer just in a political battle with our enemies, we are in a Spiritual Civil War for the survival of our beloved country.


As the pioneer of conservative political/ideological direct mail/marketing, I feel an obligation to share my 60+ years at the national level with others who are in a position to help lead.


The only path I see that leads to a victory for conservatives and defeat for the Democrats, is for leaders like you at the local, state, and national levels to rise up and provide leadership in whatever way you feel called to be effective.  We can no longer depend on the ineffective Republican Party and elected officials.


May 2nd, 2024


Dear Fellow Conservative Warrior,


As I said last week, all of the participants in the anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, anti-Jew disturbances, riots, crimes on college campuses are Democrats.

However, to no one’s surprise the mainstream media does not tell the readers/viewers/listeners this fact.


The Democrat’s dilemma is obvious:​


*         The optics are terrible.  The Vast Majority of Americans are outraged at these college students and administrators.


*         These are the same people who President Joe Biden and other Democrat politicians want to forgive $5,000-$10,000+ each of these college students' debts.


*         The Jewish vote for over 100 years has been solidly in the Democrat column.


*         The votes this November of these Democrat students and their Democrat sympathizing parents are vitally important for Democrats, especially in key battleground states such as Michigan and Pennsylvania.

This outrage is similar to most all leftwing/Democrat riots for the last 60 years.


*         The free speech college campus riots in the 1960s.


*         The anti-Vietnam War riots in the 1960s - 1970s.


*         The anti-rearming of Europe to oppose the Soviet Union under the leadership of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher.


*         The Occupy Wall Street riots of 12 years ago.


*         The anti-police riots in the last 8+ years.





The leadership of all of these riots are Marxists focused on the revolution.


Democrat politicians are falling all over themselves to distance themselves from these Democrat students.




Because conservatives like you begin to shine a public light on who these people are.




In whatever way you can communicate, such as a blog, podcast, the Internet (including email), radio, TV, newsletters, press releases, press conferences, re-Tweet, re-post, videos, X, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube—shout for all to hear that those who are rioting, shutting down our bridges, roads, colleges, businesses, attacking the police, Jews, and Israel—are Democrats.


We all have a voice—use it to save America.


Don’t wait for orders from headquarters.  Rush to the sound of the guns that you hear.


Your leadership will encourage others.  Your courage will be contagious.  The ripple effect of your actions could lead to tens of thousands/millions receiving your message.


Your feedback is helpful, appreciated, and needed.  Please email me at with any thoughts or comments you may have.

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