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Karen Volkov

Ash Believes The Impossible By Kim Fielding !!EXCLUSIVE!!

Compared to climate change for the past millennium, even the smallest exchange modeled would plunge the planet into temperatures colder than the Little Ice Age (the period of history between approximately 1600 and 1850 AD). This would take effect instantly, and agriculture would be severely threatened. Larger amounts of smoke would produce larger climate changes, making agriculture impossible for years. In both cases, new climate model simulations show that the effects would last for more than a decade.[29]

Ash Believes the Impossible by Kim Fielding

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One of the early studies, by the German multicenter ALL group (GMALL), was performed in patients older than 55 years of age and randomized participants to receive imatinib or multiagent chemotherapy for initial induction. In this randomized comparison of the 2 approaches, the overall CR in the imatinib arm was 96%, whereas in the chemotherapy arm it was 50%. Patients in the chemotherapy alone arm were subsequently allowed to receive imatinib; hence, none of the studies in table include a control arm in which patients never received imatinib. However, in addition to the GMALL study, the excellent responses observed in all the other studies when imatinib is included in induction contrast starkly with the wealth of historical data on poor rates of CR in patients with Ph+ ALL and make it impossible to argue against a there being an initial benefit to imatinib when used during induction therapy. A recent, relatively small study from the Northern Italian Leukaemia Group (NILG) has demonstrated a long-term survival advantage to imatinib, with the 59 patients receiving the drug during induction experiencing a significantly greater 5-year OS probability (38% vs 23%, P = .009) compared to historical controls (N = 35) treated on the same protocol without imatinib.27 041b061a72


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