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Wonderware Intouch 10.5 Licence Management: Best Practices and Tips

learning & teaching: interactive demos allow users to learn how to use the hmi with a familiar physical interface. learning & teaching is an optional feature. for more information, contact your wonderware representative. the hmi is free to all users. supports limited local and remote security. international and local currency prices depend on user location at install.

Wonderware Intouch 10.5 Licencel

Download File:

software: archestra explorer is provided free of charge to all users. archestra explorer is a standalone, intuitive program for creating, scheduling, and managing scans. supports either a remote database or one provided by the hmi directly. it provides the browser-like interface required to write and display all types of queries. it provides a variety of tools for easily creating a scan from the ide (including table and object types, logic, loops, variables, etc.) and for compiling, exporting, debugging, and scheduling scans. it provides the ability to import and export xml, csv, and other data formats.

hardware: at the end of the installation process, the hmi will be installed to the main hard disk, or optionally to a removable hard disk (usb, the removable hard disk will be saved with the filename of "wis"). tft displays are also supported, including: tft lcd: text, 6 graphics, 4 graphics + circular gauge, full graphic. tft touch: 5 graphic, 4 graphic + circular gauge, full graphic.

optional: the following products are required and are available from the wonderware online store: a webcam (optional), and a connection kit, which includes ethernet cables, a power adapter, a mouse dongle, and a keyboard dongle.


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