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To ensure access of the most current version of the RP-5217-PDF document, it is highly recommended that the user return to this web page each time a new document is created. However, if a user chooses to save a blank RP-5217-PDF to their hard drive or network and use that as their master / shell, they may do so with associated risks of not using the most current version of the form, which may result in form rejection when recording the Deed. If you'd like to receive notification of version changes for the RP-5217-PDF, please provide us with your e-mail address.

52.pdf - Google Drive


In January 1987, the Santee City Council voted to commence a study of a more northern route, even though local residents and workers objected that this would postpone construction.[55] In March, the study, done by BSI Inc., supported the Caltrans decision to abandon plans for the northern path due to the increased cost from the "mountainous, undeveloped" terrain.[56] The council voted to support a southern alignment through the town, with both the Prospect Avenue and San Diego River alternatives still viable.[57] In the same month, the mayor of La Mesa, Fred Nagel, started a petition drive supporting the extension of the freeway due to the recurring traffic on I-8.[58] The Caltrans environmental impact report indicated that the Prospect Avenue route would cost $89 million (about $185 million in 2021 dollars)[29], compared to the river route's $121 million[59] (about $251 million in 2021 dollars).[29] The city council of El Cajon publicly supported the Prospect Avenue routing;[60] however, some employees of the City of Santee, including some city planners and engineers, were concerned that portions of the report were "outdated."[61] The petitions were given to the CTC in May, when San Diego officials made several arguments in support of the construction.[62]

The Problem Companies know that emotions drive customer behavior, but most have little idea how to connect in ways that motivate the desired behaviors. The process is more guesswork than science.

Beginning with a two-year research project involving literature review and social science experts, we identified 300 universal motivating emotions. To measure their impact on consumer behavior, we conducted intercept surveys of more than one million U.S. consumers through thousands of websites, gathering data across 30 industries and 400-plus brands that included measures of brand consideration, trial, repurchase, advocacy, customer satisfaction, brand differentiation, and emotional connection. Over six more years we collected more than one billion data points, including demographic and actual purchase data. Using analytical techniques such as multivariate regression and structural equation modeling, we determined which emotional motivators are most powerfully associated with customer behavior and customer value by category and by brand and the degree to which connecting to those motivators influences customer behavior, both in absolute terms and relative to more commonly measured drivers of behavior.

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